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Late Night Swim

After work yesterday I went to my friend’s house to help her move.I gave her this fridge magnet when I moved last year. It cracks me up.

Honestly, moving should be considered a workout! I was sweaty and tired but we finished moving a bunch of stuff early so I headed to the pool for a quick swim. But not before my friend sent me home with fresh mint from her garden:

Fresh Mint

I can’t wait to try the mint in my tea.

The water aerobics class finished at 7:30 and I arrived at the pool with 5 minutes to change. Perfect timing! I got a lane and started swimming my laps.

I pulled a muscle in my calf on Wednesday. It started out feeling like a Charlie Horse but I realized it was a pulled muscle either from running or gardening, or both. Swimming felt really good on the muscle!

I did a mile in 40 minutes, sat in the hot tub and then headed home.

Since Michael was on his own last night, I wasn’t surprised to come home to this:


BOYS!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ They really do need us in their lives.

Of course, I had two slices for dinner! I was famished and it was almost 9:00pm–too late to cook something.

I also had two scoops of light vanilla ice cream.

I was feeling dead on my feet but I did my Foam Roller and then used another roller just on my calf.

It’s sort of like a Tiger Tail. And it worked! I woke up this morning with the cramp/soreness gone!

Friday Night Swim

Last night’s swim was really good. It was the first time I forgot that I had an injury. My hip didn’t bother me at all and I swam fast and hard.There were some teenage boys in the lane next to me racing each other. It was pretty funny to watch because neither of them have ever had swimming lessons obviously. There was a lot of splashing and flailing about! And I was still faster than them .;)

Something else I noticed is how many people insist on jumping/diving into the pool at the gym. There are signs clearly saying “No Diving” and the pool is very shallow–about 5 feet. Maybe I’m just a stick in the mud but I’d rather not risk a back injury to dive into a shallow pool. I used to work at an Insurance company paying out claims and I kid you not: more often than not, the quadriplegics I paid for usually broke their back diving into the ocean or a shallow pool. I just shake my head when I see people doing that now.

When I got home we made chicken quesadillas for dinner. First: drinks! I created a Vodka/POM/Sparkling Water drink that was absolutely wonderful!

I used just a splash of the POM. I figure each drink was about 150 or 160 calories.

The vodka was a tad on the strong side, so I got a bigger glass to dilute it more with the Sparkling Water. Much better!

Michael cooked the chicken in the skillet while I prepped the other stuff.

I chopped onion, jalapenos, olives and put that on top of the shredded cheese and black beans.

Dinner was delicious but next time we really need to shred the chicken, or chop it up really small. The chunks were just a tad too large.

It was gooey and delicious!

My kitty woke us up at 7:30 this morning. Doesn’t she understand that it’s the weekend?? Since I was up, I decided to head down to the track and go for a run. I ate half a bagel with cream cheese on it and left the house. My main objective was to run without any hip pain and to also recalibrate my Nike+. I didn’t turn the Nike+ on until I got to the track.

To help myself remember how many miles I did on the track so I could check it against my Nike+, I moved the hairbands from my right wrist to my left wrist after 1 mile was completed. High tech, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

My track run was a mixed bag this morning. The good news: I didn’t have any pain in my hip/butt/back. The bad news: I had a really bad cramp in my side the entire time. I varied my speed and that didn’t help. I walked a bit and the cramp went away. It was weird. I didn’t know what it was and I was feeling frustrated. I completed 4 miles around the track and recalibrated the Nike+. It was off by almost 1/2 a mile!

When I got home, I had a glass of chocolate milk as my recovery drink, stretched, and did my Foam Roller.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 1 hour 5 minutes

Total Distance: 5 miles

Track Distance: 4 miles

Calories Burned: 641

Have a great day! Get out there and enjoy the holiday weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

First Run in 9 Days

Last night I was happy to find my sports bra at Kohl’s!! I LOVE this bra. It’s the best one I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it for bigger busted ladies. It has a very thick under-wire but it is super comfortable. It’s been ages since I’ve been able to replace the one I already have. They never seemed to have the right size in stock.

It’s by Lilly of France. My old version is worn out and too big. I was able to find a smaller size AND it was 50% off! Double score!

Today at lunch was my first run in 9 days. My first run since I injured myself last week. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My goals for today’s run:



*Take it easy and listen to my body

*If it hurts, STOP

*Stretch, stretch, stretch and stretch some more!

I slathered on the sunscreen and wore a tank top for my run. It’s getting HOT out there!

I started out with a light jog/walk while I scanned my body and tried to see if I was hurting myself. No twinges, no pains. I started to run. I got to the waterfront and let out a sigh of relief. “So far so good.” And it was clearly summer in Portland — FINALLY!

I ran through a sprinkler! It felt so good! The water made my hot skin tingle and the breeze felt cool on my skin. I was dry in only a minute or two.

There was a helicopter flying really low to the ground! I think it was a medical copter–maybe they were trying to practice landing? They’d land on the rooftop then take off again and circle the waterfront and do it again.


I crossed the Steel Bridge, feeling darn right light on my feet. I paid close attention to my posture and made sure I wasn’t leaning forward at all. I also did my Kegels as my physical therapist suggested.

Still doing good.

I passed the Steel Bridge stairs and didn’t even have an inkling to try them. NO STAIRS! I kept running. One of my fears about today’s run was that I’d get to the other side of the river and suddenly be in pain and unable to run anymore. Nothing like feeling stranded too far from “home” (in this case, work) to scare ya! That did not happen though.

I felt zero pain while I ran.

I got to the part on the other side of the Esplanade where there’s an uphill climb. I walked it instead of running. Just in case.


I made sure my posture was correct while I walked to the top and then I started to run again.

My time was pretty decent too, not that I was concerned about my time. My only focus was seeing if I COULD run. Period.

I crossed the Hawthorne Bridge feeling really good. Still no pain in sacrum/hip/butt/back. I walked carefully down the stairs to the Waterfront and continued on. I was disappointed to find that the sprinkler wasn’t on anymore. Boo! I had been looking forward to running through it again.

While I was stopped at a light, I did some stretching against a light pole. It felt really good to stretch. I continued back to the office and did NOT do the stairs. I did my stretching, showered, and ate and was back to work.

Just to be “safe” I iced my hip and back area while I ate lunch. I’d rather ice now and possibly prevent any pain later. I hope I did not re-injure myself. Time will tell pretty quickly I think. I’ll known by tomorrow if I’m injured again.

My plan is to ice when I get home tonight and do some more stretching, and my Foam Roller.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 34:15

Calories Burned: 452

I’m not sure when I will run again. If I’m feeling up to it, I might try to run on the track this weekend. Otherwise I’ll wait until next week.

P.S. Don’t forget to check tomorrow’s Giveaway!

QUESTION: How long did it take you to heal if you had a running injury?

Bike Ride Up a Mountain

After the great breakfast we had, we took the bikes and left for a ride. Jane had recommended that we check out the old Highway 30 bike route. It’s the old Highway that they closed to car traffic. Only foot and bike traffic is allowed.

To get to this trail, we rode through downtown Hood River–which is all downhill in THAT direction…

Hood River

We headed out of town and found the very steep, winding road up to the trail. Here’s the view from half way up that hill:

Downtown Hood River

The hill was intense but not killer. I took it easy at first, not sure if my hip would act up from the steep incline. I had no pain so I kept going. My quads weren’t burning but I was breathing hard. It was like lamaze class or something!

I hope you guys can tell that the elevation is pretty high! We stopped halfway up the road to rest for a minute. I took a ton of photos and then we hopped back on the bikes.

Stopping Half Way

The trail was really cool! It was a nice ride–all uphill of course–with views of the Gorge.

It was a hot day out and I was sweating like a pig! There were some shaded areas of the trail where we went through tunnels and through tree tunnels. It was a really scenic ride.


Besides the amazing view, the wildflowers were everywhere!


We rode the entire trail –which probably wasn’t more than 10 miles long–and then turned around and headed back to the room. Going downhill fast is one of my fears about the bike. I was nervous about going down those winding roads. But honestly, it was okay. There wasn’t much traffic and the wind was so strong it kept me from going too fast anyways. We got back to Hood River and road UPHILL again! Hood River is built on the side of a huge hill and the roads are pretty steep. This part almost killed me!


I don’t think these pictures do the incline justice! But trust me when I say it was brutal. At least it was only 9 blocks, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ We made it back to the BnB and I took a moment to rest!

What a great ride! Here’s the stats:

Time: 1 hour 42 minutes

Calories Burned: 731

After the bike ride we both used the Foam Roller (of course I brought it!) and then I enjoyed another bath in the jacuzzi tub. We cleaned up and got ready to head out for lunch. At this point I think it was just after noon! We’d done so much already.

95% is Better Than Nothing

Today I woke up this morning feeling much better. My hip feels about 90-95% better. No pain today so far. It feels a little tight and stiff. Last night I did my Foam Roller and used Icy Hot. I also iced my hip/butt/leg a few times last night. I took some Advil first thing this morning. My hope is that these rest days will help heal my issue. Tomorrow the plan is to swim instead of run or use the gym. I think doing so many stairs all of a sudden lead to a pulled muscle. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Thank you for the tips, everyone!

Dinner was exceptional last night. On the way home, I stopped by my favorite local farm produce store. I got some potatoes, peaches, apples, bananas, and two corns!

Michael sliced up the potatoes to cook in the skillet. The first step is to boil them in water.

Michael’s really good with the skillet. If I tried this move, the food would be on the floor!

I love when Michael prepares these potatoes. He added rosemary to them and sliced onions.

I prefer my onions cooked down to almost nothing instead of eating them raw.

I made a salad with all the fixings. Lettuce, Spinach, cauliflower, yellow and orange peppers, Craisins, croutons,ย broccoli, carrots, cabbage. So good!

We were so hungry we ate the salads while we were cooking the rest of the food. Oil and Balsamicย Vinaigretteย as dressing.

Michael blackened the salmon and seared it in the skillet while the potatoes were cooking.

I’ve previously posted the recipe for Michael’s Blackening Spice Here. It’s excellent and you can make it as spicy or as mild as you want it.

I topped the potatoes with a little shredded cheese and sour cream.

I also cut my salmon in half and saved half of it for lunch.

Dinner was absolutely fantastic! The perfect amount of food for me. Even with some M&M’s for dessert I came out ahead of my calories.

On another note, my blog is 213 hits away from having 20,000 visitors since I started in February! What a cool thing! Thank you to all my readers who like to read what I write. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Feel free to spread the word!

Today is my “Friday”. YAY!!! I have the next few days off for a mini-vacation. Partly because my brother and sister-in-law are visiting from Philly. I’m excited to see them!

QUESTION: Do you do yoga or stretching on “Rest Days”? Or just “rest”?

A Weird Dinner

I was on my own for dinner last night so I made kind of a mish-mash of food we had in the house.

Baked Sweet Potato

The last sweet potato, baked at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Baked Salmon

I seasoned the salmon with Lemon Pepper seasoning, salt, pepper, and butter. Baked for about 20 minutes or so. I steamed some cauliflower as my veggie side.


I didn’t end up eating the entire sweet potato. It wasn’t cooked all the way through I think and parts of it were too hard. So I ate about half. It also turned out to be a strange combo. The salmon and sweet potato did not mesh well together! Oh well. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

A coworker of mine was selling tea cups for a scholarship charity. I bought one and made some tea for dessert.

Tea Time

The tea cup came with a few tea cookies. Yum! The tea was actually a nice treat because the weather was so dark and gloomy last night.

Tea and Dessert

I spent some extra time last night with my Foam Roller. My inner thighs were also strangely sore–I think from running stairs.

This morning I woke up to sunshine! It’s supposed to be a pretty nice day. I’m really looking forward to running at lunch today.

I fried up 2 eggs, ate the last slice of Dave’s Killer Bread and topped it with some new jam I got from New Seasons.

Breakfast for One

Organic Jam

QUESTION: Do you drink tea? Have you ever made your own sun tea?

June Goals

Have I mentioned that my bf’s mom is a great cook? We headed over to the other side of town to celebrate a birthday (and eat yummy food). She grilled up some amazing T-bone steaks.

T-Bone Steaks

The pictures from last night are a bit blurry. I was trying to be sneaky taking pictures. Question: If you’re a blogger, do you get embarrassed taking pictures of food in front of people who “don’t know”?

There were also baked potatoes with all the fixings.

Potato Fixings

Green onions, REAL sour cream (not the light I usually eat), shredded cheese, HOMEMADE bacon bits. Oh, heaven…

Awesome Dinner

The steak was incredibly flavorful and juicy. Michael’s stepsister made amazing Red Velvet cupcakes for dessert. They were moist and delicious! I ate two of them (they were miniature).

Bite Size Dessert

I’m not too sore today. I have no pains from my new shoes (yay!). My hamstrings are MUCH better. The Foam Roller worked! My quads are on the sore side though.

June Goals

I’ve been reflecting on what goals I want to work on this month. Last month’s goals went pretty well.

1) Drink more water.


3) Use sunscreen.

I feel pretty successful in being consistent with my goals. I could have been better with the stretching but I did okay. And just because it’s a new month, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to continue to do those things. I think I’ve incorporated them into my routine so that they will become habits.

So my new goals are going to be:

1) Lose 2 pounds in June (making my weight 149).

2) Think positive thoughts (especially about my body image).

3) Create a Running Playlist on my iphone.

QUESTION: What’s your goal for June?

Holiday Eats

This weekend was full of eating. I struggled to make good choices ordering Bar Food, I was crippled from gardening, and drank more than I had wanted to. We had a fun time with my cousins visiting from Washington, a BBQ with friends, and the good news…we bought kitchen tiles yesterday!

We’ve been remodeling the kitchen for about 2 years now. Michael was unsure of what kind of tile to get so that slowed down the process. Do we get light beige and go neutral? Or go for super modern black tile? We finally found something we both liked. The picture doesn’t really show the rich browns in the tile but it will look great with our cherry wood cabinets. I’m excited to be closer to a finished kitchen!

A finished kitchen = more cooking and baking. I got Michael a book on how to make bread for Christmas 2 years ago. Bread making is something we both want to try.

I slept in a bit on Monday. It was nice to have the day off! Breakfast was some Oikos Vanilla Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit:

We ran a bunch of errands (tile shopping was one of them) and we worked up QUITE the appetite moving 17 50 pound boxes of tiles into the house! For lunch we grabbed slices at Pizzacato in Sellwood.


I got the Verdi Salad: red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, red onions and vinaigrette dressing. The slice of Puttanesca pizza was to die for! Fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, feta, garlic, olive oil and basil. It was delicious!


The guy working at Pizzacato is a runner and he saw my Nike+ on my shoe. He told me that I shouldn’t wear it all the time because it wears out the battery! I had no idea. FYI. He also said he’s doing the Helvetia Half Marathon soon and training for the Portland Marathon.

Michael and I both decided yesterday that it SUCKS being adults. We spent the three day weekend doing responsible, adult things like errands and chores. BOO.

We finally finished errands and chores and were able to finish up “Parenthood”. We walked around the nearby track for over an hour before dinner too. It was a nice stroll.

Dinner last night was Ahi Tuna steaks. Ahi is like eating a thick steak. It’s the same texture. Michael blackened the Tuna.

Blackening Spice

Check out how thick it is! I honestly prefer the Ahi to be a tad thinner. But it’s good. He flipped the steak over and applied the Blackening Spice to the other side and seared it. Searing only takes a few minutes and the point is to not cook it 100%.

Here’s the steak seared:

I steamed a bunch of veggies as our side.

It’s a big meal to be honest. Neither of us could eat the whole thing. Leftovers!

Dessert was a few scoops of Vanilla ice cream, a few chocolate chips and Lite syrup.


Yesterday I took a much needed Rest Day. My hamstrings were tight and sore to the touch. The Foam Roller was brutal!

QUESTION: Have you ever eaten Ahi tuna? What did you think?

Gym Pet Peeves

I had a great work out at the gym! I did 45 minutes on the stair-master.

I felt energized and not slow at all. I got sucked into “Flip This House” on A&E (I’m addicted to those HGTV type house shows!). Before I knew it,ย  2 episodes and almost an hour later I got off the stair-master and headed over to the treadmill to give my new shoes a try. I did about a mile on the treadmill at a medium pace and finished up with a bunch of weights.

New Shoes

I don’t want to give a review of my new shoes until later. I will see how I feel tomorrow and then hopefully I can get a real run in this week.

Gym Stats:

Calories Burned: 713

Time: 1 hour 18 minutes

Activities: Stair-master, treadmill, weights, triceps/deltoids, abs, hip abductors, leg presses, stretching

Gym Annoyances

About half way through my workout, a girl got on the stair-master next to me. I almost got off and left because she smelled so bad. Seriously! It smelled like she’d eaten a gallon of garlic and was sweating it out of her pores–oh and to hide the smell she was chewing watermelon bubblegum. It was so gross. Who does that? Note to all gym members: please don’t smell weird if you can avoid it. Thanks so much!

Around the same time, another chick got on the elliptical on my right side. She was wearing a dress and stripper boots! No joke! They were knee high boots with stiletto heels. I own a pair. And she wore that to the gym to work out? I was so baffled and I was also tempted to ask her if I could take her picture just to PROVE it happen. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I didn’t.

Finally, the last annoyance was how very few people clean off the machine after they use it. I watched person after person sweat on and touch the machines and then just walk away. I wanted to yell, “Oh my god you are so vile!” But I didn’t. I always spray down machines BEFORE (and after) I use them because I’m so skeeved out.

QUESTION: What are your gym pet peeves?

Workout over and feeling pretty good, I drove home and decided to do some gardening before I hopped in the shower. I ended up doing almost 45 minutes of weeding! Our yard is completely out of control. The weeds have taken over.

Weeds Taller Than Me!

I filled the bin with weeds and blackberries.

Weeding burned almost 250 calories. I was shocked! I cleaned the house, showered, and fixed lunch.

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday – Indian food, couscous and steamed brocolli.

Added a little of this:

Lunch was the perfect size.

Now to do the Foam Roller and then I’m off to return the Asics shoes!

Craving Indian Food

I was craving Indian food tonight. For dinner, I made some couscous and topped it with Trader Joe’s Dal Makhani. I love their Indian food! It’s got a lot of flavor in it and the lentils are packed with fiber. They are also Vegetarian.

I steamed some cauliflower and broccoli and added that to the top of the Dal Makhani and also added some chickpeas.

I added a little bit of Goddess Dressing to the veggies but realized later I didn’t really need it. The lentil stew was flavorful enough! The only thing missing from dinner was some Naan bread or maybe pita bread. But it’s not like the meal wasn’t complete without it.

Dinner Stats:

1 Serving of Dal Makhani (2 servings in a package) = 170 calories

1 Serving of Couscous (plain) = 220 calories

Goddess Dressing = 120 calories

Cauliflower and Broccoli = 25 calories for 1 cup

Those are good numbers for me! I feel full and satisfied with dinner.

While I ate dinner, I watched the rest of “Lovely Bones” and then did the Foam Roller. I am so excited to write the update about today’s adventure to Foot Traffic!

Have a great night! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a Nike Girl

I don’t think I like the Asics. When I got home last night I noticed that my right shin sort of hurt. My shins usually don’t hurt from running. I was also a bit tight and sore in the heel. I think I’m going to return the Asics shoes. Why fix what isn’t broken, right? I like Nikes, I’ve had success with them, I’m going to stick with Nike.

Neither of us felt like cooking last night. Michael picked up a deLite pepperoni pizza from Papa Murphy’s. I like it because it’s thin crust and low calorie.

I’d been craving Sriracha lately and thought “That might taste good on the pizza.” Um…not so much. It was just a tad off. I usually like red pepper flakes on my pizza–spicier the better. But Sriracha wasn’t good. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

QUESTION: Have you ever eaten a combination of food you thought would be good together, but wasn’t?

I did the Foam Roller last night before bed. I’m trying to use it on my IT band more often. Ouch!

I woke up sore this morning! It’s the lunges I did yesterday. How is it that I can bike 55 miles, or run a fast 5k and NOT be sore, but 5 minutes of traveling lunges cripples me? I don’t get it!

On Tuesday there was another #fitblog chat on Twitter. One of the questions was:

Q3: How do you stay inspired as a healthy living blogger? What do you do on days when you are feeling anything but healthy?

Some days it’s hard to eat healthy and having a blog I feel like I should be on my best behavior. After all, hundreds or readers will judge what I eat.ย  I thought about that last night when we ordered the pizza. But I rationalized it with the fact that a slice is 175 calories.

How would you answer that question?

Low Key Dinner

I felt sucked of all energy yesterday. By the time I got home from work, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on cooking. First, I made a salad using the fresh greens from our friends.

Fresh Greens

I used green and red leaf lettuce and spinach. I realized the leftover chickpeas I wanted to use were bad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Tossed those! The salad entailed:




-Blue Cheese

-Orange Peppers

-Sliced black olives

-Fresh pepper and oil and balsamic vinegar

The salad was good. I also cooked some spinach ravioli from Costco and topped it with pesto. It may look ugly, but it’s delicious!

While I was making dinner, the skies seemed to explode. There was an intense downpour, thunder, and hail! Fat Kitty was fascinated by the hail.


We watched this week’s episode of “Lost,” “The Middle” and “Modern Family.” I was so exhausted, I don’t even remember falling asleep!

I’ve been doing the Foam Roller every night and I did it this morning too. I can’t remember the last time I was this sore from a run! I so don’t understand it. And using the Foam Roller on my IT Band is brutal.

I don’t know what is in store for me this weekend. It’s the first weekend in months that we weren’t training for Reach the Beach. I suppose I have a touch of the “After Race Blues.”

QUESTION: Where you live are you actually experiencing spring weather? Or is it crazy weather like it is in the Northwest?

Foam Roller is Killing Me

I woke up surprisingly sore from yesterday’s run! It’s been ages since I was sore from a run, honestly I’m baffled. Perhaps it’s because I hadn’t run for a week? I was so busy biking, swimming and doing other things.

Last night I did the Foam Roller on my quads, shins, and IT Band. Oooof does that hurt! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But it helps. I did the Foam Roller again this morning when I woke up.

Michael and I went to a friend’s house for dinner last night. It was wonderful! They picked up pizza and she made a fantastic salad all from their garden. I ate three tiny pieces of pizza from the miniature pizza they got (they also got a regular sized pepperoni pizza) and 2 Mirror Pond Pale Ales.

Their garden is really impressive. They have rows and rows of veggies in raised beds. I got one picture but it was rather dark.

They sent us home with tons of fresh lettuce and spinach! I can’t wait to eat it.


The bag is so big, our fridge is full. ๐Ÿ™‚

They also have their own chickens! They get fresh eggs daily. She sent us home with a bunch!

Fresh Eggs

I grew up getting fresh eggs from aunts that had farms and love fresh eggs! Michael and I have been warming up to the idea of someday having our own chickens. According to various friends that have a chicken coop, they say it’s really easy and low maintenance.

Our friend is pregnant so after dinner she decided she wanted ice cream. It was rather humorous! She got fixated on going to Dairy Queen. I got out my iphone but it didn’t have any Dairy Queens nearby. We went to Burgerville instead. Everyone else got a shake of some sort (I’ve previously discussed their awesome shakes). I ordered their vanilla ice cream cone. Supposedly it’s 250 calories. I am skeptical!

Ice Cream

It was absolutely heavenly! It was thick and creamy and tasted like butter. ๐Ÿ™‚

QUESTION: Are you good at gardening? Do you compost or have a chicken coop?

Sunday Recovery

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a million bucks! I had no idea what to expect after Reach the Beach. Would I be sore? Would I be crippled? Would I have to spend the day in bed? Nope! I woke up feeling absolutely refreshed and not sore at all! I was shocked. I made us breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and toast. I used Dave’s Killer Bread (which is now my new obsession):

Dave's Killer Bread

It tastes so much better than any other bread I’ve had.


After breakfast, I headed to the pool to stretch my legs. It felt great to swim. I was wondering if my tightness/soreness would show up when I started to swim but it didn’t! I didn’t feel any soreness. I also swam as fast as I’ve ever swam with ease. I was confused. I thought I’d be a wreck after RTB. After swimming, I sat in the hot tub for awhile and relaxed. It felt wonderful. Once I got home, I worked on organizing and labeling all the pictures from Reach the Beach and started to write Recap 1 and Recap 2.

Michael got on the bike trainer for 15 minutes and did an easy recovery ride to loosen up his legs. He was feeling pretty sore. Poor guy! Sunday afternoon we took off and went to Pizza Schmizza for lunch. I was famished! I got a slice of the “Don Ho” aka Hawaiian pizza, and a pepperoni slice with peppers, onions and olives.


I only had a few bites of the second slice and decided to save it. We headed to the theatre to see Ironman 2! It was pretty good. Dinner last night was the leftover pizza slice and 1 beer.


I also steamed some veggies and topped them with a little Goddess dressing.

The rest of Sunday was pretty low-key. We got caught up on some TV shows and relaxed. It was a good day!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that when we got home on Saturday night from Reach the Beach, we both used the Foam Roller. I also used it Sunday too. It made a WORLD of difference!

Every Night Should End with a Massage

I realized the house was vacant of veggies so I stopped at the store on the way home from work last night. I bought a huge cauliflower, green leaf lettuce, bananas, and broccoli. The broccoli was huge!

Since Wednesday was MASSAGE NIGHT ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t want to cook anything too time consuming. We decided to eat the last of our turkey burgers (Michael froze the extra patties he made last time). He defrosted the patties and I prepped the buns. As a side, I sliced a zucchini. Michael cooked them in the pan with Grape Seed Oil and steak seasoning (from Costco).

He topped the cooked zucchini with the Blue Cheese Crumbles I bought at the store. I never would have thought of that combo before. I remember on one of our first dates he grilled up zucchini and topped them with the Blue Cheese. Heaven on Earth! So not only does it taste good, it’s a fond memory of our journey together. We spent a lot of time on his back deck with the BBQ. I can’t wait until we start using the BBQ again.

Blue Cheese Crumbles

I used Trader Joe’s Aioli Garlic Mustard on mine and Dijon Mustard on the BF’s burger. We melted slices of Swiss Cheese on the turkey burger, topped it with some lettuce and called it good. And it was delicious! I love our turkey burgers! On the side I had the zucchini slices and I sliced some cucumber too. I drizzled a little Italian Dressing on the cucumber slice (about half a serving).

Delicious Dinner

While we ate dinner we caught up on this week’s Lost episode. I can’t believe it’s almost over. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I did the Foam Roller. My hamstrings didn’t hurt as much this time! In fact, it felt great. Then the time came for our massages!

I love our massage therapists. I’ve used mine for years and the best part is that they come to the house! There’s nothing better than crawling into bed immediately following a massage.

Jim, my masseuse, said my hamstrings were tight (I knew they would be) and that my IT band was tight. I need to do my Foam Roller on my IT band now. Since I’ve been getting massages from Jim for years, he knows exactly what pressure I like. He could tell when I started swimming more often because the muscles on both sides of my spine were tight and so were my shoulders. He could tell I started running because my legs were tight. When they showed up last night, he asked “Are you guys doing a bike race this weekend?” He guessed correctly because we also booked massages for next Monday after the ride!

The massage felt fantastic. My hamstrings are loosened and I feel much better.

QUESTION: What do you do to take care of yourself? Do you splurge on pampering once in awhile?