5 Reasons to Pack Your Lunch

There are a lot of tips I could list for losing weight. I’ve detailed a lot of those things in my page on How I lost 100 Pounds. This post is specifically about LUNCH.

Working downtown, there are temptations at every block. From the trendy Food Carts, good restaurants, and delis on every corner–there’s food everywhere.

There’s a new sushi joint near my office too–and that’s definitely a weakness of mine.

It takes A LOT of willpower to pack my lunch every day. Especially on days when I’m tired of the food I eat and pressed for time. I think, “I could just get sushi…..”

But I stop myself. The reason? There are actually 5 good reasons. 🙂

1. Control: Packing my own lunch gives me control over exactly how many calories I eat during the day. I pack myself a morning snack (fruit or cottage cheese or Greek yogurt) and on days I run, I pack an afternoon snack to curb my munchies. Having specific food gives me control over the nutrition, the calories, the portion sizes.

2. Cash: How much money do I save by not eating out for lunch? Quite a lot! If a quickie to-go lunch is about $5, that’s $25 a week, $100 a month. If I pack lunch at home, it’s probably half of that cost depending on what I pack.

3. Calories: Portion sizes are humongous at restaurants–usually 2 servings. And who can just eat half a serving of freshly made, hot, greasy Chinese food? I probably can’t! Say I pick up a lunch of fried rice, spring rolls and chicken…that’s looking like about 900 calories in my estimation. My usual packed lunch is around 350 calories–tops.

4. Exercise: As many readers probably already know, I run at lunchtime whenever I can. This was a switch I made over a year ago and I love it! It has freed up so many of my evenings to do fun things I missed out on. When I run at lunch, I have just enough time to run and shower and then grab my pre-made lunch from the fridge. I definitely don’t have time to run, shower AND eat out!

5. Time: Some employers let their employees leave work early if they don’t take take a full hour lunch. Think how much time is saved eating a sandwich at your desk and then leaving work early!

I vary my lunches. Sometimes they are Lean Cuisines with some veggies, sometimes they are salads, sometimes sandwiches, or leftovers. I try to mix it up so I don’t get bored.

QUESTION: Do you eat out for lunch every day or do you pack your lunch? What is a typical lunch for you?


10 responses to “5 Reasons to Pack Your Lunch

  1. I vary! Sometimes I pack a lunch, other days I buy. I do love the fact that when I pack my own I know EXACTLY what is in it!! Not to mention the $$ saving!

  2. I pack my lunch almost every day. I will admit that my main motivation is saving money, but it certainly keeps me healthier as well!

  3. I pack my lunch about four days a week. My coworkers and I usually go out on Fridays. I try to mix up what I bring, just to keep it from getting boring (and thus, more tempting to eat out).

  4. I’m all about packing my own lunches, and only eat out for lunch a few times a year. It’s fun to be social with colleagues, but I hate to spend so much money, and I really enjoy eating packed lunches. I typically bring a sandwich with either a salad, soup, or a yogurt. Plus some fruit and a snack for the afternoon. The only thing I hate about it is packing it the night before, because if I wait until that morning, it takes me way too long.

  5. I pack my lunch 90% of the time, and it’s usually leftovers from dinner the night before. It helps that there are very few appealing lunch options near where I work. If I were in close proximity to so much good food like you are, I would have a much harder time resisting!

  6. Great Post! I actually bring a “green bag” full of food to the office every Monday full of my lunches and snacks for the week. Saves on calories, fat, money and time. =)

  7. littlemisscrochet

    It depends on whats in the fridge and did I pack it the night before… Almost always when I don’t pack it the night before I eat out…

    I am making sure to pack the lunch the night before or have premade ready meals in containers – easy to toss in the lunch bag!

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