Sharp Things Hurt

I skipped the pool last night and came home to help Michael start tiling the kitchen. His friend Dave kindly helped Michael pick up the wet saw and they moved the stove and fridge. Dave left after that so it was just us two for the rest of the night. I went to the grocery store to pick up dinner.

I needed something easy since we had no stove and couldn’t get to the fridge. I stood in line at the deli but decided against it. Everything looked greasy and covered in fattening sauce. Yuck. I went to the Organic frozen section and picked up two Bean and Cheese Burritos (300 calories each). Then I grabbed two ready-made salads. I’ve eaten these salads before and they were delicious. Expensive, but tasty. I got a Chicken Caesar Salad for Michael and my favorite salad for myself:

The Santa Fe Salad. It comes with chicken, cheese, corn and tortilla chips.

Only 280 calories! I also got a diet soda with lots of caffeine in it. 🙂

Gourmet dinner served!! Then back to tiling.

The wet saw was easy for Michael to use, which was good news for us because there weren’t a lot of mistakes or breaks to worry about. And the process went a lot faster than we thought. Not to jinx things, but if it continues to go this well, we’ll be done this weekend!

While I was drying off the wet tiles, I accidentally sliced open my palm with the cut edge of the tile. 😦

OUCH. Michael sprang into action and played Doctor. He used a burn cream that he got last summer when he crashed his bike. He had road rash really bad on his hand and this cream was a miracle healer. Next he bandaged my hand and I put vinyl gloves on for the rest of the work that night (should’ve been wearing the gloves to begin with). Michael will be a good dad someday–he’s excellent at fixing boo-boos and distracting the injured person with jokes and stories. 🙂 He’s a natural.

Needless to say, I was bummed about injuring myself at the start of the weekend! I hope it doesn’t hinder the rest of the project.

We are off to the local dive bar/restaurant to get breakfast before starting up the rest of the tile.

Have a great weekend!


6 responses to “Sharp Things Hurt

  1. Ouch, good luck the rest of the weekened.

  2. Oh man! Glad you are okay and Michael was there to help! I don’t like blood, so I’m not good with stuff like that, especially on myself.

    I enjoy the ready-made salads too!

  3. OUCH! Hope it starts feeling better soon.
    The Sante Fe is my fav one of those salads too!
    I’ve only had it a few times bc as you said they are pretty $$. But, they make a great lunch at school in a pinch.

  4. Oh no…your poor hand! But that tile is gorgoues! Want to come help me do mine? haha!

  5. The tile looks great, but your hand doesn’t 😦 Hope your hand feels better soon! I’m so sorry!!!!

  6. I love the tiles! That is exactly what we will be re-doing our living-dining-kitchen area with. Same color. Love it!

    Sorry to hear about your hand. I hope it heals quickly!


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