Weekend Report Card

How were my eats this weekend? I’d give myself a B+ total for the weekend’s foods. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Friday night’s Black tie dinner was all healthy foods and I didn’t overeat. I DID drink too much wine and I definitely didn’t need the cheesecake. So B- for Friday.

2. Saturday’s breakfast was healthy. I’d give it an A.

3. We hit the road for camping and unfortunately, the only lunch option was Taco Time. However, using my Myfitnesspal App I was able to figure out which lowest calorie item I could enjoy. I got the bean burrito for about 380 calories. Calorie-wise A-OK for lunch, HEALTH-wise probably a C-. 😦

Taco Time

4. We brought lots of healthy food camping to munch on –hummus, veggies, fruit, healthy crackers. I didn’t overdo it on dinner OR s’mores. B+

5. I realized Sunday night when I got home that I accidentally bought regular Tonic Water instead of Diet. So I give myself a D for Saturday night’s alcohol. The 100 calorie Vodka Tonic I thought I was drinking was really a 200 calories (times 3) drink. Bummer. I give that stupid mistake an F.

6. Sunday’s breakfast was our normal eggs, sausage and toast and that was fine. I give that an A.

7. Lunch on Sunday’s drive home however, was the same predicament: I got another burrito–this time from Taco Bell. And Michael got a burger from Burgerville. Fast Food Fail. I give myself a D- for the fast food factor. However, I did go swimming when I got home, so that’s a wash.

Taco Bell

After a weekend away, I have almost 500 items in my RSS Feed. Daunting! Last night, we watched the finale for “Breaking Bad.” It was great! Soon we start “True Blood.”

Last night I made dinner for myself. I steamed some Chicken Shu Mai from Trader Joe’s, a salad, and instead of rice I made Quinoa.

Michael and I were chatting about Saturday’s bike ride. Michael said I shouldn’t be too bummed about not being able to make it up that killer hill. He did a great job and made it all the way up without walking or stopping. He pointed out that I don’t do hills on a regular basis, and my bike is a lot heavier than his is (his is carbon). Very true. But I see it as a challenge to get better. I WILL be able to make it up those hills.

Lastly, there is nothing better than a shower and a comfortable bed after a weekend of camping!

QUESTION: What is your report card for the weekend? AND have you ever run a Half Marathon? If so, did you walk any of it or stay consistent in your running pace?


7 responses to “Weekend Report Card

  1. You just left me a comment about being too hard on yourself — and you are one of the strictest bloggers when it comes to eats. 😉 I always struggle with weekends because they’re so much less structured. Overall I’d say you did really well.
    The half mary is my ultimate goal. I know that I do not have 26.2 in me, but I would like to get to a point where I do two or three half marathons a year.

    • Thanks, Ashley. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the GOOD I do when it comes to eating well and focus on the splurges instead…. 😉

      I’m with you–the full marathon doesn’t sound like me.

  2. My weekend Report Card was not good, especially since I weighed in this morning and was 2.5 up from my massive 7 pound drop last monday. Which I kind of expected.
    It was just a full weekend – went out twice, a Graduation BBQ and Fun Run, another BBQ and driving a lot. I would say I got a C.

  3. That’s funny – I had the bean burrito from Taco Time on Friday. I didn’t think the calories were so bad compared to many other items. The tortilla is a little high in carbs for how I eat, but I didn’t ding myself for it. Their tacos are totally allowed on my plan (Belly Fat Cure), but I try to not make a habit out of it. I think you actually did a great job where it was hardest: the black tie and camping. That’s where I might have fallen down. I think you did great this weekend (everybody needs a little cheesecake every once in a while).

  4. I like that you made a distinction between calories and health. Sometimes the lowest calorie item doesn’t pack a big nutrient punch, unfortunately.

    I ran my first half marathon at the end of May! I didn’t walk any of it, though at one point I would say I was mostly “shuffling.” But I had a great time, and am already planning on another! 🙂

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