My First Giveaway!

The people over at Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery in Abbotsford, BC contacted me about hosting my first giveaway! I’m excited to do this for my loyal readers because this bread is REALLY good!

Here is some information about Silver Hills:

“Our organic bread is made without flour – when we get our grain (from a farm run on wind energy) we sprout it in a 30+ hour process. This sprouting increases overall nutrition, triples the fiber and improves the digestibility. We have been making bread this way for over 20 years, and still believe it is the healthiest way.  At Silver Hills we are not only interested in making healthy bread, but in helping people have healthier lives overall. To this end we do everything we can from using the best organic products to packaging in biodegradable bags.”

Here is some information on Sprouted Grain Bread. It’s tasty!

“What is Sprouted Grain Bread and Why is it So Good for Me?

The organic grain that goes into our bread comes from a wind powered organic farm in Alberta. Instead of crushing it like most bread makers do, we leave the kernels whole, and through a unique 30+ hour sprouting process we get sprouted grain. This is then mashed into dough that we make into bread. The sprouting process adds much more nutrients to your diet because we use the WHOLE grain. The sprouting process triples the fiber in every slice and makes the bread much easier to digest. Many of our breads are less than 55 on the Glycemic Index (

Silver Hills breads are healthy, fiber-rich and sprouted from 100% organic whole grains for pure nutrition in every bite. We do NOT use any oil, additives, stabilizers, eggs, dairy or genetically modified anything. Our breads are vegan and kosher, and all the breads are packaged in bio-degradable bags.”

They sell their bread throughout most of Canada, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Idaho and now in California. Check here to see if the bread is sold near you: If the bread is not available in your area, Silver Hills is offering a t-shirt to the lucky winner and I will pick another winner for the bread.

You can enter up to three times for three separate entries. How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment here telling me what your favorite sandwich is and what STATE you live in! (And Denial doesn’t count. 🙂 )

2. Become a fan of my Facebook Page and leave a comment here telling me you did.

3. Post on Twitter: “I want to win Silver Hills Sprouted Bread at 110 Pounds and Counting.” and comment here that you did it.

I will pick one winner randomly on Tuesday, July 6th!

Good luck! 🙂

32 responses to “My First Giveaway!

  1. Thats too bad – I don’t use twitter! I love their bread though (even though it is really expensive stuff!)

  2. thats easy–pb & j! and i live in oklahoma!

  3. My favorite sandwich is probably turkey with cranberry sauce and laughing cow cheese! Of course, a simple grilled cheese can be just as good.

    I live in NY.

  4. I love tomato and cheese sandwiches with lots of sprouts! I live in California and am going to check out our whole foods and mother’s market. I bet they have that bread.

  5. I live in Washington and love grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. 🙂

  6. I also already follow you on Facebook – and again, live in Washington.
    (I don’t use twitter – I already have enough things that I sit in front of my computer to read. )

  7. My favorite sandwich is a roasted vegetable sandwich on focaccia bread. I live in California.

  8. My favorite sandwich is toasted bread with Turkey, Avocado and bacon; double YUM!

    I live in Oregon 🙂

  9. And…..I am now a fan of yours on Facebook

  10. BLT’s are by far my favorite and I rarely eat them. Speaking of that, maybe I will tonight! Would love to try this bread – sprouted whole grain is the best and keeps me so full!

  11. I am a Facebook Fan (Julie Glissman)

  12. Done done and done! I love a good turkey avocado sandwich, and I live in Seattle, WA.

  13. My favorite is a chicken sandwhich on my bread (homemade sprouted grain whole wheat) and I live in OKLAHOMA!

  14. I tweeted about your giveaway!

  15. I am now a fan of your on facebook!

  16. I know I can’t be eligible for this giveaway (due to my location hehe) but I just wanted to say….YUM!!! Those products look great!! And nothing like we have in Australia!

  17. My favorite type of sandwich is a fluffernutter. I live in Cali.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. I love a plain old peanut butter and jam sandwich, with organic peanut butter and raspberry jam.

    I live in Massachusetts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. thepricklypinecone

    My fave sandwich is cheese and pickle. Yum

    I live in GA

  20. I live in NY but that bread looks fantastic!

  21. Grilled Cheese and Tomatoes, yummy….especially on a cold winter day here in CT.

  22. In that case… anything with a ton of veggies! Sliced turkey, havarti, a little guacamole, with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, pickles, and some banana peppers. Its a little bit of heaven with each bite!
    And I live in Kelowna, BC 🙂

  23. Victoria Lester

    I’m in Michigan and my favorite sandwich is Tuna Fish Sandwich with tomato and fresh dill.

  24. Victoria Lester

    I’m a fan on facebook. I’m victoria lester on fb.

  25. My favorite sandwich would be cheese, turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo 🙂
    I’m from waterloo, Ontario!

  26. I’m going to go for the Grilled cheese sandwich. I even recently saw a recipe that had cheese on the inside AND outside of the sandwich. I was like: did I die and go to heaven????

    PS: I’m in South Carolina.

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