Cure My Insomnia

The lavender I got last night on Hawthorne smells amazing! It was so fragrant that Fat Kitty was trying to find it. He was in the room I put the lavender in and he was smelling the air trying to figure it out. It was pretty funny to watch. Since Fat Kitty tends to eat all plants and flowers, I shoo’ed him out the room to preserve it a little longer.

Since Michael went to the airport to get his buddy, I ran some errands I hadn’t had time to do.

One of them was Trader Joe’s. I discovered a new Greek yogurt that they carry! It’s in a similar container to the Chobani Greek yogurt. I’m looking forward to trying it today. I got a Vanilla and a Honey (both are 130 calories each).
I’ve realized that if I eat my Greek yogurt as my afternoon snack before heading to the pool, I am much fuller longer. Swimming creates a hunger like no other and I’m usually famished afterward.

On another note, I’ve battled insomnia for a few years now. I think part of it is anxiety related. I have a hard time falling asleep at night because I can’t turn my brain “off.” I’ve tried everything:

  • medications
  • sleeping pills (OTC)
  • exercising before bed OR
  • exercising during the day
  • chamomile tea
  • scented pillows
  • meditation
  • relaxation CDs
  • hot bath

Nothing seemed to work…except for medications but I refuse to do that anymore (see why here). The last few days have been rough. I’ve had insomnia for three nights in a row now. I know 3 nights isn’t too bad because I went almost 2 years with it and that was AWFUL. Being sleep deprived is no fun. It makes for a tired, cranky, irritable experience… 😦

I’m going to move the lavender into my bedroom and hide it behind the headboard so Fat Kitty won’t eat it. Maybe that will help.

QUESTION: Anyone else suffer from insomnia? Did you cure it? Any advice?


9 responses to “Cure My Insomnia

  1. I had to completely stop all caffiene. I drank coffee but never after 10 am until it dawned on me that I might be so sensitive to it that I couldn’t drink it at all. Argh. I loved my coffee.

    I still have bouts of sleep problems but no where near what I did when I had caffiene.

    Good luck on the rest. No sleeping drove me CRAZY!

    • I thought caffeine was the culprit too. I stopped drinking coffee for almost two years but I am back to drinking 1 in the morning only. I didn’t see a change in my insomnia when I went coffee-free, so why not enjoy it?

  2. Lately I’ve been experiencing some problem sleeping. I recommend drinking a glass of warm milk…it helps.

    If it doesn’t, visit my blog – my posts could put you to sleep:)

    Sleep well tonight.
    Gorakh Nath.

  3. To cure my insomnia, I took Ambien for a while, but it made me sleep TOO much, that I would often be late for work and such. So I cut out my soda for a while, and I started drinking a tea called Sleepytime Extra by Celestial Seasonings. It has something in it called valerian, and it really helped. It didn’t taste all that special, but man, I was sleeping soundly so I didn’t complain. I eventually weaned myself off of it and have been sleeping soundly for 4 years now. So you might give that a try 🙂

  4. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. i get really anxious and my mind races. A few things i’ve done that have helped are changing from watching TV to reading before bed which was pretty major because TV gets me riled up, but reading relaxes me. Another thing is to look into relaxation exercises. If you do really deep breathing and just focus on the air coming in and out, it can help you tremendously to relax. I do have Ambien and take it from time to time but usually try to do other relaxation things before taking a pill.

  5. Ooh Chobani is my fave. I’ll have to try TJ’s version.

  6. sometimes all I have to do is write down what is on my mind(things to do etc) and then my mind isn’t racing.

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