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Amazing August

I think my Report Card for July Goals is a big fat Zero.

July Goals:

1. Heal! Be 100%.

2. Make Sun Tea.

3. Train for Hood to Coast.

4. Have a picnic.

5. Try Trail running for the first time.

I suppose I’ve technically been training for Hood to Coast with every single workout I do (even workouts that don’t involve running)….but for the most part, I accomplished nothing in July. My July Goals SHOULD have been:

1. Heal.

2. Survive House Guest-Palooza.

3. Finish installing the kitchen floor.

4. Train for Hood To Coast.

If those had been my goals, I think I’d be in better shape right now. So in light of that, I’m going to be very easy with my goals for August:

August Goals


2. Survive Hood to Coast.

3. ENJOY Hood to Coast.

4. Recover from Hood to Coast.

Noticing a theme here? πŸ˜‰

QUESTION: What are you goals for August?


Bad Food Day

Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast before starting up on the kitchen. I got the French Toast. Not the healthiest item I could have ordered but I was craving French Toast and I knew we wouldn’t be eating lunch.

I also loaded up on coffee.

The tiling didn’t go as well as we had hoped. The difficult cuts Michael had to make with the wet saw proved to be more difficult and more time consuming than we had expected. Our friends Erika and Charles came overΒ  in the afternoon to help. Charles and Michael worked on cutting the tiles and I did the other stuff. I put the adhesive down and used the trowel to spread it on the floor (that was Michael’s job last time) and then I laid the tiles down. Erika helped a lot by handing me tiles, spacers, and paper towels to clean up the mess. We got almost all of the tile installed! There are a few left to do that we couldn’t do yesterday because of the cabinet legs. Today we’ll remove those and install the last few tiles.

I used knee pads another friend lent us and they helped but boy did they hurt my skin!

The front and back part of my knees were rubbed raw. Note to self: wear pants when using knee pads. On a cool note, the burn cream I used on my sliced palm seems to be a miracle cure! The gash is already healing and almost gone.

Since our friends helped so much we got dinner after we done tiling. Michael picked up two pizzas from Papa Murphy’s and some beer. We sat out on the deck and grilled the pizzas.

I was starving! Only eating two meals a day is not good. I ate two slices of the Hawaiian pizza and two slices of the low calorie thin crust pepperoni (not pictured).

And a few of these:

I slept hard last night and woke up feeling sore and stiff. I made Michael and I scrambled eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast (too tired to take a photo this morning) and then headed to the pool.

Best Swim Ever

I’m wondering if eating only carbs on Saturday lead to my fastest, best swim ever? I got in the pool expecting to be lethargic but was a speed demon instead! It felt effortless in the pool and I wasn’t sore or stiff! I swam for 45 minutes total but what I’m most excited about is swimming half a mile in 16 minutes. Half a mile = 18 laps = 36 lengths. I swam 36 lengths in 16 minutes. That’s my best time yet! It would have been 15 but I stopped once to fiddle with my goggles.

Honestly, I was upset about something and that fueled my swim. I tend to workout harder when I’m upset. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m not paying attention to the workout or what, but those workouts tend to be much more intense.

The guy I was sharing the lane with was a good swimmer too. I was much faster though. When he was done swimming and I had stopped to put on my hand paddles, he said, “Thank you for kicking my butt today!” I was a little surprised he was talking to me but then he said, “You are a really fast swimmer!” We chatted for a moment about how often and how long we both swim for. He thanked me again for putting a pace on him because he was trying to catch me. πŸ™‚ That was cool. Honestly, he was a good swimmer too. He had the face of a 40-something year old but the body of a 25 year old. Clearly he swims a lot and lifts weights. It’s kind of funny being able guess what people’s primary sports are (swimmer’s bodies are a dead giveaway!).

I languished in the hot tub after my epic swim session and then decided it was time to get going (I could have stayed in the hot tub for hours today I think). Today we will lay the last few tiles…there are 2 that we can’t do today because there’s one piece of the hardwood floor in the kitchen entry way that needs to be fixed before we can do those two tiles in the entry way. But we’ve made a lot of progress and it’s totally awesome to see how it looks almost finished!

Sharp Things Hurt

I skipped the pool last night and came home to help Michael start tiling the kitchen. His friend Dave kindly helped Michael pick up the wet saw and they moved the stove and fridge. Dave left after that so it was just us two for the rest of the night. I went to the grocery store to pick up dinner.

I needed something easy since we had no stove and couldn’t get to the fridge. I stood in line at the deli but decided against it. Everything looked greasy and covered in fattening sauce. Yuck. I went to the Organic frozen section and picked up two Bean and Cheese Burritos (300 calories each). Then I grabbed two ready-made salads. I’ve eaten these salads before and they were delicious. Expensive, but tasty. I got a Chicken Caesar Salad for Michael and my favorite salad for myself:

The Santa Fe Salad. It comes with chicken, cheese, corn and tortilla chips.

Only 280 calories! I also got a diet soda with lots of caffeine in it. πŸ™‚

Gourmet dinner served!! Then back to tiling.

The wet saw was easy for Michael to use, which was good news for us because there weren’t a lot of mistakes or breaks to worry about. And the process went a lot faster than we thought. Not to jinx things, but if it continues to go this well, we’ll be done this weekend!

While I was drying off the wet tiles, I accidentally sliced open my palm with the cut edge of the tile. 😦

OUCH. Michael sprang into action and played Doctor. He used a burn cream that he got last summer when he crashed his bike. He had road rash really bad on his hand and this cream was a miracle healer. Next he bandaged my hand and I put vinyl gloves on for the rest of the work that night (should’ve been wearing the gloves to begin with). Michael will be a good dad someday–he’s excellent at fixing boo-boos and distracting the injured person with jokes and stories. πŸ™‚ He’s a natural.

Needless to say, I was bummed about injuring myself at the start of the weekend! I hope it doesn’t hinder the rest of the project.

We are off to the local dive bar/restaurant to get breakfast before starting up the rest of the tile.

Have a great weekend!

Chaos and Disorder

You will not gain back everything you lost by taking an extra day off.

This is something I have to remind myself once in awhile. As you may remember, we are remodeling our kitchen and are in the process of laying tile.

It’s a really long, involved process which takes time–and we have a huge space too. This week we have been measuring tile to prep them for cutting this weekend. Because of the aggressive plan for this weekend, Michael asked me to take Friday off from swimming.

It’s a small sacrifice and in the grand scheme of things it makes no difference. I tell myself today “Would I rather have the kitchen done, or go swimming?” Of course I’d rather have the kitchen done! But when it comes to sacrificing my workouts, I tend to be a little irrational at times.

For example, I had surgery a few years ago to remove a non-cancerous lump from my breast. The doctor said I had to take a week off from swimming while I healed. I totally lost it at the idea of taking a week off! Of course it was needed, but I stubbornly tried to do other activities that weren’t swimming just to get my workout in. Why? Because my fear has always been that if I skip workouts I will start getting lazy about them which in turn will cause me to gain all my weight back. I know it makes no sense.

Before I hurt myself running last month, I wouldn’t have minded too much because I would have just added an extra run to the week and called it good. Now, however, I am trying to take it easy with the running for fear of re-injuring myself.

Michael was very sweet and as a compromise he said he’d walk with me for an hour every night–even if it was 10pm–to make up for the missing workout. He’s such a sweetie and today I feel silly for being upset about a WORKOUT.

QUESTION: Do you get upset when your workouts are thwarted?

Since the kitchen was in complete disarray, I went to Subway to pick up dinner. I got a foot-long Spicy Italian (my favorite) and some Sun-chips.

We split the sandwich for dinner.

I could make better choices at Subway but what I got was about 520 calories and that’s alright for dinner.

I’m excited for this weekend. I feel positive that we can finish all the tile and finally have a nice kitchen! And I’m looking forward to having less stress and chaos. The kitties are starting to show signs of stress too. We’ve had to move their litter box and food many, many times in the last few weeks. They look at me with a “What is going on, Mom?” kind of look!

Poor kitties!

QUESTION: Do you like Subway? What do you usually get?

Holiday Eats

This weekend was full of eating. I struggled to make good choices ordering Bar Food, I was crippled from gardening, and drank more than I had wanted to. We had a fun time with my cousins visiting from Washington, a BBQ with friends, and the good news…we bought kitchen tiles yesterday!

We’ve been remodeling the kitchen for about 2 years now. Michael was unsure of what kind of tile to get so that slowed down the process. Do we get light beige and go neutral? Or go for super modern black tile? We finally found something we both liked. The picture doesn’t really show the rich browns in the tile but it will look great with our cherry wood cabinets. I’m excited to be closer to a finished kitchen!

A finished kitchen = more cooking and baking. I got Michael a book on how to make bread for Christmas 2 years ago. Bread making is something we both want to try.

I slept in a bit on Monday. It was nice to have the day off! Breakfast was some Oikos Vanilla Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit:

We ran a bunch of errands (tile shopping was one of them) and we worked up QUITE the appetite moving 17 50 pound boxes of tiles into the house! For lunch we grabbed slices at Pizzacato in Sellwood.


I got the Verdi Salad: red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, red onions and vinaigrette dressing. The slice of Puttanesca pizza was to die for! Fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, feta, garlic, olive oil and basil. It was delicious!


The guy working at Pizzacato is a runner and he saw my Nike+ on my shoe. He told me that I shouldn’t wear it all the time because it wears out the battery! I had no idea. FYI. He also said he’s doing the Helvetia Half Marathon soon and training for the Portland Marathon.

Michael and I both decided yesterday that it SUCKS being adults. We spent the three day weekend doing responsible, adult things like errands and chores. BOO.

We finally finished errands and chores and were able to finish up “Parenthood”. We walked around the nearby track for over an hour before dinner too. It was a nice stroll.

Dinner last night was Ahi Tuna steaks. Ahi is like eating a thick steak. It’s the same texture. Michael blackened the Tuna.

Blackening Spice

Check out how thick it is! I honestly prefer the Ahi to be a tad thinner. But it’s good. He flipped the steak over and applied the Blackening Spice to the other side and seared it. Searing only takes a few minutes and the point is to not cook it 100%.

Here’s the steak seared:

I steamed a bunch of veggies as our side.

It’s a big meal to be honest. Neither of us could eat the whole thing. Leftovers!

Dessert was a few scoops of Vanilla ice cream, a few chocolate chips and Lite syrup.


Yesterday I took a much needed Rest Day. My hamstrings were tight and sore to the touch. The Foam Roller was brutal!

QUESTION: Have you ever eaten Ahi tuna? What did you think?