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Soup is Not Filling

I’m so sick of this tooth! I had the root canal on Tuesday and have been in pain ever since. 😦 That does not bode well for my training. I need to be able to eat real food and I’m telling you, soup is NOT filling.

For dinner last night I tried to eat some real food and was pretty successful. Michael blackened some salmon again (it was soft enough for me to eat) and we steamed some veggies. I overcooked the veggies so they weren’t crunchy at all. I was able to eat with no problem, so that’s good.

I topped the veggies with some Goddess Dressing (broccoli and sliced baby carrots).

It was nice being able to eat real food. I can’t wait for this drama to be done with.

I also got a package in the mail yesterday that cheered me up a little. My Bondi Band!

It’s purple with white writing (even if the picture doesn’t look it). I love it. I’m glad I got that saying on it. It’s totally me. I run because I like to, because I like that my body can do it…but I let’s be honest. I also love cheesecake and pizza. 🙂 I also got a decal for my car:

It’s kind of goofy, but I like it. 🙂

I spoke with my dentist this morning. I decided to stay home from work today and take it easy. Last night was ROUGH. I was in so much pain I was crying. And my threshold for pain is pretty high. I have numerous tattoos. I RUN. I’m training for an insane relay race. I can TAKE PAIN. But this tooth is bringing me down! My dentist is prescribing me some antibiotics. That’s usually a last resort for me because I hate taking them. I hate the side effects, I hate the way I feel on them. But I’m desperate at this point and Hood to Coast is in 21 days. I need to be on my game!

Hood to Coast Relay: In 21 Days!!!!


Zombie Run

Remember how I got that root canal yesterday and then didn’t sleep well? Yeah, I think I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. I woke up not very happy this morning and have been a zombie ever since.

Especially in the two hour long work meeting this morning. I was dragging ass. I DEFINITELY did not feel up to running. To be honest, I’ve never NOT wanted to run more than today. Then I started to think about it.

  • I’m exhausted and running on 4 hours of sleep = excellent simulation of how I will be able to run in Hood to Coast completely sleep deprived.
  • I need to practice running a few times close together– again to simulate Hood to Coast and having my 3 Legs about 10 hours apart.
  • I ran last night at 8:30pm with the plan to run again today at lunch. I needed to just suck it up.

So I made a compromise. I decided to run in the gym in my office instead of the 4 mile loop I usually do.

The GOOD thing about running the Esplanade Loop is that I am committed to running the entire thing. You’re kinda stuck on the other side of the river if you decide to be lazy. So I am never lazy. 🙂 But I find that when I run the track, or run the treadmill, I don’t have that same staying power and I tend to get bored easily.

Today I ran on the treadmill in the gym. It was nice, I had the gym all to myself and it was a peaceful run. Amazingly enough I was NOT a zombie once I started running!!

I ran at a fast pace, felt light on my feet, felt suddenly energized. I did about 30 minutes on the treadmill at that pace and then did a bunch of work with the jump rope and ab ball:

I felt pretty fantastic. And the best news? My legs felt awesome! No stiffness, no soreness, nothing! I was fully prepared to be slow and sore from last night’s run and I wasn’t. 🙂

I still can’t get over how awesome of a workout that jump rope is! It’s baffling but I was running at a fast pace on the treadmill and my heart rate never maxed out like it did with the jump rope!

The outcome? I feel pretty awesome after my workout. Energized. Happier. Stronger. Excited about Hood to Coast!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 38:24

Calories Burned:  352

Miles Run: 2.25

Activities: Treadmill, jump rope, ab ball

Feeling pretty darn good about my workout right now. 🙂

QUESTION: Do you have a new workout that you’ve discovered and love?

Vacation Day Run

Monday I had a few hours in the morning before I had to go into work so I went for a run around the track near our house.

It was a strangely overcast morning and it looked like rain. I still headed out because it was a nice change from the heat wave.

Before my run, I ate my breakfast of two fried eggs and a piece of Silver Hills Squirrelly bread. I let it settle for a bit and then headed down to the track. I had the track to myself for the first half of my run and it was really nice.

The air was cool and I didn’t overheat this time. I ran the first three miles without walking or resting and then I did a run/walk/interval/run/walk combo. I also did some traveling lunges.

I ran about 4.5 miles total. After about an hour, I decided to call it good. The track was suddenly crowded so I jogged home.

Monday’s Run Stats:

Time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Calories Burned: 630

I drank some chocolate milk for my recovery drink, did my stretching and then cleaned up for work!

I didn’t have my side cramps with this run, so that’s good. I didn’t have any pain from my injury, either. But I did feel stiff in my hips a few hours later.

While I was running I thought about the upcoming Hood to Coast and wondered when my aggressive training should start. It’s over a month away but with my recent injury, I’ve been feeling nervous about pushing myself. Funny how something small can make you feel so timid!

QUESTION: How did you get your “mojo” back after an injury?

July Goals

A new month and a new set of goals. Some of my goals for July are essentially “take it easy and try something new” type goals. I want to enjoy the summer at a relaxed pace.

And stop to smell the flowers.

Here goes:

1. Heal! Be 100%.

2. Make Sun Tea.

3. Train for Hood to Coast.

4. Have a picnic.

5. Try Trail running for the first time.

The last two nights Michael has been kind enough to massage my injury a little. He pressed into the spots that caused me pain and we both agreed that it feels more like a knot in my muscle. It’s really bizarre!

I bought trail running shoes back in February when we had that deceptively warm few weeks. Then of course, the rain came and didn’t leave for 5 months…So I haven’t have a chance to try my new shoes out. There are a bunch of trails in Washington Park and my hope is that by the end of the July I will be healed enough to go attempt trail running for the first time. I will take a buddy with me, be careful, and will also bring my Runner’s Pepper Spray with me. Safety first!

Who has a long weekend? Anyone doing anything fun? I hope to go for a short run on the track tomorrow morning. Then the rest of the weekend is up in the air!

QUESTION: What are your goals for July?

The Post Race Blues

I Had Junk Food for Lunch

I drank this:

And ate this:


Okay, I didn’t really just eat junk food for lunch. I had a cup of Garden Vegetable Soup (90 calories) and some Rice crackers too (about 100 calories). I also went for a brisk walk outside in between rain showers. It was a nice temperature outside, even if it was gloomy.

While I was out, I stopped in a liquor store to buy a lottery ticket and a raffle ticket. 🙂 Oregon has a state raffle a few times a year and I actually know someone that won the last one! She won $20k! Talk about exciting. So I broke down and spent the $10 on a ticket. If I win, I’m paying off my car, buying a whole new workout wardrobe, and entering EVERY race I can! 🙂 What would you do if you won the lottery?

Speaking of Races…

I definitely have a touch of the Post-Race Blues. I’m sure everyone has heard of this phenomenon. Even if you’ve never run a race, or biked a race, it can happen with any “BIG” event that takes up a lot of your time. For example: planning a wedding. You can spend all your waking moments eating, breathing, and thinking wedding plans. You put everything else aside for that time period. Then the wedding comes, everything’s grand, but what happens after the wedding? When all of a sudden you have tons of free time and no focused goal?

That’s when the sadness, boredom, depression, blues, disappointment–whatever you want to call it, can come into play. It might be subtle, it might be severe depending on what you trained for. Was it a marathon? Did you spend 6 months doing nothing but running?

I didn’t think the Post-Ride Blues would happen to me. First, I knew I’d immediately start training for running Hood To Coast this August. Second, I figured Michael and I would continue to do long bike rides on the weekend but instead of training it would be for fun.

Well, the weather is clearly preventing that from happening. The next 10 days look like solid rain. Blah.

And to be honest, Hood to Coast feels like a million years away for me. It’s the last weekend of August and it certainly does NOT feel like summer yet. I think I need to have a mid-summer event to plan for.

So how do you prevent/overcome those Blahs?

1. Make some plans/goals for after the race. Maybe a smaller 5k run, or less strenuous ride. Or a vacation!

2. Hang out with friends. You probably neglected happy hours, dinners with friends, or just girl time while you were training. Or maybe you neglected having “special time” with your significant other. How many times have we said, “Can we see the movie next weekend honey? I need to train.”

3. Let your body rest after the big event–but don’t stop exercising. Keep doing a lighter version of your workout routine to stay in the “groove” and routine of exercising.

4. Try cross-training. It may inspire you to start training for a triathlon!

5. Be prepared for how you’ll feel after the race, and don’t beat yourself up for it!

6. Change your workout. Maybe start working on speed work, try distance running. If you bike, try mountain biking. Swimmer? What about switching to open water swimming instead?

QUESTION: Can you relate to this? Are there any other tips or tricks you’ve discovered to cure Post-Race Blues?

Dragging A**

Breakfast this morning was Scottish Oats with some Benefiber, Aria protein powder, and brown sugar mixed into it.


I also had a toasted bagel thin with low fat cream cheese.

Since I was going to a work training for most of the day, I knew I wouldn’t have my normal eating schedule. Breakfast was extra filling.

Around 11, I had a small plain Greek yogurt with a little granola in it.

After my training was over, I walked across the bridge to my office and was disturbed by the weather! It was sunny, warm, then freezing cold and rainy. Check out the bizarre clouds!

Lunch was a cup of chili and a few crackers.


I think today is going to be my rest day. My schedule was thrown all out of whack with training, and I’m feeling tired and run down from last night’s festivities. I’ve been fighting off a headache all day, too. Perhaps a little yoga at home and vegging in front of the TV is in store for me tonight.

QUESTION: How many days a week do you exercise?

A Little Pampering

After work I met a friend for much needed pedicures.


I love the place we go to. $24 gets the best foot and leg massage plus a pedicure. And the massaging chairs are divine.


I needed a little pampering after how hard I’ve been training lately. I also booked massages for next month. A massage two days before Reach the Beach to loosen up my legs and a recovery massage after the race. I can’t wait!

When I got home I made dinner for myself. (Michael was having popcorn while watching the Blazer game.) I sprinkled it with pepper, Lawry’s and topped it with some butter. I baked it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Then I made a concoction that turned out wonderful! I reheated the leftover quinoa. I chopped a few slices of orange pepper, chopped some cucumber, and mixed in some chickpeas. I added steamed brocolli and topped it with Goddess Dressing. Mixed it all together and ate it with the salmon. The quinoa salad ended up being really filling and delicious! I only ate half of my salmon as a result.

(Sorry It's Blurry)

Quinoa is my new favorite thing for dinner! 🙂

Michael and I watched the finale of Project Runway. Seth Aaron works with Michael and he won!! Yay for Portland! (On a side note, I wish “Top Chef” would hurry up and start!) I ate a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert. Have a great night! 🙂