Impossible Hunger

I go from zero to starving in like 2 seconds.

Michael gets frustrated with me because when I cross over to the “dark side” of being starving I can’t focus, I get irritable and cranky, I can’t think of things clearly…it’s not pleasant! I don’t know if I have low blood sugar. I’ve been tested for that in the past and was fine. But I’m telling you, when I get starving it’s not pretty! I wish I didn’t feel like this. I am usually a very decisive person but in the “dark side” I can’t make a decision to save my life!

Yesterday was my first run in 9 days and I was starving after my run. I ate my lunch, ate my apply as my afternoon snack, and I was still hungry. Intense hunger is almost always related to my running or swimming routine. I got home from work last night already in the “dark side.” Famished.

This is how Michael wanted our dinner conversation to go:

Michael: “What do you want for dinner tonight?”

Me: “Let’s make a lovely Roast Duck in Orange Sauce with duck sauce, a lovely port wine and oranges.”

How did the conversation really go?

Michael: “What do you want for dinner tonight?”

Me: (stares blankly) “Um”… stutter, stammer…”Uh food. Yeah, food.”

Michael:  “But what do you want to eat? What kind of food?”

Me: (getting frustrated) “I don’t know! Something…”

I know it sounds silly…but it’s really hard to focus. No food sounds appealing to me–yet ALL food sounds appealing. Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just a freak?!

So Michael sent me to the store with a grocery list of some veggies and proteins. I got the store and was suddenly able to focus. And I even thought up a yummy dinner! I picked up a bottle of Alfredo sauce from the Clearance Bin.

I decided we were going to make a Chicken Alfredo dish.

Michael said we’d “wing it” instead of using a recipe. He chopped up some broccoli.

Cooked the chicken in the skillet and I cooked the whole wheat fettucine:

Add the sauce:

When the pasta was almost done, I poured the water out and Michael added it to the skillet.

Mix it all together and let it simmer for a bit.

If you want more sauce, go ahead and add it. We went sort of light on the sauce and it was good.

I like Newman’s Own products. They are consistently tasty. The Alfredo Sauce was no different. I think we undercooked the pasta a little but other than that, the dinner was delicious!

We watched “True Blood” and “Top Chef” last night. Any other Top Chef fans out there?


13 responses to “Impossible Hunger

  1. LOL – I get like that, too. I call it “falling off the cliff”
    Then I just want to shove whatever I can find into my mouth.

  2. I think there’s something about women going from not hungry at all to starving. My boyfriend points this out all the time, because I’ll go from having no hunger to getting really hungry and needing food. Must be something about our metabolisms.

  3. Running takes a lot of you and you need to eat more on those days because your body burns through so many calories. An afternoon snack of only an apple is probably why you were so hungry. Try pairing an apple with either a protein or a healthy fat to keep you full longer and the starvation phase away!

  4. Lisa,
    I am the same way…..when I haven’t eaten for awhile, I get withdrawn and quiet. I often can’t think straight or form a coherent sentence and will sometimes get light headed. I used to carry a little pack of peanuts in my purse for occasions when this would happen. I’ve been told it is due to low blood sugar and can be symptoms of hypoglycemia.
    I used to get this quite often, before I changed my eating, and I think it happened more often when I ate more simple carbs – I’d have a huge crash afterwards. I don’t have this so much anymore, unless I just wait too long to eat.

  5. Yes, I definitely have those days.

    I usually get handsy and just start grabbing nuts or cereals or whatever is in eyesight.

    True blood was CRAZY this past Sunday. the scene with bill and lorena…umm yeah, crazy!

  6. I know exactly what you mean! What you said about no food and all food sounding appealing simultaneously is exactly how I feel sometimes!

  7. That’s EXACTLY how I used to get before I cut my sugar way down and made sure I got enough protein. My poor husband would just have to helplessly watch. One time my blood sugar dropped so quickly I fainted in Lowe’s. Thank goodness I was wearing a skort!

    That dinner looks yummy!

    (PS. When tested my glucose levels came out totally normal too. This is much more of a “reactive” blood sugar drop than a chronic condition)

  8. Hi-
    I just found your site and have to say CONGRATULATIONS on your commitment to change your life. I’ve only read a few posts so far, but I am enjoying it and plan to follow regularly now!

    One reason you are going from not hungry to hungry so quickly has to do with what and when you ate last. If you ate mostly carbs at your last meal/snack, your blood sugar with surge and then drop quicker than if you have a lean protein, a complex carb and a bit of healthy fat. It takes longer for the body to breakdown the later and it keeps your blood sugar more level for a longer period of time. Keeping peanuts on hand is a great idea. Eating every 3-4 hours is a good goal to shoot for, particularly on your heavy exercise days. Hope this helps!

    Robin (Registered and Licensed Dietitian)

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