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Mushy Dinner and Top Chef

After the dog park, I went home and Michael made me dinner. He made me ravioli for dinner because it was soft and I could eat it.

Since I haven’t been able to eat much, I was starving. My stomach felt hollow and grumbly. Michael made the ravioli and put pesto on it. I ate the 1 serving and was still so hungry. He made me a second serving. I was okay for calories so I wasn’t too worried.

It was tasty and I was able to eat them.

While I ate my ravioli, we watched last night’s Top Chef episode. Anyone else see it? I don’t want to ruin it for anyone…

Last week was a bit of a controversial episode. One of the contestants, Alex, allegedly stole another contestant’s pea puree! I was so shocked. I’ve never liked Alex on the show and that sealed the deal for me. Not only did the editing imply that Alex stole the puree, he WON that week’s competition. With the pea puree.

Last night’s episode was about ethnic cuisine. The “Quick Challenge” was cool. The chefs had to create Ethiopian dishes. I happen to love Ethiopian food, so that was a cool challenge. I won’t talk about the rest of the episode in case I spoil it for other people!

QUESTION: What did you think about the “pea puree” scandal?


Sunday Steak Night

We didn’t end up doing any tiling yesterday. Michael decided to wait until he could get the tool he needed and do all the remaining tiles together.

Dinner last night was steak. That’s our new ritual for Sunday nights and I really enjoy it. Especially when we grill it outside!

The steaks look huge but they really weren’t. The seasoning Michael used:

While he cooked the steaks outside, I baked the sweet potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees for about 35-40 minutes. They turned out perfect this time! I also made peas as our veggie.

Dinner was really good. Everything turned out perfect.

We finally watched last week’s episode of Top Chef. I’m convinced that the final three will be Kenny (my fave), Angelo and that Chick that no one likes. I can’t remember her name now. What do you think?

I had two scoops of light vanilla ice cream for dessert:

QUESTION: What steak seasoning do you use?

2 Pounds of Sugar?

Anyone else a Top Chef fan? I love the show. I’m not a reality show fan in any way but this show is the exception. I’ve been watching it for two seasons and am watching the current season now.

A few weeks ago there was a challenge to prepare a healthy lunch for grade school kids in the DC area. The contestant that went home was Jacqueline Lombard. She made a dessert — a banana pudding — that was a total and utter failure.

Jacqueline was eliminated because her banana pudding contained a whopping 2 pounds of sugar! It wasn’t nutritious in any way, and was not well executed (too starchy and too sweet). I’m glad she went home and when they were hyping the elimination round, I was yelling at the TV that if she wasn’t sent home, the show was rigged. TWO POUNDS OF SUGAR?! Oh my god! That’s incomprehensible to me. No adult should have two pounds of sugar in any thing they consume, let alone a kid!

Did anyone else watch the show? What did you think?

A new study out claims that Oregon is ranked 39th in obesity for the USA.  The 2010 report states that 1 in 4 Oregonians is obese. However, the good news seems to be that Oregon is setting a standard for having nutritional breakfasts, lunches and snacks in our schools. For being 39th in obesity rating, we somehow have a lower rate of childhood obesity.

I recently discovered that some Oregon schools have a Farm-to-School program. 32% of the schools are getting their produce from local farms. That’s a win-win situation in my book! Not only do the kids benefit from healthy food, but the locally owned farms are still in business too.

I don’t have kids. Someday I hope to and I hope I can pass on a passion for healthy eating and exercise. Growing up in my house, the theme was RESTRICTION. My parents were into the low-fat/no sugar/no flavor kind of diet. It was horrible. And as a result I rebelled and ate junk food whenever I could…at friend’s houses, at school, sneaking candy into my room to eat secretly. Restricting treats lead to my obsession with sweets and overeating.

Who has kids? What are the challenges you have for getting your kids to eat healthy food?

Clearly, restricting food is not the healthy way to go about things. And what about kids that are super picky about their foods? Is it too challenging to fight with them daily to eat their healthy foods? Do you give in and let them eat what they want to avoid that fight?

Check out this article about a local school that’s making a difference!

QUESTION: Do you know where your state ranks in the obesity statistics? Is your community doing anything to make a difference?

Impossible Hunger

I go from zero to starving in like 2 seconds.

Michael gets frustrated with me because when I cross over to the “dark side” of being starving I can’t focus, I get irritable and cranky, I can’t think of things clearly…it’s not pleasant! I don’t know if I have low blood sugar. I’ve been tested for that in the past and was fine. But I’m telling you, when I get starving it’s not pretty! I wish I didn’t feel like this. I am usually a very decisive person but in the “dark side” I can’t make a decision to save my life!

Yesterday was my first run in 9 days and I was starving after my run. I ate my lunch, ate my apply as my afternoon snack, and I was still hungry. Intense hunger is almost always related to my running or swimming routine. I got home from work last night already in the “dark side.” Famished.

This is how Michael wanted our dinner conversation to go:

Michael: “What do you want for dinner tonight?”

Me: “Let’s make a lovely Roast Duck in Orange Sauce with duck sauce, a lovely port wine and oranges.”

How did the conversation really go?

Michael: “What do you want for dinner tonight?”

Me: (stares blankly) “Um”… stutter, stammer…”Uh food. Yeah, food.”

Michael:  “But what do you want to eat? What kind of food?”

Me: (getting frustrated) “I don’t know! Something…”

I know it sounds silly…but it’s really hard to focus. No food sounds appealing to me–yet ALL food sounds appealing. Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just a freak?!

So Michael sent me to the store with a grocery list of some veggies and proteins. I got the store and was suddenly able to focus. And I even thought up a yummy dinner! I picked up a bottle of Alfredo sauce from the Clearance Bin.

I decided we were going to make a Chicken Alfredo dish.

Michael said we’d “wing it” instead of using a recipe. He chopped up some broccoli.

Cooked the chicken in the skillet and I cooked the whole wheat fettucine:

Add the sauce:

When the pasta was almost done, I poured the water out and Michael added it to the skillet.

Mix it all together and let it simmer for a bit.

If you want more sauce, go ahead and add it. We went sort of light on the sauce and it was good.

I like Newman’s Own products. They are consistently tasty. The Alfredo Sauce was no different. I think we undercooked the pasta a little but other than that, the dinner was delicious!

We watched “True Blood” and “Top Chef” last night. Any other Top Chef fans out there?

Grilled Cheese with a Twist

Dinner last night was super easy. I like super easy! Michael was craving sandwiches so I suggested grilled cheese.

The secret ingredient that makes the best grilled cheese? Mustard! Michael puts Dijon mustard on his sandwich. I am not really a fan of Dijon and can only handle it in small doses. So I used my Trader Joe’s Garlic Aioli mustard on my sandwich instead.

Michael wanted to put slices of ham to make a grilled ham and cheese. I used 1/2 a slice of ham on my sandwich instead of the whole slice (Costco ham). We used shredded Colby Jack cheese.


Butter both sides and grill it up! If you want to save some calories, don’t go crazy on the cheese and use “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” Spray when you grill it.

Don’t forget to check the sides often so it isn’t burned. While my sandwich was cooking, I steamed cauliflower and brocolli.

Michael scoffed at my side dish and had Jalapeno chips instead. 😉 Michael’s plate (minus the chips):

I used Goddess Dressing on my veggies. Dinner was fantastic! I love the gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and veggies.

My Dinner

I stopped eating Grilled Cheese sandwiches when I first started losing weight because I wasn’t sure how to make it “lighter.” Then I started using those 45 calories per slice bread, I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter, and those American Cheese Slices (nasty I know). I perfected the low-calorie grilled cheese sandwich–even if it wasn’t the best sandwich I’d ever had. 😉 Honestly, I prefer what we make now!

We watched the new season of “Top Chef” last night. I love that show! Do you watch? I am a Kenny Fan for sure. He was pretty impressive. I am so happy the show is back! I posted on Twitter, “It’s Not Top Scallop!” –the funniest line from last season! 😉

Finally, I’ve been contacted by a cool company for a GREAT first giveaway! Check back soon for more details!

QUESTION: How do you make your Grilled Cheese? Share secrets and recipes!

A Little Pampering

After work I met a friend for much needed pedicures.


I love the place we go to. $24 gets the best foot and leg massage plus a pedicure. And the massaging chairs are divine.


I needed a little pampering after how hard I’ve been training lately. I also booked massages for next month. A massage two days before Reach the Beach to loosen up my legs and a recovery massage after the race. I can’t wait!

When I got home I made dinner for myself. (Michael was having popcorn while watching the Blazer game.) I sprinkled it with pepper, Lawry’s and topped it with some butter. I baked it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Then I made a concoction that turned out wonderful! I reheated the leftover quinoa. I chopped a few slices of orange pepper, chopped some cucumber, and mixed in some chickpeas. I added steamed brocolli and topped it with Goddess Dressing. Mixed it all together and ate it with the salmon. The quinoa salad ended up being really filling and delicious! I only ate half of my salmon as a result.

(Sorry It's Blurry)

Quinoa is my new favorite thing for dinner! 🙂

Michael and I watched the finale of Project Runway. Seth Aaron works with Michael and he won!! Yay for Portland! (On a side note, I wish “Top Chef” would hurry up and start!) I ate a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert. Have a great night! 🙂