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Zombie Run

Remember how I got that root canal yesterday and then didn’t sleep well? Yeah, I think I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. I woke up not very happy this morning and have been a zombie ever since.

Especially in the two hour long work meeting this morning. I was dragging ass. I DEFINITELY did not feel up to running. To be honest, I’ve never NOT wanted to run more than today. Then I started to think about it.

  • I’m exhausted and running on 4 hours of sleep = excellent simulation of how I will be able to run in Hood to Coast completely sleep deprived.
  • I need to practice running a few times close together– again to simulate Hood to Coast and having my 3 Legs about 10 hours apart.
  • I ran last night at 8:30pm with the plan to run again today at lunch. I needed to just suck it up.

So I made a compromise. I decided to run in the gym in my office instead of the 4 mile loop I usually do.

The GOOD thing about running the Esplanade Loop is that I am committed to running the entire thing. You’re kinda stuck on the other side of the river if you decide to be lazy. So I am never lazy. 🙂 But I find that when I run the track, or run the treadmill, I don’t have that same staying power and I tend to get bored easily.

Today I ran on the treadmill in the gym. It was nice, I had the gym all to myself and it was a peaceful run. Amazingly enough I was NOT a zombie once I started running!!

I ran at a fast pace, felt light on my feet, felt suddenly energized. I did about 30 minutes on the treadmill at that pace and then did a bunch of work with the jump rope and ab ball:

I felt pretty fantastic. And the best news? My legs felt awesome! No stiffness, no soreness, nothing! I was fully prepared to be slow and sore from last night’s run and I wasn’t. 🙂

I still can’t get over how awesome of a workout that jump rope is! It’s baffling but I was running at a fast pace on the treadmill and my heart rate never maxed out like it did with the jump rope!

The outcome? I feel pretty awesome after my workout. Energized. Happier. Stronger. Excited about Hood to Coast!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 38:24

Calories Burned:  352

Miles Run: 2.25

Activities: Treadmill, jump rope, ab ball

Feeling pretty darn good about my workout right now. 🙂

QUESTION: Do you have a new workout that you’ve discovered and love?

Working Out the Beer

Saturday morning I slept in (thankfully) and did not wake up with a beer hangover…Luck of the Irish!

I made an Amazing Grass Chocolate shake for breakfast.

I added protein powder, Benefiber, banana, Greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, cantaloupe, carrot, and oats.

I added water instead of milk.

Blended in my Magic Bullet and breakfast was served!

After breakfast, I went to the gym. I hadn’t been on the stair-master in over a month because of my injured sacrum but after yesterday’s run I was feeling surprisingly good so I gave it a shot. I eased into it and felt no pain, so committed to working out on the stair-master for my workout. I did the speed intervals and fat burner settings for about 45-50 minutes and then did my weight routine. Honestly I was feeling sort of tired but I muddled through the workout with decent results:

Today’s Stats:

Time: 1:07

Calories Burned: 592

When I got home, I ate a snack (Greek Yogurt and the other half of my banana) and later for lunch I heated up some Trader Joe’s Split Pea Soup (100 calories). It was good!

Now off to dinner!

Jump Rope Workout

Since I’m not swimming tonight, I went to the gym in my office during lunch. I didn’t feel like putting my body through another run this week after my pulled muscle on Wednesday. I decided it was okay to do a light workout instead of my usual balls-to-the-wall-burn-as-many-calories-as-you-can kind of workout.

I decided to skip the treadmill and do the Elliptical machine.

The Elliptical is a good choice for people who have joint pain, or can’t run.

Low-Impact Elliptical

I did about 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, but nothing too crazy like I usually do. Actually, the elliptical machine is the machine I used to use the most when I was trying to lose 100 pounds. I did a combo of swimming and then the elliptical. It wasn’t until much later that I tried doing the treadmill.

After the elliptical, I hopped on the exercise bike for about 5 minutes and decided to change things up a bit. I grabbed an Ab Ball and the jump rope.

The rest of my workout was sort of like a “Cross-fit” workout. I’d jump rope pretty briskly then jog to the weight machines and then back to the jump rope.


Jump Rope

To this:

Then I added the Ab Balls to the routine. I did this a few times, back and forth, until I was dripping with sweat. Man! Jump rope workouts are sweaty!

Then I added free weights to the routine.

In hindsight I should have skipped the elliptical and exercise bike and JUST done the weights/ab/jump-rope combo. That was a much better workout in itself!

Before you dismiss the jump rope as just a kid’s game, try it! It’s hard work and it’s a great workout. My heart rate spiked with each jump and I tried to do the jump rope faster with each set.

Finally, I did a bunch of stretching and some yoga moves.


It was a good workout, even if I didn’t burn a ton of calories. It felt good just to move. Not only that, it’s good to change up your workout routine once in awhile to avoid boredom and plateaus!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 36 minutes

Calories Burned: 275

Final Thought: Jump Ropes Rule

Tonight we start the kitchen remodel again and will be doing it all weekend. I will be burning plenty of calories this weekend!

QUESTION: Are you doing anything fun this weekend? And have you ever incorporated a jump rope to your workout routine?

Back to the Gym

Last night’s swim was really good. I had no aches or pains while I was swimming. Last time my shoulder had been irritating me for some mysterious reason. This time, no worries! Neither Michael nor I were really into making something complicated for dinner Friday night. Michael made himself a hot dog and I had leftover quinoa and Trader Joe’s Chicken Shu Mai. It’s easy and fast! It only takes 2 minutes to steam the Shu Mai in the microwave. I steamed some broccoli and cauliflower.

There are 6  in a serving of Shu Mai but I ate 8. Calories for dinner are as follows:

Chicken Shu Mai (8): 213 calories

Quinoa: 225 calories

Steamed Veggies: 70 calories

Goddess Dressing: 150 calories

I like easy dinners!

Saturday I slept in until 10:30am! I was surprised when I rolled over and saw the clock. I got up and had an Atkins shake for breakfast.

I debated whether or not to go for a long run around the neighborhood or to go to the gym. I decided to hit the gym because it’s been quite awhile since I’d been. I needed to do weights, too. It’s been way too long since I did my weight routine either. 😦

I got to the gym and it was surprisingly crowded. All the stair-masters were taken so I did a 10 minute warm-up on the elliptical machine until one came open. I did 45 minutes of Speed Intervals and 5 minutes of cool down on the stair-master. Then I saw this machine:

Arm Machine

It’s a machine that does just your arms. It’s sort of like an exercise bike but for your arms. It was really strange but boy does it work! My arms were tired after just a few minutes.

I went upstairs to do weights. I focused on the ab machines that I love:

This Ab Machine is my absolute favorite:

It hurts so good! But I actually feel a difference after I use it. I did sets of 10 5 times. Ouch! I moved to the machines for the lower body and did a bunch of different leg presses. I also did the Standing Calf machine. It’s great for the calves and I definitely need to strengthen that part of my body for running.

Standing Calf

I spent a little time doing the Hip Machines:

The Hip Abductors and Adductor machines work the muscles of the hips. These muscles are often times a complaint for runners. It can cause pain in the IT Band and down to the knees. Michael often complains about his hip flexors bothering him from cycling. So I think there are many exercises other than running that can cause inflammation in the hips. Strengthen and stretch!

On one of the machines I started to feel a strain in my groin so I stopped doing the hip machine and moved back to doing my upper body. I don’t want to be hurting in a bad way!

After doing my weight routine, I discovered a new machine! It’s a stretching machine. I’d never noticed it at the gym before but I gave it a try today. And boy does it work!

Stretching Machine

I followed the instructions on the machine and stretched out my body. It felt awesome! I’m now wondering where I can buy one of these things! 😉

Stretching Machine

When I got home from the gym, I did my Foam Roller stretches and then ate a piece of Ezekiel toast with Organic Crofters jam as a snack.

Today’s Stats:

Calories Burned: 775

Time at Gym: 1 hour 27 minutes

I made a veggie-rich lunch. First, I steamed more veggies.

Steaming Veggies

Then I grilled up a Vegetable Masala Burger from Trader Joe’s:

I love these burgers. They taste so great to me. And I can taste the potatoes, corn, and broccoli in them.

Grilled in the skillet with some olive oil for a few minutes.

Then I topped the burger with a slice of Havarti cheese and left it on the skillet for a few minutes to melt. Lunch was served!


It was a great lunch. I ate every single bite and kinda wished I could have seconds! It’s such a change from my “old ways”…I ate a lot of salads but I’d never eat the veggies like I do now.

Tonight is my friend Erika’s wedding! I can’t wait! 🙂

Gym Pet Peeves

I had a great work out at the gym! I did 45 minutes on the stair-master.

I felt energized and not slow at all. I got sucked into “Flip This House” on A&E (I’m addicted to those HGTV type house shows!). Before I knew it,  2 episodes and almost an hour later I got off the stair-master and headed over to the treadmill to give my new shoes a try. I did about a mile on the treadmill at a medium pace and finished up with a bunch of weights.

New Shoes

I don’t want to give a review of my new shoes until later. I will see how I feel tomorrow and then hopefully I can get a real run in this week.

Gym Stats:

Calories Burned: 713

Time: 1 hour 18 minutes

Activities: Stair-master, treadmill, weights, triceps/deltoids, abs, hip abductors, leg presses, stretching

Gym Annoyances

About half way through my workout, a girl got on the stair-master next to me. I almost got off and left because she smelled so bad. Seriously! It smelled like she’d eaten a gallon of garlic and was sweating it out of her pores–oh and to hide the smell she was chewing watermelon bubblegum. It was so gross. Who does that? Note to all gym members: please don’t smell weird if you can avoid it. Thanks so much!

Around the same time, another chick got on the elliptical on my right side. She was wearing a dress and stripper boots! No joke! They were knee high boots with stiletto heels. I own a pair. And she wore that to the gym to work out? I was so baffled and I was also tempted to ask her if I could take her picture just to PROVE it happen. 🙂 But I didn’t.

Finally, the last annoyance was how very few people clean off the machine after they use it. I watched person after person sweat on and touch the machines and then just walk away. I wanted to yell, “Oh my god you are so vile!” But I didn’t. I always spray down machines BEFORE (and after) I use them because I’m so skeeved out.

QUESTION: What are your gym pet peeves?

Workout over and feeling pretty good, I drove home and decided to do some gardening before I hopped in the shower. I ended up doing almost 45 minutes of weeding! Our yard is completely out of control. The weeds have taken over.

Weeds Taller Than Me!

I filled the bin with weeds and blackberries.

Weeding burned almost 250 calories. I was shocked! I cleaned the house, showered, and fixed lunch.

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday – Indian food, couscous and steamed brocolli.

Added a little of this:

Lunch was the perfect size.

Now to do the Foam Roller and then I’m off to return the Asics shoes!

Asics Test Run

I walked around the office in my new Asics shoes today to test them out.


Just walking around, they seem okay. There’s a lot of cushion in the heel area, so that’s good. Since they are new and I haven’t worn them at all, they feel pretty stiff.

My goal was to work out in the gym in my office today and test out my new shoes. Just in case I need to return them, I don’t want to wear the shoes outside.  I ate an orange and drank some water before heading to the gym.


I used to use the gym at work a lot. I stopped using it when I began running outside.

I’ve Come A Long Way

When I first started running, it was 100% on the gym treadmill. I went to a small community gym/pool near my apartment and they didn’t have a lot of machines. I did the elliptical mostly but I found it got crowded and I didn’t want to wait for machines. I started using the treadmill and got a lot better at it.

But once I started running outside last year…I never stepped on a treadmill again (that I remember). I just can’t do it. Now that I’ve been an outside runner only, I just can’t bring myself to get back on the treadmill.

Today I started running on the treadmill at the speed I remember using.

It was surprisingly slow.

I amped up the speed until I felt comfortable, paying attention to my Heart Rate Monitor, and tried to figure out how to recreate my usual lunchtime run outside.

I quickly realized how far I’d come from the old days of running on the treadmill. I ran the 3.05 miles without walking or stopping (I used to walk on the treadmill every 1/2 mile or so).

And I quickly realized that I hate the treadmill.

During the first 5 minutes of my run I was bored. My thought was “This is going to be a wasted workout!” I felt frustrated and annoyed. I ran on the treadmill though, paying attention to my new shoes. I didn’t notice anything glaringly obvious so I guess they are okay!

I ran 3.05 miles on the treadmill in 34:21 minutes. After the treadmill, I did some weights:

And some upper body work. Then I did traveling lunges with this 12 pound bar:

I also did some ab work with the ball and finished with LOTS of stretching! Including some yoga (Downward Dog).

I gauge a work out on three things:

1. How much I sweat.

2. How many calories I burn.

3. How my body feels doing it.

While I originally thought “This is going to be a wasted workout”, it turned out to be pretty good! I definitely worked up a good sweat. I burned more calories than I was expecting.

Sweating and Stretching

Today’s Stats:

Distance: 3.05 miles

Calories Burned: 449

Time: 35 ish on the treadmill, 15 doing weights, etc.

QUESTION: Do you run on a treadmill or outside? Which do you prefer?

The Aftermath

I woke up Monday morning expecting to be sore. Sometimes the soreness can kick in Day 2 after an event. However, no soreness on Monday either! I drank an Atkins shake and headed to the gym to try out my new running shorts from REI.

New Shorts

The new shorts were pretty great. They fit well, didn’t ride up. The only downside is that using them at the gym was too hot. I think they’d be better for running outside. I did 45 minutes on the stair-master at the gym and then did some weights and ab work. Calories burned: 525.

After the gym, Michael and I took my friend Star out to lunch to thank her for her help with Reach the Beach. We took her to one of our favorite restaurants in Portland, Papa Haydn’s.

I had a diet coke and I ordered the Cubano sandwich. It was pulled pork with jalapenos, pancetta, and melted cheese. Delicious! I ordered the side salad to go with it.


It was delicious! I love their salads too. Mine had nuts and pears on it. Mmmm. I was so stuffed after that sandwich I didn’t even consider getting dessert (which Papa Haydn’s is famous for). Here’s a few desserts I resisted:


After lunch, we took my bike to the shop to get fixed. They put on a little plastic doo-dad that cost $10 and will keep me from throwing the chain again. I hope it works! I’m glad my bike is fixed and it wasn’t anything horrible.

Last night we got another massage. This time it was 90 minutes! And heavenly. I was not sore from Reach the Beach–surprisingly–and I wasn’t stiff either. While my masseuse was working on me, he did find some knots in my hamstrings, back, glutes and shoulders. He really got in deep and there were a few moments it was excruciating! It felt great though.

QUESTION: Was there an event you competed in recently? How do you feel you did?

How Has Your Body Changed?

Losing weight is a transforming experience. I fluctuated between 220-250 pounds for awhile and when I was that heavy I didn’t really KNOW I was that heavy. I still wore revealing clothes, tank tops, etc. I had no idea my arms were huge and probably shouldn’t be shown off.

About 220 Pounds

I didn’t really get to know my body until I started to lose weight. Then the changes were noticeable.

I had a waist

I only had one chin

My thighs no longer rubbed together

Vegas 2008 - 143 Pounds

The big changes for me, were being able to do activities I couldn’t do at 250. I suddenly had stamina. I could hike for hours without having to rest. I could bike 52 miles (like I did this weekend: http://wp.me/pRrTx-qE) and not be laid up in bed for two days. 🙂

Why do I exercise as much as I do? Because I like the way my body changed. I like having stamina to do fun things. I have fun doing things outside! I want to run, hike, play in the sunshine, and explore new things.

QUESTION: How has your body changed? And why do you exercise?

On another note….

I got out of work early today, drank half of my Atkins Chocolate Shake, and headed to the gym. I did 38 minutes on the stair-master machine. I took a picture during my warm up phase. The levels looked like this:

Fat Burner Intervals

Since I’m feeling sore still from weeding yesterday, I took it easy and did level 6. I didn’t push myself too much. I wanted to do just enough exercise to stretch my legs out in hopes that I can run tomorrow. After the stair-master, I went upstairs and did some weights for about 10 minutes. It was really crowded and I was pretty done with the gym. So I did my arms and I did the ab machine and I headed home. Calories burned in under an hour: 350.

When I got home, drank the rest of my Atkins Shake and I did my Foam Roller for a bit. Note to self: using the Foam Roller on SORE HAMSTRINGS feels like TORTURE. I seriously wanted to whine and cry and scream! OUCH! But I know it will help my legs feel better. Reach the Beach is in 4 days. 4 days!

So You Wanna Be A Runner

There are 18 weeks until Hood To Coast! I’m not really excited yet because most of my training thus far has been for the bike ride I’m doing next month. After May 15th my training will shift to running.


Last night I was supposed to meet a friend at the gym to do weights. Unfortunately she canceled so I went on my own. I did a short workout because it was really crowded and I just wasn’t into it. I did 27 minutes on the stair-master and then did 20 minutes of weights. I focused on arms and abs. I’m a tad sore this morning! I burned 330 calories at the gym last night.

I was in kind of a bad mood yesterday. Michael was a sweetie and cheered me up. 🙂 He made dinner (White Trash Casserole) and we watched “Lost” and snuggled. Much better today! 🙂

Do you want to start running but don’t know how?

One way to slowly introduce running into your routine is to follow the Couch to 5K program. Check out the website here: http://www.c25k.com/ I didn’t do this program when I started running. Like everything else in my life, I just figured it out as I went along and did things intuitively. But it sounds like a great program. Each session is about 30 minutes a few times a week. The C25K Program maps out each week for you and helps you build up your stamina.

Couch to 5k

Don’t feel bad if you can’t run the first time out. It is OKAY to run/jog/walk. There is no pressure to be able to run a marathon your first time! 🙂

The general rule for starting a running program is to not increase your running more than 10% each week.

Common running injuries are:

*Runner’s Knee

*Shin Splints

*Tendinitis/Bursitis in knees and ankles

*IT Band Inflammation

Preventing Running Injuries

1. Get a good pair of running shoes. If you can, get fitted at a running store.

2. Don’t overtrain. Adding too much speed, too much distance, too much intensity too soon can cause injuries.

3. Stretch stretch stretch. After you run, always stretch!!!

4. Take a yoga class to improve flexibility.

5. ICE ICE ICE! It really does help sore muscles.

6. Buy a Foam Roller and use it! It’s like giving yourself a deep tissue massage.

7. Drink plenty of water.

8. Be sure to have Rest Days to rest your body. The more you run, the more stamina you have and you’ll find that your recovery time is much shorter!

QUESTION: How did you start running? Do you have advice for beginners?


Relationships Are About Compromises

When I got home from work last night I was exhausted. Michael was tired. Neither of us wanted to cook. His suggestion was pizza (of course :)).  I’ve mentioned before that pizza is one of my “trigger foods” and I try to limit how much of it I eat. But we’ve discovered a way to compromise so we’re both happy. Papa Murphy’s has a deLite Pepperoni pizza that is 170 calories a serving! Perfect!

Take And Bake

I’ve never been a fan of thin crust before but I really love this pizza! I added sliced olives to the top. I ate 3 pieces and I did not feel guilty about it at all!


This morning I had half of a breakfast sandwich. It sort of looked like this:

Breakfast Sandwich

Scrambled egg, a dash of shredded cheese, and a sliced turkey sausage. It looks huge but it’s not. It’s about 340 calories for the whole sandwich. This morning I had this minus the top half of the English Muffin. It’s very delicious and filling!

My morning snack was an orange.


My afternoon snack will be my Fiber One bar. I have plans with a friend to meet at the gym after work and do weights. I’m looking forward to it!

Nike Outlet and Randomness

This morning, I did the stair-master today at the gym. I did 3/4 of the time in Speed Interval setting and then the rest of it in Fat Burner setting. Pretty much the whole time my legs felt like lead. No idea what’s up with that. After the stair-master, I did my weight routine (focusing on abs and arms).

Gym Stats:

Time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Calories Burned: 610

When I got home, I did a few minutes with the Foam Roller.

Michael and I headed down south to the outlet malls to do a little shopping. We stopped at Taco del Mar for lunch and I got the mondito black bean burrito again. It tasted just as wonderful as the last time! 🙂

Mondito Burrito

The outlet malls were crazy busy today! It was almost intolerable. We went to the new Under Armour store but were not impressed with the products NOR the prices! Next, the Adidas outlet. Michael found a shirt. I’m not a fan of Adidas so I didn’t buy anything. At Nike, I got lots of goodies!

I tried on this shirt:

Nike Shirt

I LOVED the color!! It was a nice shirt but they only had a Small or Extra Small. The Small size sort of fit, but it was a little snug in the stomach area. I didn’t end up buying the shirt (if they had had a Medium I would have).

Trail Running Shoes

I DID buy some new trail running shoes! I am sooo excited to try these babies! They were on sale too! $39.98. Perfect.

Bottom of Shoes

The bottom of the shoes have small studs. I guess it’s for stability? I don’t have a lot of experience with trail running but I’m looking forward to learning more. I hope these shoes work out!


After the Outlet malls, we went to New Seasons to get a few things for dinner. I also got some new oatmeal.



I’ve never tried Scottish style oatmeal before! I’m looking forward to trying it for breakfast! I also picked up some”Amazing Meal” and “Superfood.” I see a lot of other bloggers talking about this stuff and I’m curious about the taste.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

April Weigh In

Before breakfast, I hopped on the scale and was HAPPILY SURPRISED at a 2 pound loss!!!!! It’s been ages since I’ve seen a good number like that. I’m very very happy today. I don’t know what prompted the scale to finally move in a good direction. Maybe going back to counting calories diligently has paid off. Maybe adding cycling to my routine is helping to shake things up. Maybe the fact that I’m trying to avoid the Candy Room https://hundredtenpounds.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/temptations/ at work is the key.  Maybe the medication that caused this weight gain in the first place is finally out of my body. Maybe it’s limiting my alcohol intake? I don’t know but I’m happy with the results.

APRIL’S WEIGH IN: 156 pounds!

Breakfast is a toasted English muffin with 1 serving of peanut butter spread on it:

Then I topped it with slice of a half a banana:

Mmmm…one of my favorite breakfasts! Check out my “Weigh In” page and see my measurements. Now it’s gym time!

Saturday’s Gym Workout

I did not sleep in today like I was hoping I would. 😦 The upside to that is that I can get to the gym before it gets to crazy. Breakfast was an English muffin with cinnamon and a teaspoon of sugar with an orange.

Quick Breakfast

Breakfast wasn’t even 200 calories. I should have had a little more because halfway through my work out I was starving.

Ignore the Laundry

Since it was so early, I lucked out at the gym! I got a parking spot right in front (which is ironic since I don’t mind parking far away and walking…walking is more exercise…) and I got my favorite Stair-master. I did about 50 minutes of Speed Intervals on the stair-master and then went upstairs to do some weights.

I tried to take a few pictures (discretely). Here are pictures of my favorite ab machines:

Ab Machine #1

Doing Crunches

Ab Machine #2

When I do weights, I usually concentrate on my abs and my arms: both areas of my body that I am less than thrilled about! One of the “downsides” to losing a lot of weight is the loose skin. Mine isn’t that bad but it’s still something I’m trying to correct with exercise and weights. I’m reluctant to go under the knife for it. I didn’t get any pictures of the triceps and other arm machines I usually do.

Gym Stats:

Time: 58 minutes

Calories Burned: 605

I came home and drank a Nesquick Chocolate Milk for 100 calories. The rest of today will be running errands and doing chores. Fun! Not so much. Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂

Grocery Store Finds & Tip for Snacking

Today I had jury duty…or what I like to call “sit around and wait duty”. It pretty much took all day and I wasn’t chosen for the trial. I’m not too put out about the whole thing because I brought books to read and finished one of them! I was able to come home during lunch and fix something healthy, instead of eating out.

While I was at the courthouse, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in about 4 or 5 years. She didn’t recognize me at all. Last time she saw me, I was about 230 pounds. I wonder what she thought?

I woke up today feeling very sore from yesterday’s gym workout. The weights I did were all upper body and my arms and chest are reminding me of that fact. The 40 minutes I did on the stair-master REALLY made my butt and hamstrings sore. Weird! I need to take it easy for the next few days so I don’t overdo it before Sunday’s race.

I went to Fred Meyer to pick up some things and got a few goodies! First, Dannon is making an attempt to market Greek style yogurt. I picked up two to try (vanilla and strawberry). They are lower in calories than a lot of the other Greek yogurts out there so that appealed to me. I hope they taste good! The second find was Oroweat Sandwich Thins! I am very excited to try these! I’ve been reading about them on other food blogs and they seem to be popular. What I like is that they are 100 calories. Tonight we are making turkey burgers for dinner and I’m going to use the Sandwich Thin instead of a regular hamburger bun.

I also bought some seeds to grow my own carrots! I am very excited. 🙂

I wanted to share a tip that I learned a few years ago that has helped me a great deal. It’s about snacking and self-regulation. How many times have you been watching TV, snacking on some chips (or cookies, or whatever) and you realize that you just ate the entire bag? Oh so many times! When I started counting my calories years ago, what I did was count out a serving and that’s all I ate.

So instead of grabbing a bag of chips and mindlessly mowing through the whole bag, look on the back of the bag and see what a serving size is. If it’s 18 chips, count out 18 chips and put them on your plate and put the rest of the bag away. Eat them slowly and SAVOR them, make them last. When you know you can only eat 18 chips, you really do want to make them last. 🙂