Soup is Not Filling

I’m so sick of this tooth! I had the root canal on Tuesday and have been in pain ever since. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ That does not bode well for my training. I need to be able to eat real food and I’m telling you, soup is NOT filling.

For dinner last night I tried to eat some real food and was pretty successful. Michael blackened some salmon again (it was soft enough for me to eat) and we steamed some veggies. I overcooked the veggies so they weren’t crunchy at all. I was able to eat with no problem, so that’s good.

I topped the veggies with some Goddess Dressing (broccoli and sliced baby carrots).

It was nice being able to eat real food. I can’t wait for this drama to be done with.

I also got a package in the mail yesterday that cheered me up a little. My Bondi Band!

It’s purple with white writing (even if the picture doesn’t look it). I love it. I’m glad I got that saying on it. It’s totally me. I run because I like to, because I like that my body can do it…but I let’s be honest. I also love cheesecake and pizza. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also got a decal for my car:

It’s kind of goofy, but I like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I spoke with my dentist this morning. I decided to stay home from work today and take it easy. Last night was ROUGH. I was in so much pain I was crying. And my threshold for pain is pretty high. I have numerous tattoos. I RUN. I’m training for an insane relay race. I can TAKE PAIN. But this tooth is bringing me down! My dentist is prescribing me some antibiotics. That’s usually a last resort for me because I hate taking them. I hate the side effects, I hate the way I feel on them. But I’m desperate at this point and Hood to Coast is in 21 days. I need to be on my game!

Hood to Coast Relay: In 21 Days!!!!

5 responses to “Soup is Not Filling

  1. You’ll get better. Sorry you are in so much pain, but each hour that goes by will be one hour further out from the procedure (I know, I am trying to make you feel better!)

    You’ll be fine by the Hood.

  2. I’m so sorry that you are in so much pain! It really sucks that this came up so soon before Hood to Coast. You’re smart to take the day off from work so you can rest and heal up.

    That Bondi band cracks me up, that’s pretty much my motto too!

  3. Sorry it still hurts. Did the dentist say how long “normal” pain lasts?

    I ask because I had neuralgia for 6 months after I had my back crowns done. I’ve never been in that much pain but I went to work on Advil and Vicodin the whole time. I could barely eat or sleep. It was God awful and then one day it just started to get better. I really feel it was from the Novacaine needles so we did everything else without Novacaine from then on. Yeah, fun.

    One day, hopefully soon, you’ll feel like you’ve turned the corner.

    • I’m already feeling a little better, so I think that’s good. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience! That sounds awful! I think part of my problem was that I had been having problems with that tooth for over a month and it was just irritated and inflamed that whole time.

  4. I have my first root canal ever on Tuesday.



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