I Beat the Buffet

My readers are so sweet! Lots of great comments yesterday, and specifically Shelby‘s comment:

“Ok, so I know that I’ve only been following your blog for a couple of months, but I just have to say: there is no reason to get down on yourself.  You are a hottie and an amazing athlete and I love that you seem to have a great balance in your life – of course beer and wine and good food are there to enjoy!  The fact that you’re losing inches is testament to the power of your lifestyle.  You work your butt off on the bike or in your running shoes – and yeah, you do earn that beer!

The only thing I might suggest, given what I have seen of your training (which may be incomplete, I know!) is adding in a day of speed/tempo/HIIT work each week.  Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, buy I always find that I get leaner and stronger when I’m diligent about doing faster stuff.”

That comment really cheered me up and reminded me that I do have a good balance in my life and that I shouldn’t be so critical of myself!

The thing to take from what Shelby said is that life should be about BALANCE. Not denying yourself things you enjoy eating because you’re trying to lose weight. Yes I may drin/eat more than I “should” when trying to lose weight but I also biked up a mountain this weekend. 😉

Last night I met a friend and we went out to dinner. She had a gift card to a buffet-style restaurant. Normally I would avoid someplace like that but she said they had a salad bar. First off, it wasn’t as good as a Sweet Tomatoes Salad Bar (which I really like). But that turned out to be a good thing: I didn’t go back for seconds!!

I loaded the plate with veggies and some cottage cheese. The salad dressings weren’t labeled (seriously?) so I guessed which one was Ranch Dressing. I have zero hopes that it happened to be “light”. Oh well!

I got one small onion ring, and half a cup of the broccoli soup.

I got some fruit and a spoonful of jello. None of it was exceptional so I wasn’t tempted to get seconds. But I also ate it slowly and then sat chatting with my friend for awhile, waiting to feel “full.” I did and was happy to skip going back for seconds!

Another factor that kept me from going back for seconds was seeing the clientele at the restaurant. Not one other person besides my friend and I were a healthy weight. It was really disturbing to me.

QUESTION: Do you avoid buffet style eating, or can you make good choices when faced with temptations?

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6 responses to “I Beat the Buffet

  1. Honestly, the food quality at buffets are generally very bad. The food is not usually fresh and not made well to boot. If I want eat out, I try to choose a good quality restaurant and buffets are (almost) never on the list. However, my husband’s grandpa loves buffets so occasionally I will have to go to one. I fill the first plate with a huge salad and if I am still hungry, I try to get protein on the next plate. Whatever works!

  2. I used to have major buffet anxiety, but I think I’ve come to a much better place. I actually haven’t been to a buffet restaurant in a really long time, however, so I’m not really sure! I like to think that I would handle it like you did – take a reasonable portion, eat it mindfully, and then turn my attention to the conversation to see if seconds are really necessary.

  3. I always notice that people leaving Claim Jumpers seem to be above a healthy weight. Maybe it is because their portions are huge and their menu is so calorie laden.

    • I usually don’t eat at chain restaurants for that reason…I can tell by the clientele that certain places aren’t healthy. It may sound mean, but I’d rather eat somewhere else that has healthier choices and healthier people…

  4. I’ve avoided buffets for some time, because I have a track record of over doing it at them. But your approach is actually relevant to all kinds of overeating “traps” – parties, food in the office, etc.

    And I hadn’t thought of looking at the clientèle to judge the health of the restaurant, but it does make sense. Yes, it feels a little harsh, but this is too important.

  5. Well on Monday i’m going to a chinese buffet! I usually pick some salad, seafood and veggies, one small dessert square and a piece of fruit 🙂 Works for me!

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