Eating the Same Food

National Geographic Channel has a pretty cool series on about the Earth. Monday night Michael and I watched the “Water” Episode and it was really fascinating! I love watching nature shows. I used to be pretty addicted to the Discovery Channel. The show last night made me want to visit Cambodia and see the temples and culture. Shows like that make me want to do nothing but travel and explore….and Anthony Bourdain makes me want to eat. 😉

I really do think we eat a rotation of the same exact foods. Not that I’m complaining, because I love all the food we eat on a regular basis. In that spirit, guess what we had for dinner Monday night? For dinner we made burgers (yum). We only had one turkey burger left in the freezer so Michael had that one and I had the Trader Joe’s Masala Veggie Burger.

Calories for dinner:

Masala Burger: 120 calories

Havarti Cheese: 110 calories

Sandwich Thin: 100 calories

Mustard: 5 calories

Dinner Salad with dressing: 250 calories

Dinner Totals: 585

I made up the Sandwich Thins: toasted in the toaster, mustard, lettuce. Michael put jalapenos on the burgers and topped them with Havarti cheese until it melted. So delicious!

We were going to make fries in the oven but changed our minds. I had a few slices of yellow and orange peppers for something to crunch on. I made the salads:

-Red Leaf Lettuce for me, Spinach for Michael




-Shredded Cabbage

-Garlic Croutons


I love salad. I could eat it every single day and be happy!

Dinner Salad

Dinner was good. Having the frozen veggie burgers/frozen turkey burgers on hand are a lifesaver for us. Many nights we stare at each other blankly in the kitchen trying to decide what to make!

On Sunday night, Michael made a comment about how if we ate like we did on Sunday night every night neither of us would have to worry about our weight. Sunday night’s steak dinner was the perfect equation: protein, veggie and side dish (potato). Now, how do we recreate that perfect equation for dinner without eating steak every night? Neither of us really know how to cook chicken all the much–or what do with it to make it interesting. We are slowly trying to figure out how to cook pork chops (the first attempt was pretty bad). What are some other ideas? We already eat a lot of seafood.


5 responses to “Eating the Same Food

  1. Chicken on the grill is just as easy as steak on the grill you just need to make sure it cooks through! If you want to add a lot of quick flavor to meats without having to marinade them, make a dry rub of spices and rub it on there before grilling. It’ll sear the flavors into the meat and requires no extra time.

  2. I like to stuff chicken breasts with stuff- I do a Mediterranean one with olives, feta, and spinach; a roasted veggie and goat cheese; and a sweet style with cut up dried apricots, goat cheese, walnuts with a little marmalade mixed in. Just mix up the filling, make a slice in the side of the chicken breast and expand it with your finger. Stuff, bake and enjoy! Any leftover topping can be baked on top. It’s pretty tasty and makes a boring chicken breast a little more exciting…

    Turkey burgers sound good- adding to my menu for the week!

  3. I love chicken breasts with salsa! Quick, easy, and it gives you endless flavor varities – plain salsa, mango salsa, etc.

  4. I love those masala burgers! I just tried one for the first time on Sunday night, and it was so good. Loved the curry flavors embedded with the rice and veggies. I’ll be eating these quite a bit for barbecues.

  5. We do eat a lot of chicken. We usually slice the breasts in half lengthwise so they’re not as thick. Marinate them in a variety of things in the fridge (salad dressing, little coy, some Asian sauces), and then spray a cookie sheet and bake for about 35 mins at 325 – 375 degrees. Super easy and they’re great in wraps, cut into pasta or rice, or topping a salad (or even chicken salad, though I can’t say I’ve ever made it).

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