Breakfasts of Champions

My breakfasts don’t vary very much.

A common breakfast that Michael and I have is scrambled eggs with salsa and sour cream, 2 turkey sausage links and we split a Bagel thin. Sometimes with butter on it, usually cream cheese if we have it.

On Saturday after our bike ride, we had breakfast burritos: scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, chopped sausage, black beans, sour cream and salsa. On Sunday we went out to breakfast at Bertie Lou’s:

Bertie Lou's

Again, eggs. This time, fried eggs with an English Muffin and 2 spicy chicken sausages. I didn’t eat many of the potatoes.

Oatmeal is usually what I make on my own:Or I fry my own eggs, like this morning:

QUESTION: Do your breakfasts change much? Or do you find that eat the same thing every day? I’m looking for suggestions!

10 responses to “Breakfasts of Champions

  1. I go through periods where I eat the same thing. I am hooked on waffles with greek yogurt right now, but I always, always have a bowl of oatmeal with whatever else I have. I just love hot oatmeal in the morning.

  2. I seem to eat the same thing – generally with oats as a base. I try and have a warm breakfast on weekends when I have more time to cook!

  3. My breakfasts are my most boring meals because they don’t vary much. When I find something I like I tend to stick with it until I don’t like it anymore. right now I’m on a cereal kick with occasional veggie sausage/toast combo thrown in.

  4. I rotate around the same breakfasts. Either and warm cereal breakfast (oats, oat bran, cream of wheat) or protein waffles. 2 days a week I usually get a bagel out. It’s been this routine for a couple years now and I am not tired of it LOL!

  5. I have 2 slices of soaked grain toast with low fat cream cheese and a banana and I never tire of it. I do on occasion have 2 scrambled farm fresh eggs and toast. Is there a reason you eat eggs every day? I have thought about eating them more -great protein!

  6. I need to start having eggs and sausage for bfast – that looks so tasty and filling! I usually just have cereal with fruit or a bar of some sort because I am lazy and don’t want to deal with dishes.

  7. I love this post because it shows you can EAT and lose weight (or maintain weight).

    My breakfasts are either low-sugar smoothies, eggs, or a big protein pancake.

  8. I love breakfast! I eat breakfast often for dinner. I love eggs though and tend to eat them every single day!

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