Up Hill Both Ways

Before heading out the door, I drank half of my Atkin’s Protein Shake. Friday’s run was brutal for many reasons. First, I set out to just run the track near my house.

I ran the half mile there and saw that it was overrun with girls playing soccer. Change of plans. I decided to just run the neighborhood, which happens to be all hills. Seriously–you go up a huge hill and at the top of the hill is another hill.

None of the pictures will do these hills justice because seriously, I ran up a mountain Friday morning.

The first 3 miles or so of my run were really good (and relatively flat). Then I came to the Mountain in my neighborhood. The view going down the mountain:

I basically ran up the mountain on my tip-toes. To be honest about halfway up the hill, it because a run/walk for pretty much the rest of my run. I was spent. I continued the route I used to do and found that I was walking  more than I was running. 😦

I kept going and tried to run as much as I could. I hadn’t realized how much work hills are. It had been months since I ran the crazy hills in my neighborhood because of a few injuries. I realized yesterday that my conditioning for hills is not what it used to be.

I took my hand-held water bottle with me (thankfully) but ran out of water. That last hilly stretch my thoughts were consumed with finding water. I saw people with sprinklers going in their yards…I thought, “Would anyone notice if I crept into their yard to get some water??” Hmm….I kept thinking that as I passed by house after house. I decided that was weird. 🙂 I pictured the “Jack Ass Shows” where they crept into stranger’s yards and did weird things. I couldn’t be THAT GUY.

I eventually decided to just go up to an empty church and turn on their spicket to get water! I was desperate! I realized that the church spicket was LOCKED! Boo. I suffered the rest of the way home and downed two glasses of water and the rest of my Atkin’s Shake.

Friday’s Stats:

Time: 1:20

Calories Burned: 960

Distance: 6.5 miles

Terrain: ALL HILLS!

I stretched and used my Foam Roller immediately. The last mile of the run my left ankle had started to hurt so I walked that last mile as my cool-down instead. I was really worried about my ankle. I was also feeling dizzy and nauseous. Too few calories for a too long run! I hadn’t prepared to do a long run, and I definitely hadn’t prepared to do the crazy hills. After my stretching I ate a GU to help my recovery.

Not a horrible run, but definitely not my best as of late!

I also discovered around mile 1 of my run that my Nike+ was dead. 😦 It wasn’t tracking my pace or mileage AT ALL. I was really irritated with that. So after my shower, I hopped in the car and drove the exact route to figure out my mileage.


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