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Food, Windsurfing and Hiking

Day 3 of the family visit was a long one!

The first stop was to Oaks Bottom Pub for lunch. I ordered the half roast beef sandwich with a salad. Michael ordered the famous “Totchos” for the whole table to try.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned totchos before. They are nachos but instead of chips, it’s tots. It’s very decadent and sometimes a gut-bomb of food. Luckily, the small plate was split between 6 people so I only had one or two bites.

We sat on the back patio for lunch and it was an absolutely gorgeous day! My lunch was pretty good. I was glad I got the half sandwich. The roast beef was a little on the dry side but the salad was delicious. It came with a lemon, garlic and pepper vinaigrette dressing. Delish.

I ordered a diet coke with lunch. I am much more successful with ordering healthy lunches than I am with dinners. I have no idea why dinner is so much harder for me, but it is. I tend to splurge more, and then of course, get a glass or two of wine AND dessert!

Michael and I thought it would be a good day trip to take our guests to Hood River. The Columbia River Gorge is really scenic and for people who have never been to Oregon, it’s a good introduction to the different types of landscapes in this area. Our guests are from Texas and two of them had never been to Oregon.

We went down to the water once we got to Hood River and showed them the kiteboards and windsurfers. It’s a really cool thing to watch! I really want to try both someday. It just looks like a lot of fun.

Our guests had a great time and thought it was a cool thing to watch. These people at Hood River are serious too. They have all the gear!

It was so windy down in Hood River yesterday! I don’t remember the last time it was that windy. A few times I felt like I was going to get blown away. I lost my footing and almost blew over. That never happened at 250!

After checking out the waterfront, we drove to the Old Highway 30 to go for a hike. If you remember, dear readers, this is the same place Michael and I biked for our anniversary last month.

It’s such a beautiful location, with a view of the whole Gorge!

It was a hot day yesterday and while I loved the bike ride there, it was a bit too hot to be hiking there. The shade was limited and I felt dehydrated. What’s the best thing to do when feeling dehydrated? Drink a bunch of wine!! ๐Ÿ™‚

To Be Continued…..



Marina Walk and Contemplation

Today is my rest day–and well deserved one at that. I did an intense 6.5 mile hill run last Friday, an intense stair-master/weight workout Saturday, Swim on Sunday AND Monday. Plus all the walking I do. So today I decided to take it easy.

I walked part of the Waterfront (where I run at lunch) but instead of crossing the Hawthorne Bridge (pictured above) I kept walking on the Westside of the river. I’d forgotten that the Marina had a walkway that kept going passed the bridge!

There were a bunch of nice restaurants on the Marina that I honestly hadn’t known about, or had forgotten about. I will definitely be going back for dinner there sometime.

It was a brisk walk. I could see the Sellwood Bridge in the distance and at first I thought I could maybe make it to the bridge and then back. However, the path stopped short at a beach. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I had been plotting a new running route that took me over the Sellwood Bridge and through Sellwood, back towards downtown on the OMSI side. Plans thwarted. Oh well! Maybe when they someday finish the Marina path I can try that.


While I was walking, I tried to think about all the things that I am thankful for with my weight loss. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how far I’ve come and get too wrapped up in those “last few pounds.” So I reminded myself of all the things I hated and then listed all the things I LOVE about my new body.

Things I Hated When I Was Fat

  • Underwear: No, thongs and bikinis did not look good on me at 250 pounds. Nothing like Granny Panties!
  • Pantyhose: Nothing like buying a a humongous size of pantyhose and STILL feeling like a sausage. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And calling it a “Queen” size doesn’t make it any more flattering.
  • Chairs at School: I remember one of my “I am DONE being fat” moments happened in college. One of my classes actually had those chairs that are connected to the desk. And it was tiny. And there was no way I could fit in that chair. But I also didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I didn’t fit so I squeezed into the desk. And could barely breathe.
  • Going to concerts and movies: Having to see “the look” of strangers who are annoyed about the fat girl getting up to use the bathroom and attempting to squeeze by them to get to the isle.
  • Going to the beach: Seeing cute girls in bikinis and I’m wearing shorts and big t-shirt. Seeing the attention the girls in the thongs get, and feeling like seaweed that just washed ashore.
  • Doctor’s Offices: Being weighed in public and having the nurse make a face when seeing the number. Or having the doctor nag yet again that you need to lose weight, or that your blood pressure is too high.
  • Big Thighs: Yes, it’s called chafing. The act of thighs rubbing together when walking. Evident by the worn-out holes on the inner thigh of pants. Which, by the way, are impossible to patch.
  • Stretch Marks: Despite what infomercials say, NOTHING really gets rid of stretch marks. Even if you lose all the weight. I once had a boyfriend say it looked like Freddy Kreuger clawed my stomach. Thanks. Guess what? He wasn’t a boyfriend much longer.
  • Victoria’s Secret: Getting dirty looks from the size double zero girls that work there. And of course, having to buy the “lingerie dresses” because the REALLY sexy stuff didn’t really fit.
  • Riding the Bus: Never being offered a seat by anyone on the bus. Just because I was fat. Then seeing a guy give up his seat a few minutes later to a petite little blond in heels.
  • The “Muffin Top” Look.
  • Eating Out: Walking into a restaurant and wondering if I could fit in a booth or should I request a table (which also happens to be in the middle of the restaurant of course).
  • “When Are You Due?”: Being mistaken for being pregnant. When you’re not. In fact, you’re not even dating someone. “But thanks for asking.”
  • Crossing My Legs: The first time I was able to cross my legs when sitting in my chair was a SHOCKER! I hadn’t been expecting it, and boy was it awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Being able to cross my legs when sitting in a chair.
  • Finally fitting into that size “Small”.
  • Not yoyo-ing sizes.
  • Being able to swim a mile and a half without stopping to rest (or breathe).
  • Being able to bike 55 miles in Reach the Beach.
  • Doing active things for fun–like hiking, biking and running.
  • Running an 8k without walking or stopping.
  • Inspiring others to lose weight.
  • Shopping in Victoria’s Secret–without the dirty looks, and being able to buy exactly what I want instead of what “fits.”
  • Being known in my office building as “The Runner” (even by people I don’t even know). This one is my favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Actually being able to complain that clothes in the store aren’t “small enough” so I had to go to the Junior sizes.
  • Wearing a sexy dress in public and being CHECKED OUT! ๐Ÿ˜€

QUESTION: What do you love about your body?

Is Walking a Workout?

There is nothing wrong with walking!

It’s okay to have small goals and work up to bigger goals. For people who are overweight or just beginning a weight-loss program, walking is an excellent choice. It’s low impact and with extra pounds adding strain to joints, walking is better than starting a running routine.

1. Walking is an easy workout to fit into the day. Walking during your breaks or lunch hour at work can be an easy thing to add to your daily routine.

2. Skip the elevators and walk the stairs. Stairs are a quick way to get your blood pumping.

3. Walk up and down hills to vary your workout and to also build your fitness level.

4. Try Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking is just walking with poles. It started as an off-season activity for skiers who wanted to build up their fitness. Nordic Walking works your upper body while just regular walking works the lower body only.

I walk on my Rest Days because I feel like I want to keep moving. I’ve noticed lately that my walking speed has increased a great deal. I’m just short of a jog at this point. I also walk almost every morning (time permitting) about two miles to my office.

I enjoy walking. It give me time to think and process things, compose blog posts, fantasize about tropical vacations…

You may have no intention of ever becoming a runner, but perhaps a steady routine of walking will change your mind.

  • Jogging works different muscles than walking, even at the same speeds.
  • Jogging gives a heavy body a reason to start becoming lean.
  • Jogging makes you more efficient at walking.
  • Jogging will contribute to bone density.

QUESTION: Do you consider walking a workout, or is it too “slow” to be a “real” workout?

Stopping to Smell the Roses

I took my brother and his wife to Washington Park for the afternoon.

Washington Park

Did I mention that it was GORGEOUS in Portland on Thursday? It’s really summer! We walked around the Rose Gardens and smelled all the flowers.

Some had no scents.

Some were so aromatic I felt intoxicated by them. I didn’t want to stop smelling the beautiful rose.

We did a lot of walking amongst the roses. It seemed like everyone else in Portland decided to come out and enjoy the gardens too.

Rose Garden

There were some fantastic views of downtown Portland and also Mt. Hood. I wish I could have gotten some photos of that!

It was actually pretty hot on Thursday! I was wearing shorts and tank top, flip flops, and was sweating. It’s a nice change from the rainy, cold winter we’ve had.

Next to the Rose Garden was the Shakespeare Garden: “Dedicated in 1945, the Shakespeare Garden, donated by the LaBarre Shakespeare Club, was originally designed to include only herbs, trees, and flowers mentioned in Shakespeareโ€™s plays. The garden continues to honor the Bard with roses named after characters in his plays.”

It looked like the perfect place to have a wedding. The Rose Garden is a very popular wedding place in Portland and there’s a very long wait-list! I think the Shakespeare Garden is the perfect location. It was beautiful.

After exploring the Rose Garden, we went up to the Hoyt Arboretum and walked around the trails there for a bit.

Hoyt Arboretum

We saw a deer on the trail! He was too fast for me to get a picture! I was so surprised to see a deer in the middle of a very popular part of Washington Park–and in the middle of the day, too!

I’m standing on a hill in that picture above. ๐Ÿ™‚

After the hike, I dropped them off at the train station.

Train Station

It was a sad goodbye for me. They live in Philadelphia now and I only get to see them once –maybe twice a year. I wish I had the money to visit them back East.They are up in Seattle for the next few days visiting family and then they head back to Philly.

On another note, I went swimming on Thursday morning before they arrived. I felt okay in the pool. I felt even better in the hot tub. I didn’t have too much hip or butt pain. Really, the only pain or discomfort I had throughout the day was whenever I went up or down stairs. Clearly, the stairs are what did me in, so I need to stop that.

Confession Fridays

Confession: I’m in a cranky mood today. No reason. Hormones probably. To get out of my “funk” I went for a short walk through the park at lunch today.


I feel like it’s been a really long week. And I wish I could take a few days off from work to de-stress. Iย foreseeย this weekend being just as busy as every other weekend. I feel obligated to train hard for Reach the Beach as well.

I’m also craving chocolate like mad. Yesterday AND today there were donuts at work. Confession: I ate 1/4 of a donut yesterday. It was good. And today I ate a 1/4 of a donut as well. Even worse confession: today’s donut was kind of stale but I ate it anyways. SIGH.

While I was walking, I passed by Cupcake Jones.

Gimme Cupcakes!

I stood at the window and drooled a little bit.

Cream Cheese Frosting

It’s taking everything in my power not to eat another stale donut. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of donuts….if you’ve never heard of Voodoo Donuts, check out the website here: It’s kind of a Portland thing. But it was featured on “Man v. Food” not too long ago! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m going swimming after work tonight. I hope it helps my mood!

Okay, don’t leave me hanging! What’s your confession for this week?

I Miss Milkshakes

I’m feeling really tired today. I walked at lunch today simply because it was so beautiful outside! I didn’t want to waste the sunshine.

The Park

It was a nice, 55 minute walk to the park and back. For lunch I had leftover Mac n Cheese again and a Fiber One Bar.

I took a picture of an onion last night.ย  I’ve seen tiny sprouts in onions before but never like this! Has anyone seen something this weird?


On another note…When I was 250 pounds, I absolutely LOVED Burgerville. That was my fast food weakness. I’d eat there at least once a week. I’d get the Tillamook Cheese Bacon Burger – 680 calories – with fries of course, 360 calories. And my absolute favorite was their Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake.

Chocolate Shake

Their shakes are amazing. Made with real ice cream, and they only use fresh, seasonal fruits (the raspberry milkshake is awesome). So good. Anyone want to make a guess as to how many calories are in this amazing shake?



CARBS: 117


900 calories for a milkshake?! For you Weight Watchers out there, that’s 21.5 points! I think most people have about 25 points for an entire day!

Once I knew how to count calories, I never had another Burgerville Shake again. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t consume half of my daily calories in ONE drink! I do miss the shake. Maybe one day I can have a sip on someone else’s! ๐Ÿ™‚

QUESTION: Is there something you will never eat/drink again now that you know how many calories are in it?

Washington Park and Wednesday’s Run

Yesterday was another nice day and I decided to go for a walk at lunch. I walked up to Washington Park (as usual) but this time I walked a lot faster so I would have time to walk around the park a little bit instead of just turn around immediately.

Washington Park

Washington Park is a humongous park in the middle of downtown Portland. It’s one of my favorite places to take people visiting from other cities. There’s so much to do there. And the view of Portland is amazing.


Spring is definitely in full bloom! The trees were blooming everywhere in the park.


Washington Park also has miles and miles of trails for hiking and running. I’m waiting for the weather to improve a bit before I try trail running with my friend Robyn. Hopefully the muddy trails will dry out soon.

My walk during lunch yesterday burned about 225 calories. Nice! That along with the 451 calories I burned on the bike trainer = a very good workout!

Today I had a nice run during lunch. I was famished by the time I got back and devoured my lunch.

Today’s Run Nike+ Stats:

Time: 36:30

Calories: 411

Pace: 8’28”

Tonight, Michael and I are meeting a friend for dinner–FRENCH FOOD! ๐Ÿ™‚