A Little Italian and French

After our epic hike where we got to see TWO mountains, we headed back to the room to get changed for dinner.

We had planned on going out for pizza but a quick search revealed NO good pizza nearby. Bummer. So instead, we went to the nice Italian restaurant in downtown Hood River called the North Oak Brasserie. It was a cute little place in the basement. The bread and oil and balsamic was okay but nothing compared to the previous night’s fantastic rosemary bread.  I ordered the Grilled Lobster Ravioli. The description sold me: black truffles, brown butter, shallots and crispy fried leek onions. Michael ordered the lasagna.

I got a glass of the Sangiovese wine. It was good! I didn’t get any other good pictures because it was pretty dark in there. Dinner was absolutely delicious! I was so pleasantly surprised at how amazing the lobster was and the flavor of the sauce was amazing. We did not have room for dessert after this fantastic meal.

It was getting kind of late so we went back to the room. It was our last night in paradise. 😦

Sunday we woke up and the breakfast was Crepes!! I hadn’t had Crepes for so long. Jane had all the fruit and lots of jams for the crepes.

The fresh fruit was perfect. I filled my crepe with some strawberry jam, fresh strawberries.

Topped with a little powdered sugar and a teeny bit of syrup. Jane brought out our second crepe. I was sort of full but they were so good! I made the second crepe with raspberries and sylvan berries. I ate 3/4 of it and gave up.


After breakfast we packed up the car and headed out. I was getting sad to have the vacation end. 😦


2 responses to “A Little Italian and French

  1. SocialAnswers

    The food here is indescribable isn’t it?
    I’m trying to stay as much away from it as possible but not working too well!

  2. I love how you were given a simple crepe and could load it up with all kinds of fruit. What a good idea.

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