Working Out the Beer

Saturday morning I slept in (thankfully) and did not wake up with a beer hangover…Luck of the Irish!

I made an Amazing Grass Chocolate shake for breakfast.

I added protein powder, Benefiber, banana, Greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, cantaloupe, carrot, and oats.

I added water instead of milk.

Blended in my Magic Bullet and breakfast was served!

After breakfast, I went to the gym. I hadn’t been on the stair-master in over a month because of my injured sacrum but after yesterday’s run I was feeling surprisingly good so I gave it a shot. I eased into it and felt no pain, so committed to working out on the stair-master for my workout. I did the speed intervals and fat burner settings for about 45-50 minutes and then did my weight routine. Honestly I was feeling sort of tired but I muddled through the workout with decent results:

Today’s Stats:

Time: 1:07

Calories Burned: 592

When I got home, I ate a snack (Greek Yogurt and the other half of my banana) and later for lunch I heated up some Trader Joe’s Split Pea Soup (100 calories). It was good!

Now off to dinner!


2 responses to “Working Out the Beer

  1. I like your twist on the protein shake with water and yogurt instead of milk. Great workout after an evening of drinks. I’m usually useless the next day, no matter how many drinks I have.

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