Too Hot To Cook

It was really hot last night. I did NOT feel like making anything too interesting for dinner last night. Especially after making cookies and running errands. Solution? Michael fixed himself a hot dog (no thanks) and I made a veggie burger and salad.

I made a Trader Joe’s Masala Veggie Burger on a sandwich thin with a yummy salad. It was enough food. The heat really does a number on my appetite. I find that I am less hungry and nothing sounds appetizing. Does that happen to you? As a result I eat a lot of salads in the summer time.

This morning I grabbed another iced coffee from Starbucks and added my own creamer.

There was a long line at Starbucks this morning. With the sudden summer in Portland everyone is scrambling for iced drinks! Seriously–Portland went from 50 degrees to 100 degrees in like a week.

Standing in line, I saw these:

But I resisted! It was hard. Those gooey cinnamon buns looked really tempting.

I had a half day at work today and I drank an Atkin’s Shake for a quickie lunch before leaving for the pool. I decided it was too hot to run, so swim it is! I just hoped no one else had that idea. šŸ™‚


And I lucked out! The pool was empty and I had a great swim. It felt so good and so cool! After swimming, I wanted a quick lunch at home before starting to make the pasta salad for this weekend’s potluck. I had a repeat meal of a Marsala veggie burger. This time, I didn’t have a bun.

Lunch #2

Creative, huh? Oh well! It was easy and only 120 calories. As for the pasta salad, I’m making a variation of this Martha Stewart recipe:

I will post the recipe soon! Have a great weekend!


One response to “Too Hot To Cook

  1. oooh cant wait to see the pasta salad you come up with šŸ™‚

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