Sunkissed Raspberries

The good news: the antibiotics seem to be helping already. The tooth pain has diminished a lot. The bad news: antibiotics make me feel a little sick to my stomach. 😦 Thank you for all the well wishes! I am crossing my fingers that the healing process continues (and does so quickly).

I stopped at the produce stand to buy some fruit. I have been craving fruit and veggies all week!

The raspberries barely made it home. I sort of ate a lot of them before I got home. πŸ™‚ For lunch I cooked some more soup.

Rosemary Chicken with White Beans and Bacon = 220 calories. It was pretty good. The chicken chunks were a little too big for me to eat but I liked the soup.

I barely toasted half a bagel (so it was warm but still a little soft) and spread some light cream cheese on it.

It took me forever to eat that half bagel. I have to chew very slowly. This whole situation has pointed out to me that I eat way too fast normally.

QUESTION: Are you a fast eater? How do you slow yourself down?

The lunch should keep me from getting sick from the antibiotics. Later, I’ll eat the rest of these beauties:

Spending the afternoon relaxing, healing, sucking down water, and watching episodes of “Weeds.” This weekend is The Bite of Oregon. I had wanted to go experience it, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

QUESTION: What are your weekend plans? Anything fun going on?

4 responses to “Sunkissed Raspberries

  1. Hope you’re healed up in no time. Hmm…I have those same berries in my fridge. So good on oatmeal or nonfat maple yogurt!

    I’m new to your blog and love it. It sounds strange to say to a perfect stranger, but it’s true: I’m so proud of you. I know EXACTLY how hard this struggle can be. Thanks for the bit of inspiration.

  2. I eat fast too! I really notice it the most when I eat alone. It always bothers me when it takes me 10 minutes to eat something I spent 30 minutes preparing!

    I definitely slow down when I’m with someone else- I’m talking and I try to put down my fork a few times while the other person is talking. But when I’m solo there’s no one for conversation so I just wolf it down…

  3. Glad the antibiotics are helping. Man those raspberries look good.

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