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Zombie Run

Remember how I got that root canal yesterday and then didn’t sleep well? Yeah, I think I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. I woke up not very happy this morning and have been a zombie ever since.

Especially in the two hour long work meeting this morning. I was dragging ass. I DEFINITELY did not feel up to running. To be honest, I’ve never NOT wanted to run more than today. Then I started to think about it.

  • I’m exhausted and running on 4 hours of sleep = excellent simulation of how I will be able to run in Hood to Coast completely sleep deprived.
  • I need to practice running a few times close together– again to simulate Hood to Coast and having my 3 Legs about 10 hours apart.
  • I ran last night at 8:30pm with the plan to run again today at lunch. I needed to just suck it up.

So I made a compromise. I decided to run in the gym in my office instead of the 4 mile loop I usually do.

The GOOD thing about running the Esplanade Loop is that I am committed to running the entire thing. You’re kinda stuck on the other side of the river if you decide to be lazy. So I am never lazy. 🙂 But I find that when I run the track, or run the treadmill, I don’t have that same staying power and I tend to get bored easily.

Today I ran on the treadmill in the gym. It was nice, I had the gym all to myself and it was a peaceful run. Amazingly enough I was NOT a zombie once I started running!!

I ran at a fast pace, felt light on my feet, felt suddenly energized. I did about 30 minutes on the treadmill at that pace and then did a bunch of work with the jump rope and ab ball:

I felt pretty fantastic. And the best news? My legs felt awesome! No stiffness, no soreness, nothing! I was fully prepared to be slow and sore from last night’s run and I wasn’t. 🙂

I still can’t get over how awesome of a workout that jump rope is! It’s baffling but I was running at a fast pace on the treadmill and my heart rate never maxed out like it did with the jump rope!

The outcome? I feel pretty awesome after my workout. Energized. Happier. Stronger. Excited about Hood to Coast!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 38:24

Calories Burned:  352

Miles Run: 2.25

Activities: Treadmill, jump rope, ab ball

Feeling pretty darn good about my workout right now. 🙂

QUESTION: Do you have a new workout that you’ve discovered and love?

Chasing Legends

After our gut-bomb dinner at Dot’s Cafe, we crossed the street to the Clinton Street Theatre to see the movie “Chasing Legends.

There was quite a line out the door but luckily we had tickets already.

What is “Chasing Legends”?

It just happens to be a totally amazing documentary about the Tour de France and Team HTC Columbia. If you don’t follow the Tour, or aren’t familiar with the names then this is a good movie to watch. It’s a great introduction to some key players, some past dramas, and some exciting footage.

The focus seems to be on Mark Cavendish–a 24 year old rockstar sprinter. He is the HTC shining star. The one complaint I had about the movie was that the focus wasn’t real clear. It was a good movie about the Tour de France, and when they focused on Cavendish it was really interesting, but there didn’t seem to be a main thought throughout the whole movie. That didn’t take away from the excitement of the film, though.

The film was beautifully made. It mixed hilarious commentary from other riders, past Tour winners, and even the oldest living Tour de France winner (from 1936 and 1947 I think). He is 97 years old and showed photos from his days in the Tour. That was a very cool part of the film!

The other cool part of the film was when the camera cut away from the cycling action to the inside of the car where the two team captains were making jokes. They were so funny! Definitely a highlight of the movie. Their jobs were to study each Stage before it starts, analyze the wind and weather conditions, and plan the strategy for the day. They spoke into the mic directly to all the team members and gave them instructions. Things like “90 degree turn to your left” and “there’s a hole in the middle of the road in 100 yards” etc etc.

The film is truly epic. It shows crash after crash, slips and slides, and also the gorgeous scenery of France! There was so much anticipation watching these amazing athletes perform at their best (and sometimes worst). The filmmaker did a great job creating drama. I remarked to Michael that it was often more exciting than the big Blockbuster-movies! For example, footage of the cyclists going faster than cars down the other side of the mountains, taking the death-defying “S” turns and curves that mean certain death if not navigated correctly! I was on the edge of my seat. And check out George Hincapie:

I believe George is one of very few Americans in Tour de France. This guy was truly one of the heroes of the film and he even completed the Tour with a broken Collarbone!! OUCH!

The behind the scenes footage of HTC was fun to see. They have their own Team Chef that takes over the kitchen at whatever hotel they are staying at. They have a Team Masseuse (oh heavenly). There was footage of the guys getting massages and of course, we as viewers got to see their bumps and HUGE bruises! Man, are these guys hardcore.

The theatre was packed–in fact, they over sold the movie and people had to stand. It was a fun experience to watch the movie with a theatre packed with cycling fans. In fact, I think most of them road their bikes to the movie! There were unanimous gasps and moans and sighs as well as scattered “boos” when Contador appeared on screen! Everyone groaned in unison at ghastly crashes!

I was blown away by this movie. It was inspiring. I felt motivated to get out there and ride 100 miles tomorrow! This is the kind of movie to watch in preparation for a marathon or bike competition. It will light a fire in your and awaken your inner athlete!

QUESTION: Have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think?

Sports and Ethical Questions

Who is watching Tour de France this year?

If you aren’t watching, you missed some pretty exciting drama yesterday in Stage 15 of the race.

Some quick background: Lance Armstrong isn’t in the running for first place anymore. Too many crashes at the beginning of the Tour cost him too much time. The original story was Lance vs. Alberto Contador–his old teammate that stabbed him in the back in the last Tour de France.

That seems to be Contador’s MO: back-stabbing, less than ethical behavior in order to be THE WINNER.

Andy Schleck vowed to take revenge over Alberto Contador after finishing behind the defending champion following a mechanical problem in the 15th stage.”


Since Lance is out of contention and just riding the rest of the Tour de France in support of his other teammates, the new “war” was Andy Schleck vs. Alberto Contador.

Yesterday towards the end of the insane mountain climb in the Pyrenees, Andy Schleck was in the lead and would have beat Contador had his chain not fallen off his bike. In the 13 seconds it took for him to stop, fix the chain and hop back on the bike, Contador passed him and kept climbing without a second glance.

This proposes an interesting debate: was Contador in the wrong for passing him and beating Schleck?

Andy Schleck

At first I thought “oh well that’s kind of how the game is played.” Basically, it sucks that the chain fell off, but it’s not like the whole race should stop while he fixed his bike. Especially since that doesn’t happen when people crash–the Tour goes on.

Then I started to change my mind. I said, “Who wants to win a race because of a mechanical malfunction? If it was me, I’d want to beat my opponent FAIR AND SQUARE and because of athletic abilities NOT a fluke.”

Michael explained to me the concept of “Fair Play” and he believes Contador broke the code of “Fair Play” (even if he didn’t break any rules).

The general consensus on the chat boards were in favor of Schleck.  “HE CAN’T BEAT ANDY HEAD TO HEAD,  so he ATTACKS him when he has a mechanical [problem]” but then there’s the side that says Contador Did No Wrong.

So that brings me to this question:

Do you think Contador cheated to beat Andy Schleck? Do you think he broke the “Fair Play” rule? Or do you think there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the situation?

Shot of Vitamin D

You guys it’s gorgeous out! Just a quick post while on vacation. I’ve taken an obscene amount of pictures and will post later.

We are staying at an adorable bed and breakfast for our anniversary.

Enjoy your weekend!

Body Image Stuggles

My post yesterday seemed to touch a nerve with a lot of readers. I got a lot of really great comments and private emails:

Lori at Finding Radiance said:  “I really struggle with body image. Sometimes I see myself as size 8, other times I think I look closer to the old me at 250 pounds. It does seem to be getting better with time, but not sure if that will ever go away. You have to shift your focus to the positive. If you dwell on the negative, then it breeds upon itself.”

And one of my favorites from Lisa at Bike, Bake Blog: “What a refreshing post……it can be so easy to focus on the negative sometimes – but I consciously try to turn it around and focus on the positives instead. Such as – instead of “argh I have put on weight” – I remind myself that “I have done 10 races in 6 months and have never been fitter”. A little extra weight is not the end of the world?!

I took Kelly’s advice from My Healthy Passion: “I allow myself to wallow for a few days. I almost think it is healthy to allow myself to be in a bad mood. Then after some good wallowing (and usually a few tears…crying ALWAYS makes me feel better) I make myself focus on the positive things.”

I wallowed a bit and feel MUCH better today. I think having a great run yesterday helped that. It reminded me that my body does great things.

So why ARE we so hard on ourselves? Upbringing, media, poor parenting, blah blah blah…

I plan on changing that. As I stated in my post about June Goals, I’m going to think positive thoughts.

Some other things we can all do:

1. Be realistic. My body type/genetics is never going to be a size Zero.

2. Appreciate what my body can do at it’s current weight and size.

3. Don’t punish myself for overeating by overexercising.

4. I only weigh myself once a month for a reason: it’s to NOT obsess about the number on the scale.

5. Test yourself. Try something new. Be impressed with your abilities.

QUESTION: Did I miss anything? How do you think positive thoughts?

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