Marina Walk and Contemplation

Today is my rest day–and well deserved one at that. I did an intense 6.5 mile hill run last Friday, an intense stair-master/weight workout Saturday, Swim on Sunday AND Monday. Plus all the walking I do. So today I decided to take it easy.

I walked part of the Waterfront (where I run at lunch) but instead of crossing the Hawthorne Bridge (pictured above) I kept walking on the Westside of the river. I’d forgotten that the Marina had a walkway that kept going passed the bridge!

There were a bunch of nice restaurants on the Marina that I honestly hadn’t known about, or had forgotten about. I will definitely be going back for dinner there sometime.

It was a brisk walk. I could see the Sellwood Bridge in the distance and at first I thought I could maybe make it to the bridge and then back. However, the path stopped short at a beach. 😦

I had been plotting a new running route that took me over the Sellwood Bridge and through Sellwood, back towards downtown on the OMSI side. Plans thwarted. Oh well! Maybe when they someday finish the Marina path I can try that.


While I was walking, I tried to think about all the things that I am thankful for with my weight loss. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how far I’ve come and get too wrapped up in those “last few pounds.” So I reminded myself of all the things I hated and then listed all the things I LOVE about my new body.

Things I Hated When I Was Fat

  • Underwear: No, thongs and bikinis did not look good on me at 250 pounds. Nothing like Granny Panties!
  • Pantyhose: Nothing like buying a a humongous size of pantyhose and STILL feeling like a sausage. 😦 And calling it a “Queen” size doesn’t make it any more flattering.
  • Chairs at School: I remember one of my “I am DONE being fat” moments happened in college. One of my classes actually had those chairs that are connected to the desk. And it was tiny. And there was no way I could fit in that chair. But I also didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I didn’t fit so I squeezed into the desk. And could barely breathe.
  • Going to concerts and movies: Having to see “the look” of strangers who are annoyed about the fat girl getting up to use the bathroom and attempting to squeeze by them to get to the isle.
  • Going to the beach: Seeing cute girls in bikinis and I’m wearing shorts and big t-shirt. Seeing the attention the girls in the thongs get, and feeling like seaweed that just washed ashore.
  • Doctor’s Offices: Being weighed in public and having the nurse make a face when seeing the number. Or having the doctor nag yet again that you need to lose weight, or that your blood pressure is too high.
  • Big Thighs: Yes, it’s called chafing. The act of thighs rubbing together when walking. Evident by the worn-out holes on the inner thigh of pants. Which, by the way, are impossible to patch.
  • Stretch Marks: Despite what infomercials say, NOTHING really gets rid of stretch marks. Even if you lose all the weight. I once had a boyfriend say it looked like Freddy Kreuger clawed my stomach. Thanks. Guess what? He wasn’t a boyfriend much longer.
  • Victoria’s Secret: Getting dirty looks from the size double zero girls that work there. And of course, having to buy the “lingerie dresses” because the REALLY sexy stuff didn’t really fit.
  • Riding the Bus: Never being offered a seat by anyone on the bus. Just because I was fat. Then seeing a guy give up his seat a few minutes later to a petite little blond in heels.
  • The “Muffin Top” Look.
  • Eating Out: Walking into a restaurant and wondering if I could fit in a booth or should I request a table (which also happens to be in the middle of the restaurant of course).
  • “When Are You Due?”: Being mistaken for being pregnant. When you’re not. In fact, you’re not even dating someone. “But thanks for asking.”
  • Crossing My Legs: The first time I was able to cross my legs when sitting in my chair was a SHOCKER! I hadn’t been expecting it, and boy was it awesome. 🙂


  • Being able to cross my legs when sitting in a chair.
  • Finally fitting into that size “Small”.
  • Not yoyo-ing sizes.
  • Being able to swim a mile and a half without stopping to rest (or breathe).
  • Being able to bike 55 miles in Reach the Beach.
  • Doing active things for fun–like hiking, biking and running.
  • Running an 8k without walking or stopping.
  • Inspiring others to lose weight.
  • Shopping in Victoria’s Secret–without the dirty looks, and being able to buy exactly what I want instead of what “fits.”
  • Being known in my office building as “The Runner” (even by people I don’t even know). This one is my favorite. 🙂
  • Actually being able to complain that clothes in the store aren’t “small enough” so I had to go to the Junior sizes.
  • Wearing a sexy dress in public and being CHECKED OUT! 😀

QUESTION: What do you love about your body?


16 responses to “Marina Walk and Contemplation

  1. What a beautifully reflective post 🙂 I am loving my STONG legs, that have carried me through so many races 🙂

  2. I was interested in this because as I have adjusted to life with 25 extra pounds on me I was telling my husband “How can people just live like this always?
    The fat part of pregnancy isn’t bothering me about the way I look, it is not being able to cross my legs, my thighs rubbing together, not fitting in clothes, not being able to shave my own legs. Wearing granny panties. My weight gain is for good cause but you inspire me to lose the extra weight I started with before I got pregnant. Mostly because I will need the energy to keep up with a child :).

    • Rae I told you this before and I’ll say it again…I think you look GORGEOUS pregnant. I loved the pictures you posted and you will lose the weight in no time. Anytime Mommy and Baby want someone to go for a walk with them–I’m in! In all seriousness, I understand what you mean. After your reality has shifted and you’re used to being a certain size, weight gain of any kind can feel awkward. When I gained 15 pounds last year, I felt slower and just “off.”

  3. That is a seriously gorgeous running/walking route. I know I’ve said it before, but dang I miss the PNW!

    Lovely reflections on all of the changes in your life! You have such an amazing outlook on things. Although, even though I am pretty thin and fit my thighs STILL rub together and wear holes in my jeans that are impossible to patch….grrrr! I think it’s just a body shape thing.

  4. Sometimes when I’d play soccer we’d have to do “shirts or skins” and for some reason I always made it on the skins team. No worries now though!

    I also HATE cotton T-Shirts when running and now I can wear the compression shirts.

    Speed Spandex (not the gross thong kind) for swimming….yep….I wear those now too…..

  5. You look beautiful and fit in that picture! It is so worth it, isn’t it?

    I love my thighs now. I used to hate them, but now I realize how strong they are and how much they do for me!

  6. LOVE that dress! I tried one on that looked just like it, at Ross. Fit me funny (cuz I’m lacking in boobage), but it looks great on you!

  7. Big hugs – the hating makes my heart hurt.

    I loved my body a lot more when I started lifting weights. I just have that body, and it looks better with muscle. But I hear ya on the stretch marks (I cannot believe a guy said that. Whatta jerk!).

    Any advice on a pinchy back after doing the Precor? I’m really trying to increase my exercise but I have pain this morning, even after only doing 20 minutes yesterday.

  8. I have lurking around reading your blog for awhile and decided this is a great opportunity to comment. I love that I can tell the sales person that the size 8 is to big…do you have this in a 6. It truly is one of the best moments in my weight loss journey. I also love my legs and feet for carrying me so many miles running. And the way my wrist connects to my hand is so lean looking. I actually have a visible bone in my wrist. These are small things that provide so much joy. I am in awe at what a wonderful and special place you live. I would love to be able to take scenic walks & runs like that.

    • Thanks for commenting. I have to agree on the wrist too. I forgot about that. I remember when my bracelets and rings stopped fitting because they were suddenly too big. I’d lost weight in my wrists and fingers! It was such a cool feeling.

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