Beat Summer Weight Gain

Summer is actually the perfect time of year to LOSE weight. Especially for me–the heat really does a number on my appetite. Sure it’s fun to splurge. But if you are trying to stay healthy, or trying to lose weight, you have to be smarter than your cravings!

1. Stick to a schedule. Schedule your workouts like you would schedule fun stuff. I always plan some kind of workout even on vacation. For example, on our anniversary trip we brought our bikes and hiking boots and used them!

2. Make goals. Set small goals for yourself so you can track the progress. I goal I usually make for summer time is to just not GAIN. πŸ™‚

3. Beat the heat. Sure it’s hot and comfortable and not fun to workout in 100 degree weather…be creative. Go swimming, bowling (thank you AC!), try the REI rockclimbing wall which is inside.

4. Control what you eat. At BBQ’s and picnics: Always start with the salad and wait to get seconds. Eat a lot of fruit. If it’s a potluck, bring something healthy that YOU can enjoy too!

5. Don’t drink your calories. That includes the lovely Starbucks iced coffees! Order something lighter than the 300+ calorie iced mocha. Check out my previous post on Alcohol.

Top 5 best drinks:
1. Rum and Diet Coke (1 oz. rum) – 65 calories
Use diet sodas as mixers, such as gin and diet tonic, diet 7Up and Seagrams 7, diet ginger ale and Jack Daniels, and so on.
2. Vodka and Soda (1 oz. vodka) – 65 calories
3. White Wine Spritzer (4 oz. white wine topped with club soda) – 80 calories

6. Drink water! Not only do we need to be drinking more water, it also fills up your stomach and curbs hunger. (I need to be doing this more.)

QUESTION: What are your tips for beating summer weight gain?


3 responses to “Beat Summer Weight Gain

  1. You’re right on with this one. I set a goal to lose as much this summer as I did the five months before. Totally agree with drinking water. I was recently at elevation and lost weight, which I attribute to drinking lots of water to combat the altitude.

    Also, have the Starbucks Iced Coffee, but you have to ask for it unsweetened, because the default setting is with syrup (yuk!)

  2. Great tips! The heat curbs my hunger, then I tend to splurge on beer πŸ™‚

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