Stinky Run

This is how the conversation went in my head this morning:

“I should run today.”

“Hood to Coast is coming up fast. I should train today.”

“I’m a little sore from yesterday’s run and I forgot to use the Foam Roller last night…”

“I shouldn’t run today. I should rest so I don’t injure myself.”

“Maybe if I run today the stiffness and soreness will go away….”

I decided to just suck it up. I’ve never regretted a run and knew I’d feel better after doing it.

It was COLD this morning! It’s almost August and it was freaking cold this morning. I wore my pants and a jacket walking to work this morning:

This Morning

But my lunchtime run was surprisingly nice! It was hotter than yesterday’s run and there was no breeze.

I took it easy and didn’t look at my Heart Rate Monitor once. I decided to have an “easy” run and not care about time, pace or speed. And surprisingly, my run today was faster than yesterday’s run by 2 minutes!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 34:09

Calories Burned: 443

I did a bunch of stretching after my run, paying particular attention to stretching my hips.

I was extra stinky after today’s run. I’m usually not a stinky person when I exercise. Today was not the case!

Extra long shower, extra deodorant and I felt much better! I got back to work and ate my leftover half halibut and leftover couscous for lunch. I also iced my hip/sacrum just to be safe. So far, so good.

On another note, I’m glad that everyone enjoyed Rae’s interview about being pregnant! I loved reading her answers (and not just because I know her) and hope she’ll give me an update after the baby is born. πŸ™‚

Tonight will be dinner out #2!

Updated to Add: When I used to swim at the community pool I’d sweat chlorine. πŸ™‚

QUESTION: Do you have a favorite deodorant that works really well for super sweaty workouts?


5 responses to “Stinky Run

  1. Congrats on your run – despite the pre-run VOICES! I know them only to well – but the best way to silence them is to throw on your sneakers and get out the door!!!

  2. I’ve been known to Febreeze myself after running on occasion. Especially if I have to go right to work. πŸ™‚

  3. I have no deodorant suggestions, I’m so incredibly sweaty that resistance is futile so I just embrace the stank. Will have to try the Febreeze idea though!

    Nice job getting out there! It’s so cool that you’re doing Hood to Coast, I’m really looking forward to reading your race report. I’ve never done a relay like that before but it seems so crazy and fun.

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