Food Repeat

Yard work was on the menu last night. No one told me living in a house was so much work! (Just kidding) Seriously, if it’s not one thing (kitchen remodel) it’s another. I swear those blackberry bushes will be the death of me! I keep telling Michael we need to buy or rent a goat to just eat everything back there. 🙂

Dinner last night was a repeat of Monday, minus the walk to the store. We eat a lot of “repeat” food. Dinner was bratwursts again. The way Michael prepares them is to boil them in water or beer first then grill them on the grill outside.

It was the spicy bratwursts this time and they are tasty! Zucchini is sliced, oiled and seasoned with Steak Seasoning. It’s a peppery-salty seasoning.


We sat on the back deck again and enjoyed dinner and a brew.

QUESTION: How do you get creative with your meals? Is there a website you use to find recipe ideas?


4 responses to “Food Repeat

  1. If something is that good, I can eat it every night. That way you’re not wasting. I’m usually a spur of the moment dinner person, which is not good cause I grab whatever I can get my hands on.

  2. The Mystery Box helps me!! Once I have my ingredient I turn to my recipe books and / or the internet for a recipe – OR I just wing it and make one of my own 🙂

  3. hee hee, you are funny… aren’t you in Portland?? I am, and we could totally SHARE a goat!! 🙂

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