Saturday Night Grilling

While my mom and I waited for the boys to get home, we sat on the back porch playing Scrabble and relaxing. It was a nice afternoon to just SIT. I go, go, go, go all the time. Every weekend is booked and planned with workouts, bike rides, hiking, stuff with friends. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice having a busy social life. But it wasn’t until I sat outside for an extended period of time on Saturday doing NOTHING that I realized how busy I really am.

We’d had a great time at the Markets. I did a lot of walking all day and my feet were tired. I wasn’t feeling any after-effects from Saturday morning’s Brick workout beyond my feet being tired, so that was a good sign!

Around dinner time, I prepped the food for the BBQ on Saturday night. When Michael and my dad got home, everything was ready to make!

Dinner Prep

Michael made Turkey Burgers and I grilled the asparagus. It was the first time I’d ever used the grill on my own and at first it was a tad scary but I think the asparagus turned out great.

My mom made the mushrooms. I did not pay attention to what she did with them because I HATE mushrooms! I think she used butter and lemon pepper seasoning.

Dinner turned out great. The turkey burgers are always a hit when we make them for guests.


I had a slice of Havarti cheese on my burger. So tasty! We did not need fries or chips with dinner at all. The raw carrots and BBQ’ed asparagus were crunchy enough as a side.

Dessert was some organic, fresh cantaloupe that was the sweetest fruit I’ve tasted in a long time.

It was a really fun evening and my parents enjoyed the food, so that’s great. I showed them how to use the Foam Roller and explained what it does. I think my mom wants to get one now. 😉 I crawled into bed at 10pm and I don’t remember falling asleep!

I somehow also ended the night with over 700 calories left! I had had a great day food-wise and with all the snacking I did at the Farmer’s Market, I didn’t feel like I was hungry at all during the day!

6 responses to “Saturday Night Grilling

  1. What do you do when you have extra calories? Do you try to eat them the next day or do you call it a loss?

    • If I have “extra” calories after something intense like a long bike ride, I try to eat what I can to replace them. But usually I just listen to my body. I didn’t feel extra hungry today so I ate how I’d normally eat and didn’t care too much about the extra calories. I may splurge tonight and have some ice cream though. 😉

  2. Love that grilled asparagus! Such a tasty side dish 🙂

  3. definately have the icecream! I had some yesterday and it was wondeful. So much more satiftying to have the real thing. I also had some chocolate chip cookies yesterday. I am calling it “carb loading” for the run I did today 🙂

  4. Ah the foam roller – I just got one finally and your post reminded me that I needed to do that tonight. It’s crazy how dense foam can seem to really dig in at times – wow.

    Those turkey burgers with havarti sound awesome – in fact, I’m having that for lunch tomorrow! Mmm.. havarti..

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