Easy Dinner and a Twitter Chat

I was on my own last night for dinner because Michael had eaten lunch at almost 3pm. I decided to have leftovers. I reheated some quinoa and chickpeas.

I steamed carrots and cauliflower and used the last of my Goddess Dressing! Apparently I need to be buying it in bulk because I eat it so much!

I also made a Bagel Thin with cream cheese. Dinner was filling. We watched “True Blood” and relaxed. Then Michael brought out the M&M’s….!

God help me!

A serving size of M&M’s are 1/4 cup for 210 calories. I got out my measuring cup and scooped out a serving.

1/4 Cup

At first it doesn’t look like very much in the serving.

Serving Size

Serving sizes usually disappoint. But I remind myself that a taste of something is better than NOTHING and it’s definitely better than overeating like I used to.


I had a small glass of non-fat milk to go with my dessert. The best combo!

I sat in front of the TV watching “True Blood” and “Lie to Me”, munching on my M&M’s…total mindless eating. And then I realized that I’d had enough dessert. Shocker! Those are words that rarely cross my lips. I decided to put the leftover M&M’s back in the bag! I am pretty proud of myself for not just eating them all!


I just read an interesting article about Pirate’s Booty and how the label is wrong. It supposedly contains 3x the amount of fat than what the label says! Does this shock you? Had you heard about this? I hate that we can’t trust labels. As a strict label reader, I want REAL information. Another reason why I’ve switched to real food. This just reinforces that.

Did you participate in last night’s Twitter #fitblog chat? There were some good, thought-provoking questions. For example:

Q2: There are a lot of “fit blogs” out there. How do you set your blog apart from others?

I felt like my blog was different partly because I’ve already lost my weight. Yes I have about 7 pounds to lose (again) to get back to my goal weight but before I started my blog, I was already in maintenance mode. I also think I show people that Maintenance Mode can be fun! Exercise can be fun. Being healthy doesn’t have to be a drag with the minutiae of point/calorie counting/restricting etc.

Q3: Let’s talk about measuring success. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your last post? Why?

This question made me think about my posts in different terms. I feel like every single post cannot be a “10” and trying to make every post a 10 puts a lot of pressure on ourselves. Who needs that?

Something else I thought was interesting is which posts get comments. It’s usually NOT the post that I think will be the most popular. It always makes me scratch my head in curiosity what is popular.  😉

QUESTION: Brag time! If you have a blog, share with us what your favorite post has been lately? What are you particularly proud of?

11 responses to “Easy Dinner and a Twitter Chat

  1. I am super impressed with putting the M&Ms back! 38 servings in that bag!!! I could NOT have that around me. good for you!

    I was on fitblog last night and thought it was a really good one.

  2. I started my blog for my own personal motivation. Just so happens a few people read it 🙂 Now I am more focused on making sure grammar is correct and that I post relevant information. I am also in dire need of updating the blog format and adding an ABOUT ME section.

  3. First off, good girl on measuring out the M&M’s I never do that and am sure I eat several servings after I am done! Try the “new” M&M Pretzels they are SO GOOD and less fat & calories.

    Onto your Q2 – I just try to be myself in my blog and I think that means a lot! I love to put as much “detailed” information on my blog as possible when it comes to my workouts and such, plus I like to show everything I eat if I can as I really like see that in other blogs. I know I have a lot to improve on but overtime I will get there.

    Q3 – I really liked my last post actually! What do you think???

    =) Laura

  4. Since my camera broke this weekend, I have had to use my husbands cell phone (which is only home at night) so my posts are lacking. This weekend my new camera comes and I will be a much happier blogger.

  5. Awesome for you for not finishing the M&M’s just because they were in front of you. I am so proud of you…seriously. It takes so many of my clients YEARS to get to that point!!! You rock my dear!!

  6. It’s so hard to be around bit bags of M&M’s like that.

    I just finished a series on local foods, which was a lot of fun to write. You can find the latest one (which includes a giveaway) here:

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