I’m a Nike Girl

I don’t think I like the Asics. When I got home last night I noticed that my right shin sort of hurt. My shins usually don’t hurt from running. I was also a bit tight and sore in the heel. I think I’m going to return the Asics shoes. Why fix what isn’t broken, right? I like Nikes, I’ve had success with them, I’m going to stick with Nike.

Neither of us felt like cooking last night. Michael picked up a deLite pepperoni pizza from Papa Murphy’s. I like it because it’s thin crust and low calorie.

I’d been craving Sriracha lately and thought “That might taste good on the pizza.” Um…not so much. It was just a tad off. I usually like red pepper flakes on my pizza–spicier the better. But Sriracha wasn’t good. 😦

QUESTION: Have you ever eaten a combination of food you thought would be good together, but wasn’t?

I did the Foam Roller last night before bed. I’m trying to use it on my IT band more often. Ouch!

I woke up sore this morning! It’s the lunges I did yesterday. How is it that I can bike 55 miles, or run a fast 5k and NOT be sore, but 5 minutes of traveling lunges cripples me? I don’t get it!

On Tuesday there was another #fitblog chat on Twitter. One of the questions was:

Q3: How do you stay inspired as a healthy living blogger? What do you do on days when you are feeling anything but healthy?

Some days it’s hard to eat healthy and having a blog I feel like I should be on my best behavior. After all, hundreds or readers will judge what I eat.Β  I thought about that last night when we ordered the pizza. But I rationalized it with the fact that a slice is 175 calories.

How would you answer that question?


8 responses to “I’m a Nike Girl

  1. Aww bummer about the Asics. i have heard such good things about them! I love Sriracha but its SO spicy I have to use it very sparingly.

  2. Nike is always a good choice, although I’m on New Balance at the moment. I had problems with Asic soccer shoes too, strange. It’s like they are front loaded some how.

    Anyway, pizza sounds good. I think I’ll check and see what Martin’s has for healthy pizza. mmmmmmm

  3. I actually think it shows you are human when you have unhealthy days. I do think blogs help you stay more accountable, but a splurge or an unhealthy day of food once in awhile won’t hurt anything.

  4. I think part of being healthy is being imperfect.

    The foam roller is KILLER. But my IT band has improved so much after using it. It’s worth it!

  5. I seriously recommend that you get a gait analysis done at one of the local running stores; they will get you in the proper shoe for your running style – neutral, stability, etc. They will watch you run in your current shoes (or barefoot at FitRight) and then have you try specific shoes based on their analysis. Trust me, it is totally worth the time.

  6. I find there is a pressure – but it is a good pressure to put thought into my meals. It is also about moderation though!!! ‘Unhealthy’ food appears on my blog from time to time- but so do workouts etc etc πŸ™‚ Its a balancing act really πŸ™‚

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