Running Buddy

Monday during my lunch hour I ran with my coworker Leslie, who also happens to be my Hood to Coast Team Captain. She’s a great runner and has done many marathons and half marathons. I was a tad intimidated and nervous about running with her. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Today was the first day of summer. It didn’t really feel like summer! The temperature was bit on the cool side but I still wore my short-sleeved t-shirt from the Shamrock Run. We headed to the waterfront and it seemed like we had the same pace. We checked in with each other a few times about the pace and we both agreed it was good.

We ran across the Hawthorne Bridge and passed to the other side of the bridge JUST in time. The Caution Arm started coming down letting us know the bridge was about to come up and we ran faster to make it across. We made it literally with seconds to spare. Yay!

I felt fast and had no aches or pains.  I think part of it was also because I was running with a partner and I was completely distracted. When I run by myself, I listen to music and get lost in my thoughts, and I also analyze my body. Maybe I over-think things too much. It was fun being able to hold a conversation with a friend while running and totally disconnect from the running process.  We made it to the Steel Bridge and ran up the stairs and across the top of the Steel Bridge.

I wasn’t too focused on the time during my run like I normally was. We also did a cool down walk the last three or four blocks before we got to the office. I usually don’t do a cool-down walk.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 34 minutes

Calories Burned: 402

I walked up the seven flight of stairs to the locker room and cleaned up before heading back to the office. I had my training all afternoon at work. I noticed a soreness in my left hip this afternoon. I took some Advil and I’ve been icing my hip/butt/leg since I got home from work.

When I got home, limping and all, I was feeling pretty down and sad about possibly being injured. I have no idea if I pulled a muscle, if I’m just sore from running, if I’m sore from the stair-master on Saturday, or if I’m really really injured. I just don’t know. But it has me pretty down tonight. I’m taking the next two days off as Rest Days. I hope it improves.


6 responses to “Running Buddy

  1. Oh, goodness. I hope you are okay. Take a bath, relax the muscles.

  2. oh no – hope the hip feels better soon 😦

  3. Ooh, time for some epsom salts and a couple days of gentle yoga. Take care of that body! Hope you feel less sore soon 🙂

  4. Are you foam rolling? When I hear hip pain, I worry about IT band.

    • I use the Foam Roller every single day. I do the IT Band with the roller. My pain is all in the hip/butt area. It could be from the stairmaster this weekend. Not sure. I don’t have any knee pain or thigh pain at all.

  5. 7 flights of stairs! You don’t mess around.
    Hope the hip is better soon!

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