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Food, Windsurfing and Hiking

Day 3 of the family visit was a long one!

The first stop was to Oaks Bottom Pub for lunch. I ordered the half roast beef sandwich with a salad. Michael ordered the famous “Totchos” for the whole table to try.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned totchos before. They are nachos but instead of chips, it’s tots. It’s very decadent and sometimes a gut-bomb of food. Luckily, the small plate was split between 6 people so I only had one or two bites.

We sat on the back patio for lunch and it was an absolutely gorgeous day! My lunch was pretty good. I was glad I got the half sandwich. The roast beef was a little on the dry side but the salad was delicious. It came with a lemon, garlic and pepper vinaigrette dressing. Delish.

I ordered a diet coke with lunch. I am much more successful with ordering healthy lunches than I am with dinners. I have no idea why dinner is so much harder for me, but it is. I tend to splurge more, and then of course, get a glass or two of wine AND dessert!

Michael and I thought it would be a good day trip to take our guests to Hood River. The Columbia River Gorge is really scenic and for people who have never been to Oregon, it’s a good introduction to the different types of landscapes in this area. Our guests are from Texas and two of them had never been to Oregon.

We went down to the water once we got to Hood River and showed them the kiteboards and windsurfers. It’s a really cool thing to watch! I really want to try both someday. It just looks like a lot of fun.

Our guests had a great time and thought it was a cool thing to watch. These people at Hood River are serious too. They have all the gear!

It was so windy down in Hood River yesterday! I don’t remember the last time it was that windy. A few times I felt like I was going to get blown away. I lost my footing and almost blew over. That never happened at 250!

After checking out the waterfront, we drove to the Old Highway 30 to go for a hike. If you remember, dear readers, this is the same place Michael and I biked for our anniversary last month.

It’s such a beautiful location, with a view of the whole Gorge!

It was a hot day yesterday and while I loved the bike ride there, it was a bit too hot to be hiking there. The shade was limited and I felt dehydrated. What’s the best thing to do when feeling dehydrated? Drink a bunch of wine!! 🙂

To Be Continued…..



Fruit Loop and a Hike

It was still pretty early in the day when we finished up the crepe breakfast, which was good. We decided to check out the 35 mile “Fruit Loop” and get some things from there. The first stop was the Lavender Farm.

The lavender wasn’t quite in full bloom yet. The lady said with all the rain and nasty weather lately they are behind schedule. In 2-3 weeks the lavender will all be in full bloom. It smelled wonderful there!

There was a gazebo amidst the lavender fields and an arch with vines climbing it. And there was a cute puppy enjoying the shade.

Lavender Puppy

I bought some lavender lotion for my friend that was taking care of my kitties back home. 🙂

We hit the Wy’East Vineyards and did some wine tasting. Not much because it was pretty early in the day. We left with a bottle of Pinot Noir and headed to the next farm to get some fruit.


We stopped at the Apple Valley Country Store and Bakery next. We walked in and there were freshly baked pies everywhere! It smelled sooo good!

Apple Country Store

It was a quaint place and they had walls and walls of different kinds of jams and jellies. There were samples and our favorite was the jalapeno jam. Spicy! They also had homemade mustards of various flavors. I really liked them a lot.

We resisted the freshly baked pies and headed to the next farm: Rasmussen Farms.

At this spot we bought some farm fresh apples! Pink Ladies and Fuji. Very cheap, too!

We’d had enough sight-seeing and headed back towards Portland. We stopped at Oneonta Trail to do a hike before going home.

It was a fairly steep hike. My hip was beginning to bug me again.

We hiked to the triple falls and then headed back.

Stats for the hike:

Time: 1 hour 29 minutes

Calories: 433

We stopped at Franks-A-Lot for a late lunch. It’s a hot dog stand in Portland that serves the best bratwursts!


Since it was late in the day when we had lunch, we skipped dinner on Sunday night. Back to the grind: unpacking, laundry, yard work. Blah! Wish the vacation could have lasted a little longer!

Saturday Sushi & Wine Tasting

After the hike, we went to a sushi place in Bellevue that Rachel really liked.

We were ALL starving after the hike and with driving time, we didn’t actually eat lunch until about 2pm. Michael and I got the Spicy Tuna Roll, Philly Roll and a Bay Roll.

It was very delicious! And the perfect amount of food for two people. After lunch, we headed to Woodinville, WA to do some wine tasting. I had grown up in Seattle but never went to Chateau Ste. Michelle before. They happen to make one of my favorite wines, so I was pretty excited to go there.

The grounds were absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, EVERYONE seemed to have the same idea we did and the place was packed! We could barely get a spot at the counter for the tasting, but eventually we did. I did the White Wine Tasting for $5 and got to sample some very yummy Rieslings!

 Michael, Rachel and her hubby Jeep all did the Red Wine Tasting for $10.

The Chateau Ste. Michelle dry Riesling is one of my favorites. I bought a bottle of their special limited release bottle to take home.

The grounds of the winery were really beautiful and tons of people were there having picnics. Next time I want to do that!

The fun thing about wine tasting is being able to sample a lot of different kinds of wine that you wouldn’t normally try. And –small samples equal less calories than entire glass!

After Chateau Ste. Michelle we went to another winery down the street for another tasting. I bought a bottle of red from that Brian Carter Cellars. Then we decided to head home.