Is Walking a Workout?

There is nothing wrong with walking!

It’s okay to have small goals and work up to bigger goals. For people who are overweight or just beginning a weight-loss program, walking is an excellent choice. It’s low impact and with extra pounds adding strain to joints, walking is better than starting a running routine.

1. Walking is an easy workout to fit into the day. Walking during your breaks or lunch hour at work can be an easy thing to add to your daily routine.

2. Skip the elevators and walk the stairs. Stairs are a quick way to get your blood pumping.

3. Walk up and down hills to vary your workout and to also build your fitness level.

4. Try Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking is just walking with poles. It started as an off-season activity for skiers who wanted to build up their fitness. Nordic Walking works your upper body while just regular walking works the lower body only.

I walk on my Rest Days because I feel like I want to keep moving. I’ve noticed lately that my walking speed has increased a great deal. I’m just short of a jog at this point. I also walk almost every morning (time permitting) about two miles to my office.

I enjoy walking. It give me time to think and process things, compose blog posts, fantasize about tropical vacations…

You may have no intention of ever becoming a runner, but perhaps a steady routine of walking will change your mind.

  • Jogging works different muscles than walking, even at the same speeds.
  • Jogging gives a heavy body a reason to start becoming lean.
  • Jogging makes you more efficient at walking.
  • Jogging will contribute to bone density.

QUESTION: Do you consider walking a workout, or is it too “slow” to be a “real” workout?

12 responses to “Is Walking a Workout?

  1. I definitely feel that walking is an exercise for me. I alternate speed walks, distance walks and i’ve started doing hills! Believe you me when i’m finished my face is red and i’m drenched with sweat.

    • I’m with you. I have a fast speed and can’t walk slowly. In fact, people that walk with me complain I’m going too fast and I don’t even realize it. I definitely work up a sweat on my lunchtime walks.

  2. Walking IS a workout, for sure! A brisk 5 mile walk may take longer than a slow run, but essentially slow jogging and fast walking can burn the same amount of calories, by distance. I feel like my legs and butt get a great workout when talking because I am taking a longer stride.

  3. I consider walking a real workout. I have lost 55.4 lbs so far and it is all due to walking and of course eating right. I am going to start strength training real soon & sometimes I use my exercise bike.

  4. I must admit that I save ‘walking’ for our holidays – where we have been known to clock up lots and lots of kms exploring a new place 🙂

  5. Great Post! In my opinion anything that gets your “body moving”… heart pumping and a sweat going is a workout.

  6. I think I get a better, more intense workout, if I ride my exercise bike or use an elliptical. My knees don’t permit running. I think you can get a good work out walking, but it just takes so damn long. I like it to be over quicker~and that’s where the intensity plays a role

  7. I definitely think you can get a good workout walking. When I walk uphill and get my arms into it, I can definitely break a good sweat!

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