Sunday Steak Dinner for Three

Sunday was a busy day! I saw, I helped a friend unpack, and Michael and I went to our friends’ house to see their new baby! She was absolutely precious. Very very tiny and sweet.

When we got back to the house we started the steaks for our new Sunday ritual, but this time for the three of us. I made salads.

Our house guest, Jeremy, had an excellent idea for the corn on the cob. I think it’s my new favorite way to cook them!

First, Michael cleaned up the corn.

Then Jeremy liberally applied butter on each corn.

He seasoned the corn with salt and pepper and wrapped them individually in foil.

Michael took the New York Strip steaks outside and grilled them on the grill with the corn.

I think they cooked the corn for like 15-20 minutes.

I opened a nice bottle of Sangiovese to have with our steaks.

It was a really delicious red wine that went perfect with the steaks.

The steaks weren’t quite done yet when Michael first took them off the grill so he cooked them a few more minutes.

Dinner was good! The piece of meat I got was a little on the fatty-side for my liking but it was still tasty. The corn was REALLY the superstar of the meal. I like Jeremy’s “recipe” a lot.

And on another note, you may remember about a month ago Michael and I debated the “correct” way to eat corn on the cob. Jeremy eats his corn on the cob like me! Vindicated! As Jeremy put it, he eats it the “typewriter style” aka “The Correct Way” (his words). 🙂

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QUESTION: What’s your favorite way to prepare corn on the cob?


3 responses to “Sunday Steak Dinner for Three

  1. I love grilling corn on the cob straight on the grill so it gets sear marks on it. If the corn is sweet and fresh you don’t even need anything on it!

  2. Grilled corn on the cob is the best!!!!

  3. I like the boiled kind for some reason, then again, I don’t think I’ve actually tried the boiled kind. As for steak, I live like 1/4″ pink in the middle and then I take it off. Then, by the time I get it into the kitchen and on our plates to eat it’s cooked but not over cooked……


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