Favorite Posts

My Favorite Posts:

Reach The Beach Recap 1, Recap 2, Recap 3

Nutritionist’s Advice

A Blast From The Past: Old Photos

The Arrival Fallacy: What happens when you finally reach your goal?

My 30th Birthday: Good food, great vacation, lots of fun!

Drugs and Weight Gain: My weight gain on Celexa

Favorite Hiking Memories

Vernonia Banks Biking Adventure

The Ironic Bike Ride and Part Two Pizza And Pedals

Back in the Saddle aka My First Brick Workout

Two Years Together: Adventures in Hood River

Bike Ride Up a Mountain: Adventures in Hood River

Losing Weight

Why Losing Weight is Healthy aka Non-Scale Victories

Weight Loss Saboteurs

Body Image Struggles: We all have them!

Body Image Struggles

Obesity and the 600lb Woman

My Favorite Eats:

Quick Enchilada Dinner

My First Time: The beginning love affair with gnocchi.

Perfect Friday Night: The best foodie surprise

Why I Started Eating Meat: AKA My favorite restaurant on earth!

Beer Tasting, Ice Cream and Hiking: Adventures in Hood River

Historic Hood River Dinner: Adventures in Hood River


Are You Over-training?

Adventures in Foam Rolling

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