Dorm Room Dinner

When I got home from the pool last night, Michael was almost done with preparing dinner. This:

Plus this:

Equals this:

And even more of a “White Trash” Version of his White Trash Casserole! 😉 But who am I kidding? It tasted pretty good. 🙂 I drank 1 Mirror Pond Pale Ale with dinner. We caught up on some Parenthood episodes (I think we’re now only 7 episodes behind!) and I ate a Biscotti for dessert (110 calories).

Then…I had a midnight snack. Okay, it wasn’t quite midnight. It was like 10:30. But my stomach started growling! I don’t know what is going on with me lately but if feels like I cannot eat enough food. Instead of eating another Biscotti, or some chocolate like I really wanted to do, I munched on some cantaloupe instead.

According to, these are my stats for yesterday:

Total Fat: 60 grams (goal 72)

Cholesterol: 554 (goal 300)

Sodium: 2774 (goal 2500)

Total Carbs: 224 (goal 300)

Fiber: 17 (goal 18)

Sugars: 33 (goal 32)

Protein: 66 (goal 82)

I burned 595 calories yesterday with my walking and swimming. I ate 1894 calories total.


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