Beautiful Wedding

My friend Erika’s wedding last night went wonderfully! Michael and I got there early and we walked around the Gardens for a bit.

Erika looked fantastic in her dress. Since I didn’t have a chance to ask her for permission to publish the pictures, I’m going to use one that don’t really show her face for now.

The ceremony was outside at the Rhododendron Garden near Reed College. It was an absolutely gorgeous location and very quiet and secluded.

The day had been overcast but dry all day. Then, just as the wedding was supposed to happen it started to rain! No!! Luckily, Erika had planned ahead for typical Portland weather and had white umbrellas just in case.

The ceremony was facilitated by Charles’s dad who is a minister. They exchanged rings and the kiss and were married!

Here are a few pictures of the Gardens:

After the wedding, we headed to the reception at Madison’s Bar and Grill. They had reserved the upstairs loft for the reception. There was a lot of food!

Fresh Mozzarella with basil and tomato:

We thought this was guacamole but it turned out to be asparagus dip. It was pretty good. The bread was great too.

Lots of fresh fruit:

There were some chicken Kabob things but they weren’t my favorite. I really liked the giant meatballs though!

Dinner was good. I admit, I had two helpings!

I also had 2 glasses of white wine.

And a glass of champagne for the toast:

Instead of cake, she had cupcakes from Saint Cupcake and they were so cute!

There was a champagne toast and everyone got a cupcake. The cupcakes were delicious! I want another one. 😉

It was a great night. Very romantic and the wedding was nice!



4 responses to “Beautiful Wedding

  1. aww i’m a sucker for wedding pictures! Once again, you are looking awesome all dressed up! 🙂

  2. That food looks awesome and i love the idea of cupcakes at weddings!

  3. You look great – cute dress! I do love Saint Cupcake! Friends brought them to the coast for my birthday a couple of years ago before I reduced my sugar. They give any Seattle cupcake company a run for their money.

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