A Gloomy Run

What the heck is going on in Oregon? It was supposed to be sunny and 85 degrees all week and instead, this is what I saw on my run today at lunch:

Yes, those are dark, gloomy clouds! And it was even cold, too. I didn’t pack for a cold run this morning…so I had to just suffer. Luckily I warmed up pretty quickly on my run.

While I was running I saw a guy running with his greyhound. It was a beautiful dog. That could be me someday!

Michael and I have been talking about getting a dog for awhile now. He wants to wait until the kitchen is completely done being remodeled–which I think is a good plan. We also can’t decide on what breed to get. I like:


Greyhounds, or Italian Greyhounds (just smaller versions I guess) or a French Bulldog:

French Bulldog

Michael wants a Pug:

Pug Face

And we both agree a Black Lab would probably be best.

Black Lab

My requirements are: doesn’t shed like crazy, not a huge dog, and WON’T EAT MY CATS! It would also be nice if the dog could go running with me.

QUESTION: Which of these breeds do you recommend? Either from personal experience or just your opinion?

Anyways, the little Greyhound running the Waterfront was a bit too fast for me to keep up with. I let it go and watched as they got further and further away. Then I saw that the Hawthorne Bridge was up. Dang it!

I hate when the Bridges go up! As a result, my run time isn’t great. I went the long way (over by OMSI) and slowed my pace down so that by the time I got to the bridge it would be open again.

I timed it just right and didn’t have to stop and wait. I got back to work after cleaning up and doing A LOT of stretching and had my lunch: salad with Asian Sesame dressing and leftover blackened salmon.


I think I’ve discovered what part of my pain is…Running at lunch and then going back to work to sit for hours causes everything to just LOCK UP. It’s not pretty. I stretch, I get up frequently but it still seems to happen.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 32:36

Distance: About 4 miles

Calories Burned: 440

QUESTION: Those of you that have desk jobs, how do you keep from locking up?


17 responses to “A Gloomy Run

  1. I always think a smaller variety is a safer bet. We know friends that have labs (also my personal favorite) but they need alot of attention and alot of space, not to mention food.

    The pug in that picture says “Take me home!”, doesn’t he?

    Well, any dog will love you unconditionally. That is what I love about them.


  2. That is too funny — I LOVE greyhounds and French bulldogs and recently created a scene in PetsMart when a man was walking a French bullie named Bella. We are actually going to be adopting a greyhound soon (well as soon as I figure out my job situation … ugh) because an editor of mine in Pennsylvania had one and they are the NICEST dogs. So docile, so laid-back, almost cat-like.
    And the adoption groups here pre-screen them for cats, which was a big concern for us (we have three!) The guy jogging with his greyhound might’ve been a fluke though — I’m told most don’t like to jog. They’re sprinters and tire out quickly.
    My mom has a lab/golden retriever mix and he is very smart but very strong and very high energy. They got him as a pup and he had no trouble with their cat. A lab would be a good running/hiking partner for sure, but they chew EVERYTHING and have to be crate trained for sure.

  3. We adopted a mixed breed (you can see a pic of her on my running page) and we know she’s probably part terrier but not sure what else. Terriers have a great amount of energy so that would probably be a good breed. She’s run up to 8 miles with me and I know she could keep going.

    I’ve only taken her on 1-2 mile runs this summer though because it’s been so hot out, and since she’s black I don’t want her to overheat. If you have any questions, feel free to email me 🙂

  4. We are serioulsy thinking about getting a lab! They are just so family friendly 🙂

  5. I grew up with a greyhound! Our family rescued her when she was 5 from the racetracks. Its the sweetest breed of dog ever. They’re quiet dogs, and very loving and gentle. They definitely need room and time to run! Grace used to run figure eight tracks in our backyards.
    I think Frenchies are super cute, I’ve actually been reading up on them because they’re good “apartment dogs.” They have tiny lungs and respiratory systems so they aren’t very active.

  6. I lived with a pug for 2 years with a room mate. All I can say is they are very hyper, every time I came home he would run circles around me like crazy and he chewed my shoes, umbrella, comforter, etc!! The funny thing my room mate worked long hours and I was the one mostly taking care of him, yet he would destroy my stuff! Great job on your run. Is your question about locking up at work, do you mean getting stiff once you get in the office? I sometimes run during lunch and in the afternoon, when I use the bathroom, I’ll stretch really good and it seems to help. It’s not fun to sit for a while and get up and it’s like you are 90!

  7. There are so many greyhound rescue organizations – people just get rid of racing dogs when they’re done using them. It’s really sad. I hear they are gentle and very affectionate. But my favorite dogs will just be good ol’ mutts. I always encourage people to adopt from a shelter rather than buying a dog. my 2 cents! 🙂

  8. I currently have a Black Lab & a Min Pin. My Lab Jed is a great dog! He was a rescue and we are his 3rd home. He is getting older now and his energy is not the same as it once was. He is becoming a little slow in his elder years. The only thing he ever destroyed was his toys and he loves to steal our shoes and make us chase him. I will warn you however Labs do shed a lot. I think a lab would be a great choice but I encourage you to check with a rescue group and consider a dog that is a 4 or 5 years old. As far as my Min Pin goes she is a bundle of energy and totally rules the house. But I have found not great for walking long distances or as a running companion. (She likes to be carried). Good luck in your search for your perfect pet. Also I wish you continued success on your weight loss and life changes.

  9. Our black lab sheds like crazy!! She is spiteful and needs a lot of attention. I love her, but if those things would bother you, I’d suggest a different breed!

  10. Puppies! I love them. My parens have a golden doodle and he’s the best.

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