My Fitness Goals

1. Complete 55 mile bike ride in Reach the Beach (May 15, 2010). COMPLETED!!

2. Complete Hood to Coast Relay (August 2010).

3. Run a 10k.

4. Run a Half Marathon.

5. Compete in a triathlon.

6. Take a pilates class.

7. Take a yoga class.

8. Retake the Tai Chi class I loved.

9. Go hiking in Greece!

10. Try a rock climbing wall.

11.  Go on a camping/biking adventure.

12. Bike ride in a different country (preferably a country with an excellent wine selection! :) ).

13. Try a Bikram yoga class.

14. Take a Spin class.

15.  Do the Roy Webster Columbia River Cross Channel Swim

16. Take a Cross Fit Class.

17. Go cross-country skiing.

18. Bike Orcas Island, etc.

19. Swim in the ocean.

20. Wear a bikini.

More to come later! I keep thinking of more goals!

The Painted Hills Hike

6 responses to “My Fitness Goals

  1. I’m so jealous that you’re doing Hood to Coast! My team applied but didn’t get in this year. 😦 It’s a great event though – I can’t wait to read about it 🙂

  2. I think I live just north of you in Vancouver!!! It’s amazing, looking at your story about a year ago is like looking at mine now. I WISH I could run a 5k in 30 minutes! I did the Shamrock 5k in about 45. What is your next event? I LOVE these goals – especially bike riding in a country with wine!

  3. It sounds like you live in the Pacific Northwest, I live in Seattle. I love all your goals, they are almost all something I would like to do!!

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