All Things Sunshine

I fear I might jinx it if I say this but…..the 10 day forecast for Portland is….sunshine? And no rain? Could it be that summer is FINALLY here?

Today was my 3rd run this week. A total of almost 12 miles. I usually don’t run on Fridays but I can’t swim tonight because of the Black Tie dinner. Today I ran an extra distance. I did the regular loop I always do, but instead of heading back to the office I kept running the loop like I was going to do it a second time. I ran out of time, so I probably only added 1/4 of a mile to my distance before it was time to turn around. My goal is to hopefully be able to run the loop 1.5 times by the end of summer.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 38 minutes

Calories Burned: 445

One of the cool things about running the same route on a regular basis is that you start to see the same people. The girl that looks like a Bobble Head when she runs, the super fast guy that does the whole loop in like 10 minutes (I swear!), the people in a running group that run together and do traveling lunges together, and the same chick on the bicycle that nearly runs me over EVERY DAY at the same exact intersection! Somehow our schedules are the same. It’s weird.  I like watching people and seeing how they run, too.

Protecting Your Skin

Recently, a dear friend of mine went through a horrible ordeal with skin cancer. She was diagnosed by her doctor after she complained about a patch of skin on her face that was always itchy. A biopsy or two later and it was for sure cancer. She had surgery to remove the spot and went through chemotherapy. Luckily she is okay now, but it was a scary time. It really made me wake up to my lazy sunscreen ways too.

You only have one skin. With the sun coming out on a regular basis now, it’s time to remember SUN SCREEN.

Eeew Eeew Eeew!

Check out the WebMD page on Moles, Freckles and Skin Tags.  If you aren’t checking your skin on a regular basis, that needs to change.

Summer Tips

1. WEAR SUNSCREEN. Even if it’s cloudy!

2. Stay in the shade when you can.

3. Wear a hat or visor when running outside in the sun.

4. Sun is the highest and hottest from 10am – 4pm. Avoid being outside during those times if you can.

5. Ultraviolet rays are are amplified when they bounce off water. If you’re relaxing by the pool or in a boat on the lake, reapply sunscreen as much as you can.

6. Drink lots of water during the summer.

7. Be aware of the size and color of moles and freckles you already have. Go to your doctor asap if they change in shape, size or color.

8. REI and other fitness stores often make clothes that protect against ultraviolet rays.

9. Don’t miss spots when applying sunscreen. Ask a friend to get hard to reach places. Don’t forget your ears, neck and nose!

10. Good UVA sunglasses can lower the risk of developing cataracts later in life.

Sunscreen Tips

1. Use higher than SPF 15.

2. Look for the words “Broad-Spectrum sunscreen” that protects against UVA and UVB.

3. Apply 20 minutes before going outside.

4. RE-APPLY sunscreen often. (This is where I often lapse in judgment.)

5. If you’re a runner, buy a sunscreen product that says “Sport”. It’s less likely to smear or run in your eyes when you sweat.

6. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet! Burned toes hurt like a mother effer!

QUESTION: Do you use sunscreen religiously?


5 responses to “All Things Sunshine

  1. I learned my lesson this weekend. I used to fry myself as a teenager (baby oil) but now I know better. I also get yearly check ups with a derm. That picture is so gross by the way 🙂

  2. I use sunscreen very religously, but i still burn. I try to cover up with clothes whenever possible, that provides better protection!

  3. Sunny up here in Seattle too! Fingers crossed.

    After a lot of sun damage as a kid/teen, I’m now pretty religious about sunscreen. Seems dumb not to be.

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