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A Tuesday Night Quickie

For the better part of Tuesday afternoon and evening my face was mostly numb. Which is probably a good thing! I had plans to meet my friend Erika for happy hour and decided not to cancel the appointment. I thought it would be a good distraction and since I was on a liquid diet anyway….why not? πŸ™‚

We met at the Night Light Lounge in SE Portland, off Clinton Street. It’s a funky little part of town and neither of us had ever been there. They had a really nice outdoor patio! We sat outside for a good 3 hours or so talking and drinking.

I had 2 beers (Hopworks IPA). She ordered some fries. I tried to eat a few but couldn’t really chew.

What happens when you barely eat anything all day, eat only soup, and then have two beers?

Yeah I got pretty buzzed. It felt good though. It distracted me from the pain and discomfort. After Happy Hour, I took her home and saw their wedding album from last month. It looked really nice.

I stopped at the grocery store to get soft, mushy food I could eat.

Thank you for all the suggestions! I got yogurt, pudding, soup and ice cream. There was one ice cream I almost bought until I saw the calories! I almost fell over in shock.

That tiny little ice cream cup that fit in my hand was 310 calories!!!

Ooooof!!! I put that back and got a raspberry ice cream that was 110 calories. That’s more my speed.

I had planned on going for a run Tuesday. My Hood to Coast training begins this week and while I was uncomfortable with my tooth I decided that my tooth shouldn’t interfere with running. Training must go on!

I will admit that drinking beer and then going running is probably not the brightest idea but I was no where near drunk. It had been a few hours and the buzz was gone.

I ran the half mile or so to the nearby track and did 2 miles around the track without walking or stopping. My legs felt like they weren’t a part of my body! I was pretty fast.

It was starting to get dark so I ran home to have my soup for dinner and go to bed.

Run Stats:

Time: 32:40

Distance: A little over 3 miles

Calories Burned: 373

It was a fast little run and I felt good. Stretched. Foam Roller. Soup for dinner!

I really love this soup. It’s yummy and really low in calories.

I added some shredded Colby Jack cheese and light sour cream. I skipped the tortilla chips I usually add (nothing crunchy!). Dinner was about 110 calories + the calories for the cheese and sour cream.

I did NOT sleep much last night. The pain pills I got were pretty worthless. I was uncomfortable and upset and I think I finally fell asleep after 1am. That doesn’t make me a happy camper this morning.


Slippery Slope

Last night was Eating Out Adventure #2. I don’t think I did as well as the previous night….Sigh….

I got home from work and Michael’s stepsister and her boyfriend had arrived from Texas and we all went out to Apizza Scholls for dinner (all 7 of us).

The boys started with beer. Us girls got a bottle of white wine and split that. I ended up having two glasses of wine with dinner.

We started with Caesar Salads (their Caesars are pretty fantastic!).

I shared Jeremy’s salad and only had a little bit. We ordered three pizzas (which we didn’t need because they are all huge). A “Margo’rita” , their Margherita: tomato sauce, mozzarella (whole milk & fresh), pecorino romano, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil; a sausage and peppers pizza; and a “pig and pineapple.”

My favorite is the “pig and pineapple” (it has onions on it too).

Not only are the pizzas huge, the slices are pretty big. I had 1 slice of the “Margherita” and 1.5 slices of the “Pig and Pineapple.” Have I mentioned that pizza was always my “trigger food” I tried to avoid? Yeah I usually can’t stop eating it. 😦

But I wasn’t alone in eating too much pizza…Everyone else indulged too.

Apizza Scholls is one of the best pizza joints in Portland. It’s Michael’s favorite and it’s his father’s favorite. It’s always on the list of “Things to Do” when he visits Portland. After the Pizza Orgy, we headed next door to Bar of the Gods. I skipped having anything to drink there because I knew we’d be going to another bar later.

After hanging out with the whole family for a bit, Michael dropped the parents off and us “kids” went to the Horsebrass Pub for a few beers. I ordered a Walking Man IPA–a really good beer made in Washington.

The Horsebrass is a really cool pub. Lots of beers from all over the world, traditional English Pub food (like fish and chips) and tons of dart boards. I’ve spent many evenings in this pub because it’s such a cool place (and it was close to my old apartment).

We convinced the sister’s boyfriend to order a “Fred” beer–a super strong beer (10% alcohol!) and then we played a round of darts before calling it a night.

I know I indulged– and indulged in some not healthy things either. 😦 I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. It’s nice to splurge once in awhile. I will admit I am feeling a bit overwhelmed about all the eating out! It’s so much temptation…. 😦

This morning I got up and went to the gym for a mediocre workout. I didn’t have a ton of time to work out since we had houseguests and I thought it was rude. I hit the stair-master for about 35 minutes, the elliptical for a few minutes and then did a bunch of weights and stretching.

Gym Stats:

Time: 54:08

Calories Burned: 440

Burned off Pizza Slices: Maybe a little bit


Eating Out Landmines

Last night marked Eating Out #1 for this week. Michael and I met his dad and step-mom at Henry’s 12th Street Tavern for dinner.

Michael’s dad is a Beer Expert (seriously, that’s his job). He recommended I try the Bridgeport IPA, so that’s what I ordered. It was a nice, light IPA and I liked it a lot.

Bridgeport IPA

Landmine #1: Appetizers

Michael’s dad ordered Henry’s famous onion rings as the appetizer. Check this temptation out:

I was famished and the onion rings ARE pretty tasty….I ate two only. And I made sure that I ate two from the top because they were smaller!

Could you resist those?

Landmine #2 – Entree

The next dilemma was what to order as an entree. After weighing the pros and cons of the two entrees I wanted, I decided on the Halibut. It was a sea salt and pepper crusted halibut with a balsamic vinaigrette glaze.

It came with an arugula and tomato salad and a fried potato cake. The potato cake was exceptional. For some reason in my brain I thought the potato cake would be less calories than their amazing mashed potatoes…Not sure now. πŸ™‚

My entree was okay. I think I’ve discovered that halibut is not my favorite fish. It’s a bit on the dry side. I’d rather eat a trout or salmon. I ate half of my halibut and saved the other half for lunch.

We chatted about Reach the Beach and I told them about Hood to Coast coming up. Michael’s dad said “God gave me a certain number of heart beats in my lifetime and I’m not going to waste them running!” He said it was a quote from an astronaut and it made me chuckle. πŸ™‚

Landmine #3 – Dessert

After dinner at Henry’s we all walked a few blocks in the Pearl District to Cupcake Jones. I’ve walked by Cupcake Jones a million times and never gone in. Last night I finally did.

There were many choices: chocolate, vanilla, marionberry cobbler, German chocolate cake and other options for cupcakes. There were also the large cupcakes or the mini cupcakes. Michael’s dad got the German chocolate:

There was also an option for a “Frosting Shot”? Seriously! A cup of just the frosting!!! I was floored.

Dessert is always the hard part for me. I have zero willpower when faced with something like this:

At first I was going to get the 1 bite mini cupcake but Michael talked me into splitting a big sized cupcake with him. We got the chocolate.

It was gooooood. I loved the frosting. I think it was a cream cheese frosting.

We left Cupcake Jones and strolled passed the Ben and Jerry’s (Michael wanted to stop for ice cream but I held strong :)).

We took them to Powell’s City of Books and then called it a night. It was a really nice evening and I enjoy spending time with Michael’s family. The weather was perfect too.


I have no idea if I was smart with my food last night. I feel like I made some good choices and a few bad choices (2 beers + a cupcake!).

Girl Date!

Since these two goofballs weren’t going to be around Saturday, I made my own plans. πŸ™‚ And no, they did not involve beer!

The boys headed South for some golfing. I went to the gym Saturday morning, then hung around the house for a few hours catching up on my Netflix shows, cleaning, doing laundry, and organizing photos. I sat on the back porch for awhile and read too. It was nice not being rushed to do too many things. Then I drove to NE Portland to meet my friend Robyn for a nice dinner.

I met my friend Robyn at Belly Restaurant. It was a cute place, very “Portland.”

I was a few minutes early so took some pictures and then Robyn arrived.

I moved from the bar and suddenly felt dizzy. It was really bizarre. It took a few minutes for the dizziness to pass. I wondered if it was dehydration. I decided not drink alcohol with dinner. At first I wanted to have one glass of wine or a cocktail, especially since their cocktail menu was pretty creative! But I decided to stick with water only and drank a gallon.

For being a Saturday night, it wasn’t crowded at all. The people started to trickle in closer to the time we ended up leaving, but for the most part it was a quiet, intimate dinner. We had great service too, which is a rarity in Portland.

Robyn and I decided to split a Happy Hour appetizer. We split the fried polenta with red chili ailoi sauce and it was FANTASTIC! The polenta was a substitute for fries or tater tots and much better in my opinion. The red chili sauce was the best part. I’d love to find a recipe for this and try to recreate it.


Robyn ordered the salmon entree. It was a pan-roasted salmon with a veggie salad and salsa verde. She said it was really good. The salmon looked perfect to me.


I ordered the braised pork shoulder entree. It came with bucatini pasta, charred onions, peas and butter. I thought the pork was really tasty and soft. I wasn’t impressed with the pasta and wished there had been some kind of sauce with it. The dish wasn’t overly flavorful but it was still pretty good. I ate half of my entree and saved the rest for lunch.

Pork Shoulder

The restaurant wasn’t crowded so the waiters weren’t anxious about clearing our table. Robyn and I had a great time talking and we were camped out at the table for about 2 hours after we finally finished eating. πŸ™‚ It was a great time. We eventually decided to split a dessert. We split the delicious ice cream sandwich that had MINTY ice cream in the center! It was good. πŸ™‚

I had a great time with my girl! It was a much needed girl’s night!

Beer: It’s What’s for Dinner

aka The Oregon Brewer’s Fest!

I had yesterday off as a vacation day to continue the annual tradition of partaking in lots and lots of beer. πŸ™‚

The OBF is one of the longest running craft beer festivals. It’s held downtown on the waterfront under tents (which is a blessing in the hot summer sun). A mug, guidebook and 4 tokens are $10. A friend who was volunteering for the OBF gave me 13 extra tokens, so I was set! One 4 ounce taste is 1 token. A full beer: 4 tokens.

Michael, Jeremy and I arrived around 1pm and immediately got food. Bratwursts from Gustav’s tent! Mmmm. Only complaint: it was difficult to eat with one hand.

A few weeks ago, I sent out an invite on Facebook for friends who would be interested in meeting up with us. The law of inviting people to events: Invite 90 because 10 will show up. But that’s okay! I had a GREAT time with the friends that met up with us; including a “new friend.” Jenn and I had a mutual friend on Facebook and I used to see her posts on his status and they cracked me up, she was hilarious. Eventually I sent her a friend request and the rest is history. We met for the first time yesterday at OBF and it was great!

It was so cool to finally meet her and her boyfriend Steve. I think we have a lot in common! Yay for new friends!

Now. For the BEER! I had quite a few that I really enjoyed. Here they are IN ORDER of awesomness.

1. Deschutes Freshly Squeezed IPA

I am really new to IPA’s. For a long time I just drank wheat ales (like Hefeweizen) and told myself that IPA’s were too much beer for me. Surprisingly enough they aren’t! The Deschutes yesterday was a light, citrusy beer that tasted like SUMMER to me.

Color: Light Amber

Hoppiness: Medium High

ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 6%

2. Vortex IPA (Fort George Brewing Co)

This was a shocker to me. I usually don’t like super Hoppy beers but it was GOOD. According to the guidebook, “The brewers add four different hops twice during the boil and three as dry hops. Enjoy the Vortex!”

Color: Dark Amber

Hoppiness: Very High

ABV: 8%

3. Fearless Scottish Red Ale

Fearless Pour

This is the beer my friend Sam was pouring. It was a smooth red ale that wasn’t too hoppy. There was a sweetness to it too. I couldn’t quite figure out what that was….caramel? Flowers? I don’t know but it was good!

Color: Dark Amber

Hoppiness: Medium Low

ABV: 5.3%

4. Great Northern Brewing Wheatfish

This was the first sample I got at OBF yesterday. It’s a “safe” beer, pretty standard wheat beer and usually what I would order. It tastes like a light lager, crisp and smooth. Not bitter at all.

Color: Golden

Hoppiness: Medium Low

ABV: 4.8%

5. Bridgeport Stumptown Tart

This beer tasted like summery, tart raspberries and citrus. But it was smooth and sweet at the same time. Normally I would shy away from a muted brown beer thinking it was overly hoppy and coffee flavored, but Stumptown Tart is not this!

Color: Light Amber

Hoppiness: Low

ABV: 7.7%

We hung out for most of the afternoon. More friends showed up, more hanging out, more beer. Michael got some garlic fries and shared with everyone. Good stuff!

We were clearly too many beers to the wind. That picture just embodies it. πŸ™‚ Time to hit the road!

It was getting pretty crowded by the time we left. We all walked a few blocks to Koji’s Sushi.

We all parted ways and Michael and I headed home. I took a hot bath with Lavendar Epsom Salts and we passed out. πŸ™‚ It was a great time!

QUESTION: Do you have a Brewfest in your town? What’s your favorite beer?

Sunday Steak Night

We didn’t end up doing any tiling yesterday. Michael decided to wait until he could get the tool he needed and do all the remaining tiles together.

Dinner last night was steak. That’s our new ritual for Sunday nights and I really enjoy it. Especially when we grill it outside!

The steaks look huge but they really weren’t. The seasoning Michael used:

While he cooked the steaks outside, I baked the sweet potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees for about 35-40 minutes. They turned out perfect this time! I also made peas as our veggie.

Dinner was really good. Everything turned out perfect.

We finally watched last week’s episode of Top Chef. I’m convinced that the final three will be Kenny (my fave), Angelo and that Chick that no one likes. I can’t remember her name now. What do you think?

I had two scoops of light vanilla ice cream for dessert:

QUESTION: What steak seasoning do you use?

Bad Food Day

Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast before starting up on the kitchen. I got the French Toast. Not the healthiest item I could have ordered but I was craving French Toast and I knew we wouldn’t be eating lunch.

I also loaded up on coffee.

The tiling didn’t go as well as we had hoped. The difficult cuts Michael had to make with the wet saw proved to be more difficult and more time consuming than we had expected. Our friends Erika and Charles came overΒ  in the afternoon to help. Charles and Michael worked on cutting the tiles and I did the other stuff. I put the adhesive down and used the trowel to spread it on the floor (that was Michael’s job last time) and then I laid the tiles down. Erika helped a lot by handing me tiles, spacers, and paper towels to clean up the mess. We got almost all of the tile installed! There are a few left to do that we couldn’t do yesterday because of the cabinet legs. Today we’ll remove those and install the last few tiles.

I used knee pads another friend lent us and they helped but boy did they hurt my skin!

The front and back part of my knees were rubbed raw. Note to self: wear pants when using knee pads. On a cool note, the burn cream I used on my sliced palm seems to be a miracle cure! The gash is already healing and almost gone.

Since our friends helped so much we got dinner after we done tiling. Michael picked up two pizzas from Papa Murphy’s and some beer. We sat out on the deck and grilled the pizzas.

I was starving! Only eating two meals a day is not good. I ate two slices of the Hawaiian pizza and two slices of the low calorie thin crust pepperoni (not pictured).

And a few of these:

I slept hard last night and woke up feeling sore and stiff. I made Michael and I scrambled eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast (too tired to take a photo this morning) and then headed to the pool.

Best Swim Ever

I’m wondering if eating only carbs on Saturday lead to my fastest, best swim ever? I got in the pool expecting to be lethargic but was a speed demon instead! It felt effortless in the pool and I wasn’t sore or stiff! I swam for 45 minutes total but what I’m most excited about is swimming half a mile in 16 minutes. Half a mile = 18 laps = 36 lengths. I swam 36 lengths in 16 minutes. That’s my best time yet! It would have been 15 but I stopped once to fiddle with my goggles.

Honestly, I was upset about something and that fueled my swim. I tend to workout harder when I’m upset. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m not paying attention to the workout or what, but those workouts tend to be much more intense.

The guy I was sharing the lane with was a good swimmer too. I was much faster though. When he was done swimming and I had stopped to put on my hand paddles, he said, “Thank you for kicking my butt today!” I was a little surprised he was talking to me but then he said, “You are a really fast swimmer!” We chatted for a moment about how often and how long we both swim for. He thanked me again for putting a pace on him because he was trying to catch me. πŸ™‚ That was cool. Honestly, he was a good swimmer too. He had the face of a 40-something year old but the body of a 25 year old. Clearly he swims a lot and lifts weights. It’s kind of funny being able guess what people’s primary sports are (swimmer’s bodies are a dead giveaway!).

I languished in the hot tub after my epic swim session and then decided it was time to get going (I could have stayed in the hot tub for hours today I think). Today we will lay the last few tiles…there are 2 that we can’t do today because there’s one piece of the hardwood floor in the kitchen entry way that needs to be fixed before we can do those two tiles in the entry way. But we’ve made a lot of progress and it’s totally awesome to see how it looks almost finished!