Amazing August

I think my Report Card for July Goals is a big fat Zero.

July Goals:

1. Heal! Be 100%.

2. Make Sun Tea.

3. Train for Hood to Coast.

4. Have a picnic.

5. Try Trail running for the first time.

I suppose I’ve technically been training for Hood to Coast with every single workout I do (even workouts that don’t involve running)….but for the most part, I accomplished nothing in July. My July Goals SHOULD have been:

1. Heal.

2. Survive House Guest-Palooza.

3. Finish installing the kitchen floor.

4. Train for Hood To Coast.

If those had been my goals, I think I’d be in better shape right now. So in light of that, I’m going to be very easy with my goals for August:

August Goals


2. Survive Hood to Coast.

3. ENJOY Hood to Coast.

4. Recover from Hood to Coast.

Noticing a theme here? 😉

QUESTION: What are you goals for August?

3 responses to “Amazing August

  1. I love your goals – 🙂
    And Most Importantly – HAVE FUN

  2. I saw the map, but am still curious what Hood to Coast is.

    I’ve already achieved one of my August goals – to get rid of my too-big clothes. Gave a huge bag of them to a friend today. In the next day or two, I plan to blog about saying good-bye to these “friends”. I’ve gone from 14s and 12s to mostly 10s, but I actually found two size 8 capris that I can wear if I don’t bend or breathe too much 🙂
    I’m looking to stay on track and see the number 135.0 on what I call my “morning scale” by month’s end. I weigh in the morning before breakfast at home, and again most evenings at a hospital nearby, which of course is higher.

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