First Run in 9 Days

Last night I was happy to find my sports bra at Kohl’s!! I LOVE this bra. It’s the best one I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it for bigger busted ladies. It has a very thick under-wire but it is super comfortable. It’s been ages since I’ve been able to replace the one I already have. They never seemed to have the right size in stock.

It’s by Lilly of France. My old version is worn out and too big. I was able to find a smaller size AND it was 50% off! Double score!

Today at lunch was my first run in 9 days. My first run since I injured myself last week. 😦

My goals for today’s run:



*Take it easy and listen to my body

*If it hurts, STOP

*Stretch, stretch, stretch and stretch some more!

I slathered on the sunscreen and wore a tank top for my run. It’s getting HOT out there!

I started out with a light jog/walk while I scanned my body and tried to see if I was hurting myself. No twinges, no pains. I started to run. I got to the waterfront and let out a sigh of relief. “So far so good.” And it was clearly summer in Portland — FINALLY!

I ran through a sprinkler! It felt so good! The water made my hot skin tingle and the breeze felt cool on my skin. I was dry in only a minute or two.

There was a helicopter flying really low to the ground! I think it was a medical copter–maybe they were trying to practice landing? They’d land on the rooftop then take off again and circle the waterfront and do it again.


I crossed the Steel Bridge, feeling darn right light on my feet. I paid close attention to my posture and made sure I wasn’t leaning forward at all. I also did my Kegels as my physical therapist suggested.

Still doing good.

I passed the Steel Bridge stairs and didn’t even have an inkling to try them. NO STAIRS! I kept running. One of my fears about today’s run was that I’d get to the other side of the river and suddenly be in pain and unable to run anymore. Nothing like feeling stranded too far from “home” (in this case, work) to scare ya! That did not happen though.

I felt zero pain while I ran.

I got to the part on the other side of the Esplanade where there’s an uphill climb. I walked it instead of running. Just in case.


I made sure my posture was correct while I walked to the top and then I started to run again.

My time was pretty decent too, not that I was concerned about my time. My only focus was seeing if I COULD run. Period.

I crossed the Hawthorne Bridge feeling really good. Still no pain in sacrum/hip/butt/back. I walked carefully down the stairs to the Waterfront and continued on. I was disappointed to find that the sprinkler wasn’t on anymore. Boo! I had been looking forward to running through it again.

While I was stopped at a light, I did some stretching against a light pole. It felt really good to stretch. I continued back to the office and did NOT do the stairs. I did my stretching, showered, and ate and was back to work.

Just to be “safe” I iced my hip and back area while I ate lunch. I’d rather ice now and possibly prevent any pain later. I hope I did not re-injure myself. Time will tell pretty quickly I think. I’ll known by tomorrow if I’m injured again.

My plan is to ice when I get home tonight and do some more stretching, and my Foam Roller.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 34:15

Calories Burned: 452

I’m not sure when I will run again. If I’m feeling up to it, I might try to run on the track this weekend. Otherwise I’ll wait until next week.

P.S. Don’t forget to check tomorrow’s Giveaway!

QUESTION: How long did it take you to heal if you had a running injury?


5 responses to “First Run in 9 Days

  1. YAY for a good run! I think it depends on how severe the injury is that determines how long you have to take off. I had to stop running completely for 10 days and I am still not running at the level I was before the injury! But I will get there…

  2. When I got hurt I had to take 3mos off of running. It sucked, but at the same time it gave my body a break from all of the pounding and allowed me to work on other cross training activities.

  3. I am so so happy to hear that you had a pain free run!!! YAY!!!!

  4. Congrats on your run!! So glad you didn’t feel any pain.

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