Nachos For Dinner

Michael went to Costco yesterday and arrived with this Evil Temptress:

I’m going to try and resist this treat as long as I can. He also got another one of my favorites: black olives! I don’t know why but I could eat them like candy. 😉

For dinner we made nachos. I chopped black olives, onion and jalapenos to go on top of the nachos.

When I got home I was starving and he proposed the idea of nachos. I didn’t think that would be filling enough, so I suggested shrimp too. Michael took care of the shrimp.

Turns out, the nachos WERE filling enough and we didn’t need the shrimp. Oh well. Hopefully the leftover cold shrimp will taste okay on top of a salad or something.

I topped my nachos with light sour cream. It was very tasty! We don’t have nachos very often but boy are they good.


A tip for cooking with shrimp: put the tails or discarded shrimp in a zip-lock bag before throwing in the garbage. You will save yourself some smelly messes!

Shrimp Tails

I was very full from dinner. Almost too full but it was still good.


Yesterday’s topic on Vanity Sizing was pretty popular and it seemed universal that people were annoyed with non-standard sizing.

Angela over at This Awesome Life said: “I also noticed when I was trying on some track pants that I took the 3x size pants thinking, no way I’d fit in 2x, only to find that even the 2xs are now a little baggy. I wish I had bought a couple 1xs, they were on clearance for $5!” That brings up a great topic that I’ve discussed before.

Losing weight can be a costly endeavor when it comes to clothes shopping. Just like Angela said, too many times to count I bought clothes I never had a chance to wear because I’d lost too much weight to fit into them. I highly suggest buying smaller sizes and “losing weight into them”. I started buying clothes that were snug because I knew in a few weeks they would fit. It’s a good tip.

QUESTION: What do you put on your nachos?


12 responses to “Nachos For Dinner

  1. OH, your nachos look good…..I am having a hard week and want to eat all the bad stuff for me.
    We usually make nachos with meat, cheese, peppers, olives, tomatoes, topped with light sour cream and salsa.

  2. Another tip for buying clothes as you’re losing weight would be to shop at thrift stores or church rummage sales! If you go to a church rummage on the last day of their sale, they often have “Everything you can fit into a bag for $2” or something like that. (I’ve seen them range $1 to $5 per bag.) Then, just stuff them full! You don’t even have to bother trying something on, as long as you like the style. Oftentimes, you can fit eight or ten items in a bag, and for that price, even if some don’t fit, you’re not out a lot of money. It goes for a good cause, freshens up your wardrobe and doesn’t break the bank.

    I’ve noticed that with my last fifteen pounds of weight loss, I sailed right through 1X into XL and now even am wearing a couple size Large.

    When I turned 40 in April, lots of people got me gift cards so that I could update my wardrobe. As of that time, I had lost 64 pounds and weighed 204. I bought lots of things in a 1X size from the womens’ department, as the XL items from the misses section where generally a bit snug. Now, at 190 lbs, everything I’m wearing in an XL fits great and I even have a couple of items in a size L that fit fine. All of the 1X things seem too big. Today, I happen to be wearing a 2X top just because it coordinates nicely with a wacky pair of capri pants (the print is very bold and doesn’t go with everything, ha ha) and the shirt keeps slipping off my shoulder. 😉

    It really wasn’t that long ago that I wore 2X by default. I hardly seems fair that I “wasted” all my birthday money on clothes that are now too big for me!

    I look forward to reaching my destination weight so that I know the clothes that I buy will “work” for as long as I want them to.

  3. How do you resist the M&M’s? I have to go to a potluck tonight for my son’s Cub Scout graduation and I am going to have to use all my willpower not to eat all the goodies.

  4. Those nachos look delicious! I want yours NOW!

  5. Ooohhh I haven’t made nachos in a long time. That may be the perfect side for my Gazpacho tonight! I usually put cheese, onion, tomatoes, banana peppers and olives (if I have them). YUM!

  6. oooh I do like nachos – they are often our ‘go to’ meal on lazy weekends. And what a great tip re bagging the prawns.
    Ps – those M & Ms would be waaaaay to tempting for me 🙂

  7. Yum. I love nachos. When I was in high school I used to make them as a snack when I got home. My favorite toppings are olives, cheese, and a few japanenos first; after the nachos are cooked I like to top them with lettuce and tomato; and have salsa, sour cream, and avocado for dipping.

  8. Mmm the hubs and I used to make nachos with chicken, cheese, jalepenos, tomatoes, guac, salsa, sour cream…the works lol SO GOOD!!

  9. Mmm, nachos. I am not a fan of olives (more for YOU!), so my nachos don’t include those… salsa, beans, cheese are the basics, and that’s all I really need! 🙂

    Today is my first time at your blog, I can tell it’s going to be a part of my daily reading… thank you!

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