Fat Etiquette

In the last two days, I’ve been asked TWICE if I was pregnant. The first was a co-worker, the second was an old co-worker I hadn’t seen in a few years. She was at my friend Erika’s wedding last night. First she said I was “wasting away.” She hadn’t seen me since I’d lost all my weight and she said I was “glowing.” All wonderful compliments and it felt really nice that she noticed the weight loss. But really? Am I looking chubby around the mid-section or WHAT?! My old co-worker quickly said that I must be glowing because I’m in love. Yes, yes I am. Not pregnant though, thanks! 😛

That brings me to my first tip in “Fat Etiquette.” Never never never ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless she’s like 9 months along and clearly ready to pop. When I was fat, I was asked if I was pregnant. Nope, just fat, thanks so much for asking. Luckily, it didn’t happen a lot and I wasn’t totally humiliated like a friend of mine: she was overweight and tended to carry all her weight in her mid-section. An older Chinese woman who didn’t speak English very well came up to her and RUBBED her belly saying “Good Luck.” Horrifying!!!

So avoid that faux paus, if possible!

On another note, I woke up this morning pretty sore from yesterday’s weights. Ugh. Ouch. Wah! I took some Advil and enjoyed the soreness a bit because it meant I worked hard. Breakfast this morning was Ezekiel toast with Crofter’s Raspberry Jam and two fried eggs.


I totally failed at removing the fried eggs from the pan and they totally folded over and were just a big FAIL. They tasted good, though. 🙂

I went to the pool and had a great swim. It always feels good to get in the pool after I workout really hard. Swimming seems to work out the soreness and the kinks.I did my routine in 45 minutes (1.25 miles) and I relaxed in the hot tub afterward. I feel much better after the pool!

Today is going to be very lazy. I plan on sitting in front of the computer watching “Rescue Me” on Netflix. Yay for lazy days and TV marathons!

Michael is glued to the TV watching the US Open this weekend. I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with Trader Joe’s Aioli mustard and light mayo.

Colby Jack cheese:

While it was grilling in the skillet, I sliced up a cucumber and added some Italian dressing to it.

Instead of real butter, I used “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” spray.

It has zero calories in it.

I used this stuff A LOT when I was losing weight. My primary concern was limiting my calorie intake and my mentality towards food changed. I’d think “Are these calories worth it?” I have used ICBINB Spray in a long time. I bought it at the store on a whim recently. Now that I try to eat more “REAL” food, I find it harder and harder to use substitutes like this. It feels like eating cancer or something. It’s just all chemicals. Ick!

I used it today on my grilled cheese sandwich but I think once this bottle is done with, I’m not going to buy another one.


Look at how gooey and wonderful this sandwich is:




14 responses to “Fat Etiquette

  1. findingradiance

    Ugh – I cannot believe people still make the pregnant comment! Does no one ever learn??

  2. OH my – people CAN be very insensitive can’t they!!!!

  3. That is a terrible thing to ask! Although sometimes when I see a fairly thin woman with a round curve, I so desperately want to ask if she’s pregnant but you never know how some people’s body types might work – the thin lady with the belly just might have just a belly!

  4. I am shocked and horrified! I mean, I know people can be pretty dense, but at this point isn’t it common knowledge not to ask a woman if she’s pregnant…EVER? Geez!

  5. I had that happen. The funny thing is the woman who asked me weighed more than me. She wasn’t even embarassed. Just told me I must have had a big meal. I was asked the other day at the store. I will never wear that shirt again. To be honest, it is baggy, but you still don’t ask.

  6. The ironic thing is it seems like you get those comments sometimes, but then women who are overweight seem to “show” less and later when they’re pregnant, so the time in your life you want people to notice, they don’t.

    My husband actually asked me when it was OK to ask/comment, and I told him unless he saw a head popping out, not to assume. I had a friend ask when I was due a couple months after I miscarried several years ago – he had known I was pregnant, but not that we’d lost it. It was really awkward for both of us.

    • That sounds like a VERY awkward–and painful–conversation and it just adds even more reason to never ask a woman that question. Another one is “when are you getting married?” or if married, “When are you having kids?” What if there are fertility issues? It’s such a sensitive topic, I can’t imagine people WANTING to ask such things!

  7. Omg, grilled cheese is so simple, and yet SO delicious looking!! *droool*

    Both my mother and I carry our excess weight exclusively in our midsections. Not that long ago, she was asked when the baby was due and was horrified (hasn’t happened to her in a few years). Then I reminded her that she’s 55 years old, and someone thinking she’s young enough to still have children is actually a compliment!! 😉

  8. I’ve been asked a few times over the years if I’m pregnant, by men and women. And I hate it. I’m fairly thin, and always find it strange, especially why people would ask such a rude question to begin with.

  9. I used to use that spray butter, but let go of it after reading French Women Don’t Get Fat and reading Lanutritionista’s blog. Now it’s just a little bit of the real deal and it’s delish.

    I’ve been asked a bunch of times if I’m pregnant. I usually tell people “Yes, with the lunch I just finished.” Christ people!

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