And the Winner Is….

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! Any fun new experiences?

I had Monday off as a holiday too and we spent a few hours doing more tiling. We laid tile in the kitchen half of the room and the pantry. It’s a much smaller space than the dining room. We quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to do the entire sections because we can’t move the appliances yet. So we did what we could and called it a day. Michael watched Tour de France and I headed to the pool for a swim. My hamstrings were ANGRY at me for overdoing it this weekend. The combination of DIY tiling and yard work was just brutal enough to cripple me!

After the pool (and blessed hot tub), I picked up a Subway sandwich to split with Michael. It was a late lunch (like 3:30) but we were starving.

We went to some friends’ house for dinner. They had freshly caught Chinook Salmon (2 pounds to be exact) and needed help eating it. I won’t say no to that! They grilled it on Cedar planks, too.

He used olive oil, dill, salt and pepper, garlic and the lemon slices. It was so delicious! I want to try it myself sometime. The rest of dinner was rice and peas (I forgot the picture):

Awesome dinner! I think all food tastes better from a grill.

And now time for the Giveaway winners!

The winner of the bread is…….suzanne from Waterloo, Ontario!

And the winner of the t-shirt is…… Julie @ Pickley Pear !

Please contact me ASAP at 110pounds at gmail dot com to claim your prizes! I need your full name and mailing address. If I don’t hear from Suzanne or Julie I’ll have to pick another winner!



2 responses to “And the Winner Is….

  1. Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to get it πŸ™‚

  2. THanks! So excited, I just emailed you! I love Subway, it’s been far too long since I’ve eaten it!

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