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Soup is Not Filling

I’m so sick of this tooth! I had the root canal on Tuesday and have been in pain ever since. 😦 That does not bode well for my training. I need to be able to eat real food and I’m telling you, soup is NOT filling.

For dinner last night I tried to eat some real food and was pretty successful. Michael blackened some salmon again (it was soft enough for me to eat) and we steamed some veggies. I overcooked the veggies so they weren’t crunchy at all. I was able to eat with no problem, so that’s good.

I topped the veggies with some Goddess Dressing (broccoli and sliced baby carrots).

It was nice being able to eat real food. I can’t wait for this drama to be done with.

I also got a package in the mail yesterday that cheered me up a little. My Bondi Band!

It’s purple with white writing (even if the picture doesn’t look it). I love it. I’m glad I got that saying on it. It’s totally me. I run because I like to, because I like that my body can do it…but I let’s be honest. I also love cheesecake and pizza. 🙂 I also got a decal for my car:

It’s kind of goofy, but I like it. 🙂

I spoke with my dentist this morning. I decided to stay home from work today and take it easy. Last night was ROUGH. I was in so much pain I was crying. And my threshold for pain is pretty high. I have numerous tattoos. I RUN. I’m training for an insane relay race. I can TAKE PAIN. But this tooth is bringing me down! My dentist is prescribing me some antibiotics. That’s usually a last resort for me because I hate taking them. I hate the side effects, I hate the way I feel on them. But I’m desperate at this point and Hood to Coast is in 21 days. I need to be on my game!

Hood to Coast Relay: In 21 Days!!!!


Amazing August

I think my Report Card for July Goals is a big fat Zero.

July Goals:

1. Heal! Be 100%.

2. Make Sun Tea.

3. Train for Hood to Coast.

4. Have a picnic.

5. Try Trail running for the first time.

I suppose I’ve technically been training for Hood to Coast with every single workout I do (even workouts that don’t involve running)….but for the most part, I accomplished nothing in July. My July Goals SHOULD have been:

1. Heal.

2. Survive House Guest-Palooza.

3. Finish installing the kitchen floor.

4. Train for Hood To Coast.

If those had been my goals, I think I’d be in better shape right now. So in light of that, I’m going to be very easy with my goals for August:

August Goals


2. Survive Hood to Coast.

3. ENJOY Hood to Coast.

4. Recover from Hood to Coast.

Noticing a theme here? 😉

QUESTION: What are you goals for August?

A Tuesday Night Quickie

For the better part of Tuesday afternoon and evening my face was mostly numb. Which is probably a good thing! I had plans to meet my friend Erika for happy hour and decided not to cancel the appointment. I thought it would be a good distraction and since I was on a liquid diet anyway….why not? 🙂

We met at the Night Light Lounge in SE Portland, off Clinton Street. It’s a funky little part of town and neither of us had ever been there. They had a really nice outdoor patio! We sat outside for a good 3 hours or so talking and drinking.

I had 2 beers (Hopworks IPA). She ordered some fries. I tried to eat a few but couldn’t really chew.

What happens when you barely eat anything all day, eat only soup, and then have two beers?

Yeah I got pretty buzzed. It felt good though. It distracted me from the pain and discomfort. After Happy Hour, I took her home and saw their wedding album from last month. It looked really nice.

I stopped at the grocery store to get soft, mushy food I could eat.

Thank you for all the suggestions! I got yogurt, pudding, soup and ice cream. There was one ice cream I almost bought until I saw the calories! I almost fell over in shock.

That tiny little ice cream cup that fit in my hand was 310 calories!!!

Ooooof!!! I put that back and got a raspberry ice cream that was 110 calories. That’s more my speed.

I had planned on going for a run Tuesday. My Hood to Coast training begins this week and while I was uncomfortable with my tooth I decided that my tooth shouldn’t interfere with running. Training must go on!

I will admit that drinking beer and then going running is probably not the brightest idea but I was no where near drunk. It had been a few hours and the buzz was gone.

I ran the half mile or so to the nearby track and did 2 miles around the track without walking or stopping. My legs felt like they weren’t a part of my body! I was pretty fast.

It was starting to get dark so I ran home to have my soup for dinner and go to bed.

Run Stats:

Time: 32:40

Distance: A little over 3 miles

Calories Burned: 373

It was a fast little run and I felt good. Stretched. Foam Roller. Soup for dinner!

I really love this soup. It’s yummy and really low in calories.

I added some shredded Colby Jack cheese and light sour cream. I skipped the tortilla chips I usually add (nothing crunchy!). Dinner was about 110 calories + the calories for the cheese and sour cream.

I did NOT sleep much last night. The pain pills I got were pretty worthless. I was uncomfortable and upset and I think I finally fell asleep after 1am. That doesn’t make me a happy camper this morning.

29 Days and Counting

I saw the news update in my RSS Feed that the Steel Bridge walkway was closed, so I knew ahead of time I had to run over the top of it.

Today’s run was pretty good because it wasn’t very hot out. The sun was out but there was a cool breeze.

Because I had to run over the Steel Bridge top, and I also ran towards OMSI before crossing the Hawthorne Bridge, my time wasn’t fast. I added some distance to my workout so that explains it. I’m alright with that. I don’t feel like I need to be super fast right now. I am more concerned about adding mileage and being comfortable with running distances.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 36:43

Calories Burned: 487

Today I realized there are 29 days left until Hood to Coast. 29 days. Oh. My. God. Less than a month! I’m sort of at a loss as to how I train for it. Here is where I am confused:

  • My fitness level is pretty high with all the cross-training I do. I’m not concerned about being “out of shape” for the run.
  • Since I work out all the time, do I *really* need to amp up my training??
  • How often should I be running for the next three weeks to prepare?
  • Do I really need to get up in the middle of the night to practice running at night (I will have to do one leg of the race in the middle of nowhere at like 2am)? And if I do, is it safe to do it by myself?

QUESTION: Has anyone participated in a running Relay Race? How did you train?

Vacation Day Run

Monday I had a few hours in the morning before I had to go into work so I went for a run around the track near our house.

It was a strangely overcast morning and it looked like rain. I still headed out because it was a nice change from the heat wave.

Before my run, I ate my breakfast of two fried eggs and a piece of Silver Hills Squirrelly bread. I let it settle for a bit and then headed down to the track. I had the track to myself for the first half of my run and it was really nice.

The air was cool and I didn’t overheat this time. I ran the first three miles without walking or resting and then I did a run/walk/interval/run/walk combo. I also did some traveling lunges.

I ran about 4.5 miles total. After about an hour, I decided to call it good. The track was suddenly crowded so I jogged home.

Monday’s Run Stats:

Time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Calories Burned: 630

I drank some chocolate milk for my recovery drink, did my stretching and then cleaned up for work!

I didn’t have my side cramps with this run, so that’s good. I didn’t have any pain from my injury, either. But I did feel stiff in my hips a few hours later.

While I was running I thought about the upcoming Hood to Coast and wondered when my aggressive training should start. It’s over a month away but with my recent injury, I’ve been feeling nervous about pushing myself. Funny how something small can make you feel so timid!

QUESTION: How did you get your “mojo” back after an injury?

July Goals

A new month and a new set of goals. Some of my goals for July are essentially “take it easy and try something new” type goals. I want to enjoy the summer at a relaxed pace.

And stop to smell the flowers.

Here goes:

1. Heal! Be 100%.

2. Make Sun Tea.

3. Train for Hood to Coast.

4. Have a picnic.

5. Try Trail running for the first time.

The last two nights Michael has been kind enough to massage my injury a little. He pressed into the spots that caused me pain and we both agreed that it feels more like a knot in my muscle. It’s really bizarre!

I bought trail running shoes back in February when we had that deceptively warm few weeks. Then of course, the rain came and didn’t leave for 5 months…So I haven’t have a chance to try my new shoes out. There are a bunch of trails in Washington Park and my hope is that by the end of the July I will be healed enough to go attempt trail running for the first time. I will take a buddy with me, be careful, and will also bring my Runner’s Pepper Spray with me. Safety first!

Who has a long weekend? Anyone doing anything fun? I hope to go for a short run on the track tomorrow morning. Then the rest of the weekend is up in the air!

QUESTION: What are your goals for July?

Running Buddy

Monday during my lunch hour I ran with my coworker Leslie, who also happens to be my Hood to Coast Team Captain. She’s a great runner and has done many marathons and half marathons. I was a tad intimidated and nervous about running with her. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Today was the first day of summer. It didn’t really feel like summer! The temperature was bit on the cool side but I still wore my short-sleeved t-shirt from the Shamrock Run. We headed to the waterfront and it seemed like we had the same pace. We checked in with each other a few times about the pace and we both agreed it was good.

We ran across the Hawthorne Bridge and passed to the other side of the bridge JUST in time. The Caution Arm started coming down letting us know the bridge was about to come up and we ran faster to make it across. We made it literally with seconds to spare. Yay!

I felt fast and had no aches or pains.  I think part of it was also because I was running with a partner and I was completely distracted. When I run by myself, I listen to music and get lost in my thoughts, and I also analyze my body. Maybe I over-think things too much. It was fun being able to hold a conversation with a friend while running and totally disconnect from the running process.  We made it to the Steel Bridge and ran up the stairs and across the top of the Steel Bridge.

I wasn’t too focused on the time during my run like I normally was. We also did a cool down walk the last three or four blocks before we got to the office. I usually don’t do a cool-down walk.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 34 minutes

Calories Burned: 402

I walked up the seven flight of stairs to the locker room and cleaned up before heading back to the office. I had my training all afternoon at work. I noticed a soreness in my left hip this afternoon. I took some Advil and I’ve been icing my hip/butt/leg since I got home from work.

When I got home, limping and all, I was feeling pretty down and sad about possibly being injured. I have no idea if I pulled a muscle, if I’m just sore from running, if I’m sore from the stair-master on Saturday, or if I’m really really injured. I just don’t know. But it has me pretty down tonight. I’m taking the next two days off as Rest Days. I hope it improves.