Portland State Farmer’s Market

I took my visiting mom to the Portland State University’s Farmer’s Market. I’ve lived in Portland over 10 years and I’ve never been! Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous day in Portland (we are only allowed one apparently) and the sun was out, upper 70 degrees, and shorts weather!

Michael went golfing with my dad, so it was just me and mom. When we got close to PSU, we started seeing people carrying flats of strawberries and blueberries. YUM!

Pounds of Zucchini

I bought 3 zucchinis! Can’t wait to try them. There were always quite a few musicians at the Market. These ladies were pretty exceptional:

I saw some very unique things there, too. I have no idea what someone would do with these goodies:

They had fresh garlic, asparagus, and mountains of veggies.


Mom and I had many, many samples. Pickled carrots and beets, pickled garlic, lavender honey, chocolate covered cherries, and lots of cheese! My favorite was this Cumin cheese:

Mom and I grabbed Tamales for lunch at the market. They were pretty good–a tad on the dry side for me.


Leaving with lots of goodies:

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