Smells like the Ocean

On Friday Michael and I left from Portland to drive to Poulsbo, Washington for my family reunion camp-out. I packed up the car and when Michael got home from work, we headed out. Why do our critters make it so hard to leave them for a weekend? 😦

The kitties gave me sad, puppy dog looks as we drove away. 😦 But they had Auntie Star come over to visit them (my old neighbor that brings fresh catnip and gets them high).The drive to from Portland to Seattle is pretty boring and having done it too many times to count, all I can say is “ugh.” But it’s much better when you have a good road trip buddy!

We stopped in Olympia to eat dinner at a mediocre Mexican restaurant.

Mexican Food

I mentioned before that I’ve been having problems with a tooth. For about a month now. And it’s getting increasingly worse and the dentists I’ve seen are just plain useless. The only positive to this issue: not being able to eat very much.

I ate almost all of the shredded beef enchilada and the rice and gave up, bummed out. We hit the road and headed through Tacoma–going over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

The Washington Peninsula is a wonderfully scenic area. I grew up in Seattle and my parents have a cabin over by Port Townsend. I spent my childhood taking ferries from Edmonds, Washington to the Peninsula. As soon as we crossed the Narrows Bridge and got to Bremerton I could smell the low tide. It smelled like my childhood. What a flood of memories!

*Not My Pic

We got to Poulsbo and found my cousin’s house. They live on about 2 acres of land and we were all camping on their property for the weekend. Growing up, my family was really close (and very big) and we had an annual reunion every July on my aunt’s farm down in Southern Oregon. It was a blast! A weekend of eating, running around playing games with all my cousins, jumping off the barn loft into the hay, swimming in the Santiam River, camping, sitting around a campfire. Those are the happiest memories of my life. The reunion stopped for a few years and now it’s back and being hosted by my cousin Kristin!

We set up our tent just in the nick of time. It got dark and we changed into warmer clothes and joined my cousins who were hanging out. We drank and sat around the campfire and before we knew it, it was almost 3am! Off to the tent for some blessed sleep. 🙂


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