Amazing Grass Breakfast Shake

I didn’t sleep in as much as I wanted to this morning. I could hear the rain outside and that woke me up. I decided I wanted to make an Amazing Green Superfood Shake for breakfast so I got up.


The packet of Green Superfood is only 30 calories. I grabbed the oldest banana and some frozen strawberries. Next, I got some protein powder and oats:

Protein and Oats

The next ingredients I grabbed were the Benefiber and some Oikos Greek yogurt.

I measured out the dry ingredients first. 1 spoonful of Benefiber, Oats and Aria protein, plus the entire packet of the Green food into the Magic Bullet.

Next, 2 spoonfuls of the Greek yogurt. I love the texture yogurt adds to shakes.

Mmmm creamy! I added the frozen strawberries for the taste and also the color. I knew the shake was going to be on the green side and wanted to make it as appealing as possible. 😉

Then, the bruised banana:

Strawberry and Banana

It was starting to get full so I added water. I usually use water instead of milk to save on calories. I can’t tell the difference if there’s milk or water in the shake, so why add calories?


I blended it all together in my Magic Bullet and then checked the flavor and consistency. I decided to add the rest of my banana and some ice cubes.


Instead of being green, the shake was sort of a chocolate color!

But it was delicious! This is what 307 calories look like:


Packed with healthy, good things and the right amount of “food” before I head to the gym! 🙂

QUESTION: Tell me your favorite healthy shake recipe!

3 responses to “Amazing Grass Breakfast Shake

  1. I never make shakes because I am afraid they won’t satisfy me. I guess I should invest in a magic bullet.

  2. My smoothies are made of frozen fruit, yogurt and milk and maybe some pineapple juice, too.

    You’re comment about skipping the muddy ride and going to the movies (on my blog) – funny!

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