My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

One of the best kitchen gadgets I ever bought was a grapefruit set.

The set came with a spoon that has jagged edges and a “knife”:

The grapefruit knife is easy to free the fruit flesh from the rind and the spoon makes it so easy to eat! It cut the time it takes to prepare a grapefruit in half.

If you like eating grapefruits, I highly recommend the set!

For breakfast this morning I had two fried eggs.

And my grapefruit. A whole grapefruit is about 120 calories.

All together it’s  a pretty easy, quick, filling and low-calorie breakfast.

QUESTION: What is your favorite Kitchen Gadget?


5 responses to “My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

  1. I’ve never actually had a grapefruit before, are they pretty sour?

  2. um – talk about AWESOME!!!! I must go in search of one of these!!!!

  3. I do have to say, that my knives are my favorites. I want a REALLY nice set someday, like the chefs at work use.

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